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  1. Yes. We need to go back to slow and soft. Like champions.
  2. 2014 was pretty rough too. My recollection is we lost the entire starting o-line to IR before the season was out.
  3. Come the **** on...... ......I don't believe for a second nobody has ever punched you in the face......
  4. Came here to post this, but I was going to say he tore a pectoral.
  5. Sorry -- I had assumed there was only one list. I didn't realize he added to it. So yeah, November is pretty late in the year. My bad.
  6. I don't understand why he thought he was gone. He was with us all the while.
  7. It was on the list of 21 he campaigned on. I consider that short, but granted it isn't a short list for either particular nomination.
  8. The only thing that gives me any pause, and frankly it's not much, are these: 1) Kavanaugh is on Trump's short list (and was in 2017), and (more to the point) 2) She again didn't use his name. Two women who dated him basically said he was nothing at all like what is being described, that he didn't drink to excess, was always respectful, etc. I sort of view that in the same light. On the one hand, it's pretty good evidence of his general character. On the other, there are "aberrant behavior" reductions in sentencing for a reason. Just because he was respectful 99% of the time doesn't mean he didn't act in an abusive manner this one time. Realistically, with corroboration on both sides, the testimony is going to be hugely important here.
  9. I'm pretty sure it was something like some troll saying "our D-line is weak up the middle," and I said something like "your mom is weak up the middle."
  10. 10/10. Outstanding play sir.
  11. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry, I got dinged with a warning for saying something about somebody’s mom in TATF. But it’s cool — I blame Obama.
  12. I’ve said the same but Tru had a great game on Sunday.
  13. Testimony is evidence whether it is corroborated or not. If corroborated, obviously it’s stronger evidence. I agree she needs to testify. Otherwise why should any Senator accept her claims if Kavanaugh maintains his denial under questioning and under penalty of perjury? But her testimony is absolutely evidence.
  14. You're millennials. And I'm old
  15. He really is launching it with a high trajectory this season. Almost everything past 20 yards or so is up the chimney.