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  1. I’m fine with Koetter. But since it seems a given that Quinn is gone, we need to hire a HC who is an innovative offensive mind. Let him hire a legit DC. And we need a ball buster.
  2. Don’t score too fast. This defense can always let the other team score at will.
  3. How are we not challenging that?
  4. What happened? I feel like I’m in an alternate evil universe!
  5. Hey guys. I don’t think he’s seen Animal House.
  6. Mularkey. He isn’t going to split the atom on offense, but he’ll at least insist they play tough.
  7. I just asked my dog what he thinks about the Falcons this year.
  8. Julio coaching Quinn up. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 Falcons.
  9. The players don’t care. Why should the refs?
  10. Holy ****! We ran it on 3rd and short and got it! Mularkey must have the headset between the Inspector Gadget stuff and the power run.
  11. It’s chess, not checkers. He’s setting them up for the double reverse Statue of Liberty Hail Mary Hook and Ladder okay.
  12. Culture my man. No accountability for not caring. So they don’t care.
  13. 12 in the huddle. We can’t huddle right.
  14. I saw the 07 team beat the Niners. With Patrick Willis. Joey Checkdown and that defense would have obliterated the 19 Falcons.