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  1. I haven’t exactly chronicled all events relevant to the pronunciation of Harris’ first name, but it’s not inaccurate as I understand the facts. Am I missing something? I grant I could be.
  2. Because Tucker Carlson said “ka-mall-uh” and CNN decided that was racist. Then Biden said it the same way and hilarity ensued.
  3. Guarantee she’s doing those very calculations right now.
  4. It's maddening. Like @Mr. Hoopah! telling us we have to like mayonnaise on BBQ. Who do these people think they are?
  5. I'm not saying she doesn't say it. I'm saying -- and I've followed her campaign closely because we so badly wanted her to lose -- I know who she is. She's a clown in the more literal sense. She's hamming it up for the audience. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but nothing about her is genuine. Why start here? And I'm not saying she isn't malevolent. I'm simply saying part of her malevolence is she has so little respect for her would-be constituents that she will say whatever she thinks they want to hear. So far, they've rewarded her for it.
  6. I completely understand where you're coming from, and I accept your apology. I want you to know my reaction is what it is because every interaction with you lately is the same. If once in a blue moon you gently chided me for not voting for Clinton, it would be one thing. When it's literally all I ever hear from you, and in angry terms at that (remember that time I was taking my kids to camp and generally enjoying my weekend when you decided to call me a d**k on FB?), I begin to wonder why I bother. Hopefully we can just hit the reset button.
  7. Yeah, she won the runoff by a fair margin. Nearly 60% of the vote. Best thing the Democrat can do is sit back and let the establishment Republicans vote for him. Anything he says to point out her bat****tery is only going to help her. Re: her Q-Anon stuff, that's one of those things she said when she thought it wouldn't come back to bite her. I doubt she truly believes it, but she's a performance actor, and she knows too much of her base does.
  8. You're worrying about what he said. I'm talking about what he's done. And in some cases their perception of what he's done. I imagine if he gets another opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice the line won't be "oh, it's cool -- he used to be pro choice and donated to pro choice candidates so this one is probably safe." I remember the screeching about Kavanaugh. You simply can't have it both ways. Either he's a pro-lifer who is going to appoint justices to end Roe or he isn't. If he's what you say he is, then the left has been lying about him the whole time.
  9. Yeah, it's a real mystery. Maybe you should read this tripe before you hit "submit reply." Or at least remember that you wrote it. You aren't trying to understand anything. You're simply rendering judgments on people specifically without trying to understand where they are coming from. Also, I'm not taking it personally. I'm trying to demonstrate to you, in fact, why nobody of my political persuasion is taking much of anything some of you say personally any longer. Or seriously, for that matter.
  10. I disagree. I think you instinctively know who is going to be tough on guns and lenient on abortion, and I think you know instinctively who is going to do the opposite of that. And the electorate does too. That's just two issues, obviously. There are numerous others. But those are pretty glaring. Republicans are not going to vote for pro-abortion and anti-gun candidates. They just aren't.
  11. You're going after the hypothetical. I'm asking you to make a judgment. So forget unfettered. Assume you want increased access to abortion and decreased access to guns. Who are you voting for?
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