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  1. Hahaha. Now that's funny right there. I don't care who ya are.
  2. That is a good point, and very true. I think we need to really look at some of the QB coaches around the league with scrutiny. That's the pool we're pulling from if not Kubiak.
  3. Forget McCarthy. He's been holding that offense back for the last few years. Got old and complacent and ultra conservative. Might as well pull Dan Reeves back out of the hat. I don't see McCarthy or Bevill in the cards. And we know how our FO always blows our minds with something out of left field.
  4. It can't be low expectations. Another year like this and DQ will be gone. So they need to pull a Rams or KC moment out of their backsides.
  5. We can hope. Anyone know who's practicing as the 1s this week?
  6. I just can't get mad when win, ever.
  7. I'm on the tank train. But only Mon - Fri. On Sunday, I can't seem to hope we lose. I'm still hooraying and jumping up and down when we do good and win, like last Sunday. Does that mean I'm a wanta be tanker. Lmao There's an analogy there: something about getting drunk and taking home an ugly chic. You regret it the next morning.
  8. I don't really know. Find someone from Andy's tree. Who is KC's QB coach? No way we lure Kubiak away from Denver.
  9. The Saints don't seem to be hitting their peak at the right time. They played Carolina and didn't start putting up points until the second half. They seem to be tiring down the stretch. When they start hitting those playoff teams with great coached defenses, they could lay another egg like they did vs Dallas. They better not win it.
  10. The Pats also sign any UFA they want, because they all want a ring and know where the best place is to go to get one.
  11. Heck yeah. No Knapp for me either. We already beat that horse to death years ago. We don't need conservative. If we blow it up, then blow it up all the way.
  12. I would want to snack them down if They were playing their starters and we could kick Cam in the teeth, but he ain't even playing so I couldn't give a care less. If we beat them, then we beat their scrubs. No bragging rights to be had.
  13. Yeah me too. I'm for it. Once they see that nice facility, maybe we can snag their best FAs on the cheap. They'll all be wanting to come to the Falcons. Hahaha
  14. Lmao but I didn't put it in all caps. Hahaha
  15. I think we have depth at OL. Unfortunately they happen to be starting - too many of them. I also don't think our FO is good at identifying OL prospects in the mid rounds, or more likely, mid-round OL talent just isn't good enough these days to play against quality Dlines. We need OL talent from 2nd or 3rd rounds of the draft.