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  1. I didn't say he beat out anyone. I said he's the swing tackle at worst, which makes him the third best OT. He was also competing at LG. What it means is he was more than a camp body.
  2. For $3.3 mil I think he was a little more than a camp body. Second highest graded OT on our line last year too. He would've been our best swing tackle at worst.
  3. Might be a vet min or low price FA for us next year considering the "injury history".
  4. And being a guy on the Saints that saw it from a slight distance, it was obvious to TF what needed to be done. More importantly now, I'm really hoping one or two of those Linemen we picked up really surprise **cough** Kion Smith **cough**. Sculthorpe **cough** We need a guy with the name Sculthorpe. The things we could do with that name.
  5. I think that just leaves Pitts and Grant.
  6. Julio wanted out. The sooner that was done the better, and we can get on with business. No sense in waiting. We weren't getting better than that.
  7. Just like the Hawks. Don't count him out yet.
  8. Dayum. Good thing we didn't spend all that free agent money. We'll be needing it for Nick Easton if he's still available.
  9. You don't have to understand it. It's not your plan. And with the money he's getting, he probably doesn't even count against the cap. He's a freebie anyway.
  10. Everybody. It's gonna look like a rugby scrum. 🤣🤣
  11. Hmmm he was a rookie last year but no receptions and targeted once. He'll be lucky to make the team unless it's for return duties.
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