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  1. Don’t do that Sponge. They’re looking for a reason to nuke this forum as it is.
  2. Stand your ground is an excuse there. The dude was unarmed and backing up. That’s murder all the way. If he’d kept coming you could at least argue disparity of force. As it is, I don’t see how they don’t charge him.
  3. About those Russian NRA contributions: https://www.newsweek.com/nra-admits-accepting-money-23-russia-linked-donors-882310 “The money totaled $2,500, with most of it coming from subscriptions or membership dues, according to the letter, which was released Wednesday and first reported on by NPR. About $525 of that money came from "two individuals who made contributions to the NRA," wrote John Frazer, the general counsel for the gun rights group. The 23 people "may include U.S. citizens living in Russia," the NRA said.“ Give me a moment while I search for some pearls to clutch.
  4. I live in the country and I know what hundreds of them sound like.
  5. I saw a copter y’all.
  6. Absolutely. But everyone from anarcho-syndicalists to anarchists to democratic socialists to all Democrats and most moderate Republicans get tarred with the label. It's really just a pejorative anymore. It means nothing.
  7. P.S., as I've said here before (but it's been a while), the one actual communist I know (I know a lot of Marxists of various stripes, but only one who actually likes Lenin-Stalinist communism) cannot stand Obama. He's the guy who once looked at Obama putting up a Goldman Sachs guy for a cabinet position and said "bourgeoisie liberalism is such a crock of ****."
  8. You should go through his posting history. He knows as much about what a communist is as I do about what dark matter is. Which is to say I've heard of it, but I couldn't explain it with a gun to my head.
  9. Apropos of nothing in particular pertinent to this thread, but in keeping with the thread's "catch all" nature: http://www.albanyherald.com/news/local/judge-allows-nugent-racketeering-case-to-move-forward/article_9dc1d2e0-eb36-597a-971d-a37dfdfc60c8.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share "According to information in the case transcript, McGrady, who was an employee of the city of Smithville, failed to yield at a stop sign at the intersection of Georgia Highway 3 and Livingston Road while working for the city on Jan. 14, 2011. The city vehicle he was driving, a Ford Econoline van, slammed into Myles’ Ford Expedition while traveling of a speed of around 60 mph. McGrady was ticketed by responding law enforcement officers at the scene. As a result of the collision, Myles suffered glass cuts to her mouth, legs and arms. She also suffered damage to a number of discs and lumbar, injuries that may eventually require spinal surgery. Myles, seeking damages for the medical costs associated with the wreck and, according to court documents, enticed by television advertising for the Nugent Law Firm, sought to hire Nugent to handle her personal injury claim. According to court documents, over the next two years Myles never met Nugent, had only one face-to-face meeting with Warren, who was working as an attorney in Nugent’s Albany satellite office, and when she finally did meet with Warren — after several attempts to contact him — was told (erroneously, it turned out) that the two-year statute of limitations had run out on her case. Warren, though, according to court documents, encouraged Myles to accept a $10,328 settlement offer after he apologized for allowing the statute of limitations to run out in the case. Further court documents show that the Nugent firm actually accepted the settlement offer, even after Myles said she would not accept it, and had someone endorse Myles’ name on the check made out to “Alexandra Myles & her attorney Kenneth S. Nugent.” The check was then, documents show, deposited in the firm’s escrow account. In an amended complaint for damages and relief on Myles’ behalf, Cohilas referred to the Nugent firm as a “settlement mill” and a “dumping ground for thousands of personal injury clients, such as the plaintiff, who are harvested through fraudulent advertising and other deceptive means.” In court documents, Cohilas referred to Nugents’ methods as a “bait and switch scheme.”" So far my favorite comment in response is "so 'one call, that's all' refers to how many times you get to speak to your attorney?"
  10. I don't think I'm doing that at all. I said "the loudest voices," not "all people with opposing views." @achilles return, my apologies -- I've had a bad morning and am pretty snappish right now. It was discussed widely when it happened (back in 2012). I'll try to find a link when I can. I'm covered up right now.
  11. Fair enough -- wrong descriptor, right description.
  12. Consider yourself reminded then.
  13. Double standards are common fare among the loudest social justice leftists. Remember when they all leaped to say how Republicans would abandon Herman Cain because he was stealing their white wimmin? In which they perpetuate racist stereotypes to try and call someone else a racist?
  14. Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed because there is no reason not to confirm him in Republicans' eyes. He is not going to give Murkowski and Collins the magic words excuse on Roe, and Republicans love them some law and order. But on 4th Amendment issues, he's better than at least one other nominee (Hardiman), and likely no worse than Merrick Garland (https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-03-30/merrick-garlands-trunk-search-ruling-gives-some-defense-advocates-chills).