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  1. I don't get it either. It's like he decided we're his nemesis one day and latched onto it. Like Knicks fans with Trae Young. I guess what I'm saying is, northerners are weird.
  2. What I responded to when I said you're making things up: But why am I arguing with you? You're on ignore now. Play this stupid **** with someone else.
  3. Literally nobody said this. You're making it up and then flogging the straw man.
  4. 2018 under Pees - 3rd in points allowed 2019 under Pees - 12th in points allowed 2020 after Pees retired - 24th in points allowed I'm not saying he's a wizard. I'm just saying he's a pretty good coach.
  5. Pees didn't coach Tennessee's defense last year. That's why they weren't any good.
  6. Literally Ricardo Allen did this. With our team.
  7. Every word of this is dumb if you read what I said. Because I did not say I was optimistic, or that I thought we'd be top half of the league. All I said is if Dean Pees thinks Isaiah Oliver ought to get snaps at FS, I trust his judgment. Which apparently triggered you into this nonsense. Sorry to disturb your chronic pessimism bro.
  8. Dude, that ranking is terrible. Brandon Staley is the only one I won't argue with. He puts Meyer 2nd, Dan "We're Gonna Eat Their Kneecaps and Crap On Their Freshly Capped Teeth (TM)" Campbell fourth, Nick "I've Literally Never Heard Of This Guy" Sirianni third. We know about AS fifth, but then Saleh is sixth? I won't quibble too much with Culley, except to say he edged out Urban Meyer's true spot. This list is hilarious. La Canfora is a joke.
  9. I trust Dean Pees. If he thinks Oliver needs snaps at FS, give him snaps.
  10. @Mr. Hoopah!hooked ya boy up with a set of DiMarzios. Now all I want to do is play old Kiss covers.
  11. Food is good. The Quarter is fun in small doses. Everything else about the city is very, very, very "meh."
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