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  1. Ryan is the only reason we were within striking distance into the 4th quarter. He was evading sacks like Michael Vick. Ok. That's an exaggeration but he was avoiding sacks better than he has since coming into the league. That run for a TD was way above his skill set. Dude was balling.
  2. It's called an extension. He won't be playing with a 48mil+ cap hit. That's much higher than the top 2 highest paid QBs in the league.
  3. Never thought Gono would be our savior but it could happen. No way though McGary should be playing like he is. Wasn't he a 1st round pick? That dude's progression is in reverse.
  4. I saw him whiff 3 times on a DE right in front of him.
  5. You mean the 2 tipped passes? STHU. MR was the only reason we were even in the game in the 4th. Dude was carrying this team and avoiding untouched blitzes all day. He was playing like a beast.
  6. I am actually optimistic after seeing that today. TB is a dayum good football team. We hung with the best for most of it when the game should have been over at half time. And some of it was without AJ. Mayfield wasn't the worst OLman on the field today. Until halftime he had only given up like one pressure. McGary on the other hand could be cut today and we'd be a better team. He was a true turnstile today
  7. That's because you didn't watch the game. MR was putting on Vick highlights and the only reason we were in the game in the 4th quarter. I am not mad at them this week. They hung in a lot longer than I figured they would. I saw some Matrix shyte when he slipped that untouched blitz. Now you see me, poof now you don't.
  8. Hey that was a great game until about the last 8 mins of the game. But until then we weren't laying down and taking it. I was proud. But I guess after that last pick6 they flipped to the AZ game. I was never under any delusions we were gonna win and just hoped we could keep it respectable for a quarter or two, so I can say, I'm not mad. That was a huge leap from game one. I will say we'll have a lot of tipped pass ints this year because receiver routes are extremely shallow, keeping 10 defenders close in to the LOS. Gotta send some guys long even if they're just decoys.
  9. Michael Vick with the score!!! No wait. That was Matty Ice with the airborne plunge.
  10. I gotta say it before we get blown up in the second half. There were some gaffes but I'm pretty impressed with our team's first half. They're fighting hard.
  11. Mayfield looking better than McGary today. Gotta say, OL is doing everything they can against this TB front 7.
  12. Sharpe with the catch. I get a point in the bold predictions. 😅😅
  13. That fair catch was seriously brave. Was that Williams? He didn't flinch (I did).
  14. Pitts with the block to keep that lane. That's what I'm talking about.
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