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  1. I remember when this debate happened. I posted the quote on Facebook, and at the end put "or a third Bush presidency....."
  2. The thing that bugs me about this team on offense and defense is we're too prone to making the other team's job easy. On defense, that has improved somewhat since Quinn left, but on offense it's still true. We don't use misdirection or formation to disguise plays, and though we are using more play action and running more for the most part, we don't seem to have a coherent concept of how the pass sets up the run and vice-versa. Shanahan and guys like him use the run game. They don't just say "we should try a running play here." The run is designed to set up the defense for other plays.
  3. Right. There was, what, one sack where the snap to sack time was under 3 seconds? That's either gameplan (routes take too long) or execution (receivers not doing their job). Simple as that.
  4. At least Vic will get to hug some of our o-linemen for a change......
  5. Yabut what are Vic and Takk going to tell them? "They aren't very good but I don't really understand their pass rush scheme very well......"
  6. Re-reading my post, it seems I described our running scheme by essentially saying "I went to an automatic ATM teller machine."
  7. He is. We ran a WCO with an outside zone ZBS running scheme when he was here.
  8. This is a solid take. If nothing else, there is nowhere to hide for this organization. Nobody can say the talent is good enough. Nobody can say the coaching is good enough. The best news about the Falcons is no one can deny there is a problem.
  9. I've been saying, we got personnel deficiencies on defense, and scheme deficiencies on offense. It's hard to watch, because neither are really fixable this season, but I'll join the others and renew my over-a-year long call to fire Koetter and let Knapp call plays. If nothing else, we'll be running what was successful until a couple of years ago again.
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