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  1. Voted no. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. I don't think any team will take him, because teams that would want him want immediate production, not a project. They can get Beasley the project for free in the offseason.
  2. Agree, but I don't want Ryan getting killed so we can draft Mack's replacement next season. Mack is under contract for 2020. We can deal him in the offseason if need be.
  3. bpa at a position of need. No to Tua. Probably no to Jeudy. But yes to o-line, CB, LB, DE, DT, RB, TE, S.............you get the idea. Pretty much everything but QB and WR, because they aren't needs, and P or K, because you don't draft them that high.
  4. Here is the only reason I disagree. We cut Grimes. A tough, hard working, bootstrap player. Exactly the kind of guy you want on your team. We cut him because he got hurt. We created a hole and then had no choice but to fill it. We didn't see anything coming (except Samuel, and that was even too little, too late). We made a hole and then traded up to ensure we filled it in the draft. It's everything I hate about Dimitroff's team building approach.
  5. But think about this -- after the Green Bay massacre in 2010, we moved up in the draft to take a stud WR. Our draft class after that debacle was Julio, Akeem Dent, Quizz, Bosher and Andrew Jackson. One of those players plays defense. In 2013, our draft class was Trufant, Alford, Malliciah Goodman, Toilolo, Maponga, Ish, Zeke Motta and Sean Renfree. Lots of defensive players there, but we had to double dip at corner why? Because we let Grimes walk in FA and we saw the writing on the wall with the end of Asante's career. Worse, we pushed to re-sign Gonzalez and signed Steven Jackson in Free Agency. Why? Because that was the ticket to "getting back." We needed pass rush, but hey, Maponga and Goodman, and Massaquoi, would have to do. Oh, we got Osi, whose best days were behind him. And Cliff Matthews was on the roster for some reason. But man, a TE who wanted to retire and didn't want to go to training camp, plus a RB on the wrong side of a decade plus career? What's pass rush when you have THAT kind of firepower, amirite? "Getting back" is the enemy of "getting better." But we keep falling for it. Because our owner is desperate.
  6. Conversely, I'm not saying we keep Quinn. Not by a long shot. My point, though, is that decisions seem to come from on high that disrupt the process of building the team and preparing them to play. Mike Smith wrote about it at length in his book. He blames himself, but it is clear as day that when we get close, Mr. Blank steps in and imposes his will. Go get this. Go get that. Expectations are high. I want my ring. I mean, look at 2012, 2013 and 2014. Look what moves they made. Look what they did to "improve" the team. Look at the talk about getting us back so we can finally win one. Then look at 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Tell me there aren't parallels.
  7. Probably correct. But I don't think just firing the coach will fix it. It will simply get us a few good years until the next time the culture collapses. We need to have a front office that maximizes team building. What we have is one that chases rings instead of building teams. They always think we're one piece away. And so we leave the team to stagnate while we go get that one piece, only to find we could have upgraded the roster in a myriad of ways instead.
  8. This is why good coaches churn rosters. The Patriots are the latest examples, but this really goes back to Bill Walsh. He always said to get rid of a guy too early instead of too late. Because the message gets stale, the culture gets stagnant, guys get comfortable. You have a core of your team. I'd be willing to bet that Tom Brady is the only player still on the Patriots from that 2001 Super Bowl. Almost guaranteed. I only hedge because I haven't looked it up. He's probably also the only player left from their 2004 team. And I bet there aren't many left even from the 2011 Super Bowl team. We went to the NFCCG in 2012. Granted, I think Matt and Julio are the only position players still on the team, with Bosher and Bryant rounding out the 4, but we also had a massive coaching change and personnel upheaval in 2015. If we'd kept winning, we'd still have a lot more of those guys. Bellichick wouldn't. He moves players along when they show signs of stagnation. He drafts replacements for guys who are still on the roster and under contract and even young, and insists the replacements perform. He requires every man to compete for his job. I suppose you could argue we did the same with Takk vs. Beasley, but the truth is we needed another DE, so I don't buy that.
  9. See, this is where I am too. I'm not saying Quinn bears zero responsibility. Far from it. I expect him to be fired. This team, bad as it is, ought to be playing better than this. But the truth is, a new coach won't turn soft players into bad ***ses. He might for a season, maybe 2. But you can't fix lazy. You can't fix low effort and low energy. You can't fix guys who coast. Quinn's mistake is in not recognizing those players and shipping them out. And I'm not 100% convinced he's even behind all that, given that our owner goes to the press about getting deals done for people. The problem, and you've hit it on the head, is it isn't the depth guys who are costing us games. I can forgive Oliver and McGary's mistakes. But when Alex Mack, Jake Matthews, Matt Ryan, Desmond Trufant, Vic Beasley, Devondre Campbell and too many others to list are making the same stupid mistakes and costing this team with low effort play? That ain't on the coach. Those players are going to get a decent man fired. If we fire Quinn and TD stays, I'm not going to be happy. If we fire TD and Quinn stays? I might be able to live with that for a season or two. The coach isn't performing well. But he's also hamstrung. The culture of this team is sick unto death.
  10. Vick's best years by far were in Philly, running a WCO. Mora had the right idea. The problem is he had the wrong version of Mike Vick.
  11. I wouldn't trade Hoop for less than a 1st or 2nd. Any team wanting him wants him because they need him. We can still re-sign him in the offseason or just cut bait. Even if we've decided to cut bait, we got a 2nd for Sanu. We spent a 3rd to get him. Good teams leverage. Bad teams don't. We're a bad team, but I want us to be a good team. Hooper for a 3rd is dumb.
  12. These teams not wanting Vic aren't watching the film. Surely someone needs a 6'2" 235 pound cornerback.......
  13. Seems familiar somehow. Like it’s now happened twice. But Smitty’s gone, so who could be behind.............
  14. Any one of you who wouldn’t trade your favorite Falcon for Kyle Shanahan tomorrow is a moron. He’s got that Niners team humming. He’s going to win a Super Bowl sooner rather than later.
  15. He might be my favorite Falcon at this point. But for a 2nd and we‘re probably losing him next season anyway? Good luck Mo. I hope you get a ring.
  16. I want an outrageous defense
  17. I can’t wait for Julio to play against this clown shoe again. Hopefully in the playoffs.
  18. I think @mdrake34 should consider punching himself in the balls. It might get him quicker attention, and in any event is less painful than watching MSNBC.
  19. That was me. I thought I was wrong for a few weeks. Now I think I was right again
  20. He was the interim HC when Dan REEVES got fired.
  21. That sucks dude. I’m sorry.