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  1. Translation — “my nuts are smaller.”
  2. *Warlock Wait.......I mean, no I’m not. That’s outrageous.
  3. Plus nobody would believe I do cocaine. I’d have more energy than I do.
  4. I love that Screech thinks I’ve committed some major faux pas by saying men have greater physical strength than women as a rule. Other things I believe that are highly controversial: The solar system is heliocentric Gravity explains why things fall when dropped Germs cause disease Bees help pollinate plants
  5. You can’t ban me without a warrant. See? Now we’re talking about thr 4th.
  6. You realize we were talking about physical strength right?
  7. I mean, Ronda Rousey could kick the **** out of me for sure. But Tito Ortiz’ old *** would demolish her.
  8. I feel when I actually laugh out loud, I should say so. I did.
  9. Anyone want to look at the men vs women powerlifting records? Marathon? 800? Strongman competition? I find it hard to believe such an obvious fact got the whole “okay, wow.....” treatment.
  10. Okay. I mean, as I said, there are exceptions. I’m betting there’s a decent chance you’re one of them. But in the main, this is not controversial.
  11. “Bone in......” I’m still an 8th grader at heart.
  12. I’m not implying ****. I’m stating it outright. You can find individual examples that break the general rule, but this isn’t even controversial. Across the board, in the aggregate, men are stronger than women. Also, you didn’t answer the question.
  13. Is there a reason you think men shouldn’t protect those that are weaker than them?
  14. Nobody is attacking you. Don’t post about apples when we’re speaking of oranges. Or at least provide some context so people will have some idea of why your comment is pertinent to the discussion. Your comment made no sense. Literally nobody said Jesus is white.
  15. The concept of meekness, as understood by the Evangelists, presumes that men are dangerous. It doesn’t mean you can never use your strength. It means you remain in control of yourself, merciful, etc.