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  1. 😂😂😂😂 Dayum. You made me laugh.
  2. No flamin'. You're on it. Morris for HC. They've been trying to groom him for that role. No time like the present. Well, maybe last week or before the season. Grow some balls AB and do it.
  3. Unfortunately you're probably right. JMO but if you can't carry the team on your back, you're fair game to be traded. I've felt this way about MR for about the past year. My other fear is nothing will change until our owner changers. Where are the Smith's when you need them. Can they buy the team back at a discount?
  4. I haven't watched these turds since early last year when I cancelled Direct TV. I did see last week's meltdown. Good to see I haven't missed anything. I'll come back and watch when DQ and TD are gone. Otherwise I'll continue to hang out with Netflix. 😅😅
  5. I agree. It's time to blow this team up. Well past time actually. And no sense in waiting until the end of the season.
  6. Hope Morris gets a look as our next HC. Seems like he can do it all.
  7. I'm not a fan of the pick, and couldn't get past the 7 minute mark in the video. When your highlight video shows you getting toasted repeatedly you have to wonder what the experts are thinking. He doesn't get his head around, has no clue where the ball is, losses most contested catches, no closing speed that I saw. Glad I didn't sit around and wait on this pick this year. Hopefully he can become something but I don't see it. Eh, par. celtik
  8. Willekes and Clyde EH will be studs but move the LSU RB up to replace the AZ ST one. I wouldn't mind Hall either. And the Mizzou OG, I'm not sure which one he was, but they all looked like hot garbage. This draft should be easy. First round, best ranked player from OH ST, LSU, Clemson, UGA. Second through seventh round rinse and repeat. We are regressing every year. Top 5 picks should start in year 1 or 2 with this strategy. :-)
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