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  1. Willekes and Clyde EH will be studs but move the LSU RB up to replace the AZ ST one. I wouldn't mind Hall either. And the Mizzou OG, I'm not sure which one he was, but they all looked like hot garbage. This draft should be easy. First round, best ranked player from OH ST, LSU, Clemson, UGA. Second through seventh round rinse and repeat. We are regressing every year. Top 5 picks should start in year 1 or 2 with this strategy. :-)
  2. We can hope. Anyone know who's practicing as the 1s this week?
  3. Been on here a long time with you brother, and this saddens my heart, but keep the faith and you can move mountains, bro. Better things await you. You'll be in my prayers, and hope to see you on here for a long time to come.