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  1. Sometimes a shallow class means value early because the deeper positions get snapped up. I’m down with OL early.
  2. Well. That’s an excellent use of taxpayer money during a government shutdown. Can we also investigate why Emeril left the Commander’s Palace? Is outrage!
  3. Every Saints player is a DB. Oh, you meant “defensive back.” My bad.
  4. To me the question isn't "is Vic worth $13 million" or "can we extend and restructure?" If we can extend and restructure it's a no brainer. The real question is IF Vic is at $13 million or bust, are we better off paying him the $13 million or another free agent? And that depends a lot on who is out there in FA. I think letting him walk and getting a high draft pick is a great long-term approach, but I don't think it's really in the cards for a team that should be winning now. If we're paying the $13 million to somebody, are the other available somebodies better than Vic Beasley. If so, he walks and we sign them instead. Best approach by far is extend and restructure Vic and keep him around.
  5. You and I are on the same page here. That’s exactly the point I’m making. If you want to argue the NFL is cheating to help the Rams by having that one non-call, then you have to assume the NFL thought it guaranteed a Rams victory (by also assuming all the things I listed and probably more). And since that’s a stupid assumption, it’s clear the NFL wasn’t trying to throw the game. It was just a bad call, and the Saints had ample opportunity to put the game away and choked.
  6. That’s also how the pick happened. Brady sent one of his deflated balls to the Pooperdome, but Roger Goodell snuck onto the field and injected it with a small amount of mercury, bringing it to legal weight and also putting it completely out of balance. Why is there no evidence of this? That’s exactly what you’d EXPECT, man!
  7. Correct. Koetter has always mixed gap and zone running. My guess is he will run more zone, but still mix in gap principles.
  8. I mean, you would have to assume LA drives the field, kicks the FG, gets the toss in OT, or if not Brees throws a pick.......come on. Brady won the toss in OT. He never gave them the ball back. Saints choked.
  9. “But the Saints would have run the clock out.” Ignoring of course that they were PASSING THE BALL when the non-call happened.