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  1. I installed the push-pull pot. I don't like the coil split on the JB as much as the one on the DGT, BUT, I do like that I can split ONLY the JB and use it in conjunction with the neck humbucker. That is a very cool tone I have not had in my arsenal until now. The split JB is still really hot. If you consider the full humbucker is wound to about 16.4 DCR, that's 8.2 per coil (assuming they're roughly equal, which at this time in Seymour Duncan history they were). That would be cool if it sounded like a Tele pickup, but instead it sounds like a not-quite-hot-enough Strat pickup or a weak P90. Not an awful sound by any means. I'll use it. But not as good as I'd hoped honestly. Probably sounds very much like if you dropped a broadcaster pickup into a hunk of mahogany with a maple cap, because that's more or less what is going on. I think it would be better if the coils were mismatched and you could split to a 10K coil for a true P90 tone and then add in a 6.4k coil for the full humbucker mode. The saving grace is combining the split JB with the full 59. That is a really cool tone, especially for clean-ish rhythm playing.
  2. @mdrake34, watching this on Qello right now. It’s Doug Aldrich instead of Vivian Campbell on guitar, but that’s probably a lateral move at worst. Dude can play:
  3. @The Monarch, how are your wife and kid doing? Haven’t been following the other thread and now I can’t go back a few days to see if you updated.
  4. Prayers ascend brother. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  5. One other thing -- those earlier 57 Classics are supposed to be better. Now, the internet always thinks the last thing is better than this thing, so grain of salt and all that. Apparently nothing in the guitar world ever improves. But that might be worth keeping them just for that reason. I had them in my Standard for a while (I think it's similar vintage to yours) and with 500K pots and good caps they sound really good. They remind me a lot of the Alnico II Pro and/or the Slash set.
  6. Man, that's a tough one. I really like them, but I prefer unpotted. If you're going to change the wiring anyway, I'd seriously consider swapping in a set of Seth Lovers. Take a look at the Duncan Broadcasters for the Tele. I've heard nothing but good things about them.
  7. Dude, I'm having a crazy day. Put the Antiquities back in. Still like them, but the Pearlies have grown on me, so I immediately took the Antiquities back out. I'm selling them instead. What pickups are in that 335?
  8. I also decided -- the Antiquities are going back in your old LP @mdrake34. They sound too good in there. As much as I hate to do it, I'll sell the Custom Shop Pearlies. I'm actually loving SD pickups so much I might get a Broadcaster set for my Tele and a set of SSL-1s for the Strat at some point. For now, I'm thinking of getting a Bigsby to put on the Telecaster.
  9. I tried to make it relevant to the style of pickups I installed. Did seemed right. Though Ratt crossed my mind as well. I'm pretty sure Vivian Campbell used a JB with Dio, but I know for dead certain Warren DeMartini used one with Ratt. This intro is basically what my LP sounds like now:
  10. I prefer slapback but the Dunlop is the best I’ve tried for that too. It’s really an amazing little pedal.
  11. These pickups sound unreal. Very similar to the stock ones, which I like, but just a bit extra for both. Extra punch and clarity from the bridge, extra tightness and clarity on the neck. I've thought for a while Gibson styled those 490x pickups to be a copy of the JB/59 tone, and I can pretty much confirm that now. This is the tone they were after. They got very close to it, but not quite there.
  12. I love Gibson, but I love Heritage too. That’s a beauty — congratulations!
  13. Finna get loud as **** around here tonight.