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  1. I’m 1/1024 percent sure you’re correct on this.
  2. Erhardt-Perkins is more about terminology than philosophy. You can apply it to nearly anything. Koetter picked up the terminology in 2012 from our then-existing offense under Mularkey (who ran an E-P). But you'll notice, the offense looked vastly different under Koetter than Mularkey, in a lot of ways. It will be the same here. He's keeping the clunky terminology, there have been discussions about him and Mularkey "streamlining" it (which to me sounds like trying to get rid of some of the wordiness and working in more E-P concept based calls), but it will look like you're used to seeing Koetter's offenses look. That's the play caller more than the playbook. And I'm excited about it. But don't expect us to go full-blown E-P offense next season, or even in the next few. They're trying to keep what works in place as best they can, so Koetter is learning the new terminology and concepts and he'll work in what he likes to use from there. As has been pointed out a billion times, they all run the same plays anyway. They just call them different things. The philosophy behind it is where the rubber meets the road, and Koetter is different from Shanahan (and better than Sarkisian).
  3. Aw, someone is missing Nacho Man Randy Savage.
  4. I have zero interest in anime. But I’ll probably check that soundtrack when it drops.
  5. 20 min. run yesterday evening. Nice and slow, tomorrow is race day.
  6. They need to deep fake one for the Falcons. Seriously.
  7. Please tell me the username was "Cheeto Ortiz".......
  8. Eddie has apparently been given a **** pot load of money to do a new standup for Netflix by the way.
  9. Gilbert Gottfried. "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.......oh, sure! The sky is cloudy, and there's this boil on my neck that's about to explode, and my wife is yelling at me to take off my shoes!"
  10. Like, old skinny Steven Seagal? Or new fat Steven Seagal?
  11. Jason Mamoa. (Pretend I'm good with photoshop right now)
  12. Y’all got this, but sure. @Andrews_31, basically, it’s like someone trying to apply a tourniquet below the bleeding area.
  13. Dude, I almost killed 3 people on them going to rehearsal in Virginia Highlands last night. One lady was going 10 mph in the middle of the lane past Ansley Golf Club. And when I went around her I got a side eye. As if I was the problem in this situation. They're a good idea, but to me, they work better in dedicated bike lanes, like on 17th or 10th past Piedmont Park. They aren't as good for busy neighborhood streets that everyone has to use, because in town, those are just way too narrow to accommodate them and the cars on the roadway. It's dangerous.
  14. I bet the Hiwatt and cab together weigh less than the LP
  15. Sark wasn't bad at that. Honestly, get me a run game and a red zone scoring offense and Sark's offense would have been unstoppable. That's kind of where I think Koetter helps. He's an honest NFL coordinator with a ton of experience. He knows how to score points.
  16. I think there's a vast excluded middle in the discussion. It seems to center on people who think we're transitioning to a Coryell system (we aren't) and those who think we're using the exact same playbook Shanahan left behind (we aren't). What's happening is the coaches are learning the terminology, and moving forward they will incorporate things they like to do into the offensive scheme, using the existing terminology. They also said they would work to streamline some of the terminology, a move I welcome. My guess is it will be along the lines of what Koetter did with Mularkey's system, using E-P terminology within the concept of the existing offense, something Shanahan conveniently already did. Shanahan's offense today doesn't look like his offense here, and the one here didn't resemble Washington, and none of them resemble Houston. They are, at their base, all WCOs, but the application, play calling, formations, protections, etc. all change year-to-year. So this won't be "Shanahan's offense." It will be Koetter's offense. But it will be based on the existing playbook, terminology and concepts, which Koetter will then use to attack defenses.
  17. If you're lifting, your numbers are more respectable than mine by far. Stay in the saddle. I need to get back to it.
  18. Everyone does that to an extent anymore. But Matt has had all 3 as his base, which is remarkable, so anyone calling him a "system QB" is an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.
  19. Let me re-phrase: "Must be rendered into a scary-looking paperweight."
  20. Which system? He's played in all 3 of the prevalent ones.