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  1. *Kroy Well done though. Nice breakdown.
  2. Shelby's acceleration on that play was incredible. Once he recognized the play (and that was fast), he just shot out of a cannon down the line.
  3. Tag this with Xs and Os. Otherwise well done as usual
  4. Speaking of receivers, @PeytonMannings Forehead, I would love to see a breakdown on Sanu. Especially against Chicago he did some serious damage at key points in the game, but I'd also love to see how he affects the rest of the offense when he isn't the target. He's a guy I wanted bad last season and was fired up when we got him. The WCO needs that no. 2 guy who can take pressure off, make tough catches and stretch out the defense. He strikes me as a perfect system fit for his role here.
  5. Indeed. To my eyes, it started in 2015, but Raheem has been money on game planning and coaching up our guys to execute the game plan. That was a genius move in hindsight, and I'd wager he has a lot to do with teaching them leverage against corners and safeties. Williams has no business being as good as he is. And he isn't great, but he's solid and that's better than you'd expect from the last guy on the roster at that position. If they can break Hardy loose more, with his hands he'll be a threat. He makes some really tough catches.
  6. Pretend she's Drew Brees if it helps.
  7. Role play son. She's the hot girl coming in on a hot muggy day to pay for her gas. You're the Indian dude behind the counter. And.......action!
  8. I can't hope to compete with Drake on that front, but I was kind of proud of this one honestly.
  9. I despise Mushrooms. My friend ate what was eaten of those.
  10. That would worry me more than anything. Long drives that leave our defense on the field and our offense on the bench. That's the key to beating us, I think. With Beasley out, the front 4 is going to have to figure out how to get pressure. And coverage is going to have to be on point, because Stafford has a cannon for an arm and can fit the ball into tight windows.
  11. Based on last year (and I hope this continues), it was someone different every week. Which means our coaches are scheming to attack certain weaknesses. I'm not familiar enough with Detroit to say, but I'm still waiting for Coleman, Hooper and Turbo to have big games, so I'll just guess one of them.
  12. How is Detroit's o-line?
  13. That's actually a solid take. I think the Lions have to play solid defense and play keep away on offense. I don't think they can, but I think that's the gameplan.