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  1. I didn’t say they used every play. I still stand by what I said in the main.
  2. I attribute that to the lack of run action. We didn’t use the stretch zone to set up PA as well under Sark. They took shots to Gabriel but they weren’t utilizing the tools in the toolbox as well. Again, it’s not as simple as “offense doesn’t work = stupid play call.”
  3. Agree -- I was wondering who was in that role last season. As many tendencies as we had exposed this season, it was pretty clear to me the QC coach wasn't helping to identify them for the OC and his staff. Either that or the OC and his staff were handcuffed, but I don't see that this year. In 2015 it made more sense to say "they couldn't run everything they wanted" (though again, in 2015 AND this season, I felt we tried to do too much more than trying to do too little). But here, we had the personnel. So if the other team can see the formation and know what's coming, then the QC was subpar. The whole idea of the WCO is to run different plays from the same look (or the same play from different looks) to keep the other team off balance. If we weren't doing that, one has to wonder why not. It's all in the playbook. And my best guess is, the QC coach wasn't identifying tendencies the way he needed to. That may be unfair to Weiss, and it is just a guess, but it's the one that made the most sense to me.
  4. I wish they'd had a two-level option there, one along the goal line, one in the end zone and a run option for Matt. Other than that I think the play call was fine. The best play call fails when the receiver is face down in the mud.
  5. I think it's a combination of things, and people put too much of it on Sarkisian. Yeah, he had some bumps in the road. No doubt about it. But he also schemed players open to have them drop passes. He schemed a running game where the RBs fumbled or the o-line missed blocks. He schemed screens where WRs (including Julio and Sanu) whiffed on blocks. He did study and re-use a lot of the stuff we used last year. And he misused some of it. And he had his players completely crap the bed with some of it too. It's not as simple as "offense don't work -- offensive coordinator called stupid play." And too many people here think it is.
  6. It does for me too. Plus it sends a message to everyone -- "remember last year? That worked. That's what I want to see. Our new QB coach (or QC coach, or assistant OC, or whatever they call him) has a lot of experience running this type of offense in Houston and Denver, not to mention here in Atlanta, and he will be invaluable to helping you all see Sark's vision for what we're trying to do." Now Sark is on notice. The line is on notice. The RBs are on notice. The TEs are on notice. The WRs are on notice. Matt Ryan is on notice. "In case you didn't get the above hints, I want it done this way -- please get your ____ together and make it happen. That is all."
  7. I'm not even sure that's the case. There was a notable presence of some new plays and a notable absence of others, but we still did the rollouts and PA stuff. That little angle route we throw from the slot on an RPO was still there. We didn't do much read option (probably at Ryan's behest). But we also weren't throwing in radically different plays, routes, etc. It was still a basic WCO with all the spread and shotgun and RPO and other stuff you expect in a modern version of that offense. And it wasn't really vanilla. If anything, at times it was too complicated. Given that the timing was off and the players were missing assignments left and right, I think we tried to do too much a lot of the time. Like that shovel pass everyone complains about -- there was too much that had to go right on that play. The sprint out was likely an (over)reaction to that, because it's among the simplest things you can do, but it's effective if Julio doesn't fall flat on his face mid-route.
  8. We are -- I was more underlining your point than anything.
  9. I'm going to say it again -- Gregg Knapp was the QB coach in Houston when Kyle Shanahan was the OC and Matt Schaub was the QB. He knows this system like the back of his hand, unless you buy Lornoth's "I know what they SAID, but man, you see, they TOTALLY changed EVERYTHING, bro" version of events.
  10. Your opinion is that we weren't running the same offense, even though the head coach, QB and OC all said we were? Your opinion is the terminology changed, even though the head coach, QB and OC all said it didn't? Those are fact claims. You can say "it's just my opinion," but that just means there is no reason for anyone to take it seriously. It's like me saying it's my opinion that water is dry or the moon is made of green cheese.
  11. You can’t reason against made up facts. And I’m not inclined to try.
  12. “Either the entire staff AND front office are lunatics and the team went along with it OR they really did what they said they did AND it’s totally the first because when you change OCs you ALWAYS change systems because I don’t want to be wrong.” This is a logical abortion.
  13. Good grief. Just admit you were wrong. This is terrible.