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  1. That article could have started and ended with "it's a tougher sell for the Jets....."
  2. My favorite line of the series so far is "it's what I do, I drink and I know things." "Whatever they want" is my 2nd favorite now.
  3. 20 min. run yesterday evening. Nice and slow, tomorrow is race day.
  4. My brother in law and I wore him out when he was playing left field against the Expos once. It was incessant. “Put some orange shorts on that ball and he’ll catch it!”
  5. This. I mean I'm in, and hopeful -- I just haven't seen news of it. But as I said in the other thread, I'm only in if he's in shape. If he isn't, no reason to bother. Motivation is his biggest problem. If he isn't motivated to be in shape, why bother?
  6. I repeat myself, but......
  7. Right? They're going to have to do montages with some younger actor as Mike, Godfather II style, if they don't get the lead out.
  8. I'm so pissed it isn't coming back until next year.
  9. Thread needs more Journey lyrics......
  10. I usually hate your nicknames, but "Sombrero" is solid. Reminds me of a Mexican hat dance, which oddly describes how defensive players treat him on the field.
  11. Yeah, take a flyer on him if he's in shape. If he isn't, then no sense in bothering. If he wants to play, he'll have himself ready to play. If not, no need to try to motivate him again.
  12. A singer in a smoky room Smell the wine and cheap perfume For a smile they could share the night It goes on and on and on and on
  13. Exactly. If Freeman blocks his man Ryan throws the game winning TD. If Shanahan runs the ball (or even if Jake Matthews doesn't hold) we kick the game winning FG after Ryan hit Julio on that deep out to put us in FG range. The notion that Ryan has any real responsibility for what happened in that SB is crazy talk. He made mistakes, but Tom Brady threw a pick 6 and nobody ever talks about that. The reason is simple -- Brady's team won, even though Brady did not play his best game. Ryan absolutely outplayed him in that SB.
  14. Neither has Wentz. He has a ring because of his backup. He didn't play a single snap in that Super Bowl. Neither have Mahomes or Luck. And Luck doesn't even have an MVP, much less a ring. Basically, he made up reasons and then ignored them to put players he likes in whatever tier. He's an idiot.
  15. If we win a Super Bowl I really don't care what anyone thinks anymore. If you can't respect a ring, then you don't deserve for me to care about your respect or lack thereof.
  16. Disappointed this died on the first page..... She took the midnight train going anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit He took the midnight train going anywhere @capologist "weedly weedly weedly weedly weedly weedly weedly weedly WEEEEEEEEE!"
  17. Anyone who thinks Koetter doesn’t use the backs in the running game has a short memory. I still remember him hitting Quizz on a wheel route for a 60 yard or so TD.
  18. We won that Niners game I went to. But me and the Niners fan in front of us were offering to trade QBs for the second half just to see what would happen. They had a (not yet good) Alex Smith under center.
  19. It wasn't that bad. I mean, there was that one time when I was at the Falcons-Niners game, and Joey had a pre-snap look with cover 2 and the safety on Roddy's side cheating in. I looked at my dad and said "this is a TD." Then Joey took the snap, Roddy torched his man, and Joey.............checked down on an 8 yard drag route (and missed). But that was just that one time. Oh, and all the other times like that. Like basically every snap. Fine, it's a bad idea.
  20. Custom Shop Pearlies brose. That is all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpbC8n-TWcY