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  1. They're always overhyped. The only reason we're seeing so much of it this year is because we're picking at 4, but it's always there. Ask any Jets or Browns fan. 🤣🤣Seems like every year I'm reading about the next generational or can't miss QB prospect.
  2. And the hype next year will include all these guys plus others.
  3. No way. They're looking at QB prospects at #2. Derp!
  4. Speaking of drafting and specifically trading back, I was checking out the history of draft trades for the Saints. It doesn't bode well for a trade back if TF is a Loomis disciple. They've traded up 17 out of 20 times since the Payton Era began. Although they did trade back (twice I think) in his first draft. They almost always trade up to get specific targets.
  5. Hahahaha yeah. He plays for Caudillos de Chihuahua of Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional. 🤣🤣 He's a chihuahua. Lmao
  6. Everyone is down on Mac Jones because "he has the best supporting cast in the country". I think the same about Harris if it's true about Mac. And he isn't great yet. I like him too, but he's not the only one that has the potential to be great. I don't like to fixate on a specific player is all.
  7. Trask goes through his reads repeatedly in a single play, hits hella tight windows, quickest release I've seen, great play action passing. He also led the nation in TD passes behind Mac Jones (FL played one less game than Bama), over 68% completion rate, 2nd in passing yards... Yeah I just thought he sucked because I haven't seen him rated up there with the others, but after watching the game against UGA who he thrashed and seeing some other games, he looks pretty solid. And in all the videos I watched, half or more of his passes aren't going to just Pitts and Toney. I like him a lot
  8. I don't know what to make of any of those 3. I think Fields has the best chance to be at least decent, but who knows. I think Wilson will be better than Lance. But I think Trask might be capable of being the next Roethlisberger. Will he be better than Fields, Wilson or Lance? I dunno, but I can't imagine all 6 (including Mac Jones) will all be great QBs. I just see how Trask stands there and gets blasted by a free blitzer and he still completes a great pass unphased. Unless I missed something in watching the rest, they don't have the toughness, vision or quick arm release of Trask. They m
  9. Harris, Etienne, Hubbard, Williams, Gainwell, Patterson, Stevenson, Herbert, Hawkins to start. Then grab a couple more last day of the draft or undrafted prospects from small schools.
  10. He fumbled 8 times in 4 years. That might not be too bad. And it's something that can be corrected.
  11. My only problem with Etienne is he is a fumble machine. At least from what I've read. Makes me kinda not want him.
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