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  1. If I'm handing the keys to this offense to anyone currently on staff, it's Greg Knapp.
  2. Offense was terrible this past Sunday, but have shown signs otherwise. The o-line is still putrid though. Good defenses are going to take advantage of that.
  3. It's often assumed Quinn has primary control over player acquisition. In addition to the points I made earlier about him still having to rely on the scouting department and GM to identify players, I'm also not sure he has full control. I remember when he was hired, they were all very wishy-washy about who was going to do what. In a presser, someone asked "who has the final say" and Quinn said "Thomas" and TD said "DQ." Point being, I'm not sure conventional wisdom about who does what on this team is right at all. And I'll say again, this movie looks like a re-run to me. Same issues, same problems, same (arguably worse) results. If Blank thinks TD is primarily to blame for the personnel on both lines of scrimmage, then honestly, I can see him saying "I'm going to give Quinn another year and see what happens with fresh eyes on the personnel side." I don't think that is what is going to happen. But it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  4. That's my recollection, though I confess recognizing his name is about all I know about him.
  5. Sure, but if any one of them wants to play, that puts them ahead of Beasley. To me, signing one of them and cutting Beasley is a tone setter.
  6. As a counterpoint, and acknowledging you certainly may be right and I'm speculating here, but apathy is a cancer in a locker room. Especially when one of your most apathetic is being paid $13 million a year and others are earning a lot more but getting paid a lot less. The higher paid players ought to be your tone setters. On this team, they just aren't. Matthews on the o-line is another fine example. Good player. But hardly the guy at the tip of the spear.
  7. Consider his QB. He suffered from the Quinn-Beasley dilemma. He thought he could change who a man is.
  8. If they get Ray or Orchard or one of those guys, I'm very serious, cutting Vic might save Takk's career. Takk has been tweeting out some nonsense. If he's producing I don't care what he tweets within reason. But he isn't. Someone needs to show him "talent isn't enough -- you have to work." Shipping out his 8th overall pick bookend might send that message.
  9. Well, maybe he's the guy. Can he cover? Because he'll be asked to cover in this scheme. It seems to me Quinn is trying to run more 3-4 principles, disguising which side (Takk or Beasley) is rushing in order to keep the defense off balance. Maybe we need to go back to more 4-3 principles, though we have always used 3-4 principles on the line even running a straight 4-3. But maybe another guy to come in and compete can make this work. I'm down with whatever at this point. This isn't a Super Bowl year, so let's start figuring out the path forward.
  10. The thing that gives me a little concern is this -- this team is still too talented to be 1-6. We're not devoid of talent. A team with a good QB has a head start on teams that don't have one. We're losing to teams we ought to beat, and could beat. But if Mr. Blank sees that there are personnel deficiencies on both lines of scrimmage, and that Quinn is doing the best he can to make something of that mess, and Quinn has been asking for it to be fixed and it isn't getting fixed, that sounds too familiar. And it probably won't, but could, give Blank reason to keep Quinn around for a season or two to see if he can get better results with a fresh set of eyes on the personnel side of things.
  11. He would absolutely get another look as a HC. He has never been HC of the Falcons. He did a decent job in TB, but certainly not a good one. That doesn't mean he can't find success elsewhere. Unlike others -- Tomlin, maybe Jay Gruden -- he'll have to do a lap or two as an OC and have success. My point is he'd have had other offers besides here.
  12. He'd have gotten an OC job somewhere else. I don't buy that at all. The only thing that makes sense to me is just another level of conspiracy theory, and at that point it's just getting too much like a game of Clue, but if Koetter thought he'd come in, wait it out and get another HC job like he did in Tampa, maybe that would explain it. But that's 2 layers of voodoo to get there, so I don't buy that either.
  13. Honestly, I want TD out of the building. I really think regardless of what happens with the coach, they need to absolutely detonate the front office and start anew.
  14. No love for the gane
  15. I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but there's some smoke here, if no fire. Quinn came out and said we're keeping our scheme. Said we're running the outside zone and the WCO passing game. Playbook and terminology remain the same. Then they announced they were hiring Koetter. Out of left field. Out of nowhere. Most of us were flummoxed. I surmised Koetter would be allowed to run his philosophy from within the terminology and playbook we had installed. I'm not really seeing that though. I'm seeing a lot of chaos. The only thing that gives me pause is this -- knowing what's up, why would Koetter EVER agree to that? If he's being forced on Quinn, what's in it for Koetter? He has to know it won't work. He would have had other opportunities. So in the end, I think it doesn't make sense. But there's more smoke there than usual for sure.
  16. Dude, you hated Shanahan when he was here. Come on.
  17. Ray certainly has the talent, but I wonder if we're not replacing crap effort with more crap effort. I don't know a lot about Orchard or the other guy.
  18. My guesses are Vic, Takk, Trufant, Campbell for sure. I'm questioning Jake Matthews' commitment too. He gave up a sack Sunday and just walked away. Got his QB blasted, and just walked away. No I'm sorry. No **** you. No "that's for kissing my mother." Just......walked......away.......
  19. Oh, I can think of a bunch of people to replace him. I'm just not sold on the idea that he's most of the problem. We've seen this show before. They ran Mike Smith out of town over it. Now we're seeing it again. You can only blame so many coaches before you have to look elsewhere.
  20. It’s not such a crazy thought. I expect Quinn to be fired. But this is the 2nd coach to deal with dysfunction in personnel. There is one guy responsible for that. Quinn reports to Blank. If he’s been saying “I disagree with the direction our personnel folks are taking,” I could see Blank keeping him and firing TD. I don’t expect it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.
  21. Funny. I mentioned earlier today that I wouldn't be surprised if TD goes and Quinn stays. The only thing is, I'm not sure they let TD make decisions on stuff like trading Sanu if he's going to be gone soon, so I take it with a HUGE grain of salt. I can at least admit my prior comments were wishful thinking. We'll see if Dukes' "good authority" is any good.
  22. Thanks Mo -- probably my favorite player while you were here. I hope you get a ring.
  23. Fools need to be switching then.