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  1. Right?!?! And the Browns just showed us it ws official. Now everyone is all butt hurt. Pretty good game until the very end with a couple costly mistakes.
  2. Whuuuuut? I thought we were already tanking. You saying we aren't?
  3. Falcons 34-31.
  4. Yep. Pretty shoddy throws there at the end.
  5. Hahahahaha that sounds like a plan.
  6. Yeah, a lot of us have been watching this team for years. They get so close and then fall back into the pit of misery. But we always come back for more. Years ago, when we were horrible every year, the challenge was seeing who could get the highest draft pick. Things have changed, but we will always vent and be negative when we lose. We hate the losing part.
  7. Then we win in a landslide fashion. It could happen.
  8. Same old belly achin' too.
  9. Yeah, he shouldn't throw anyone under the bus. I just hope he's taking notice, and eventually takes action.
  10. I agree with knocking the ZBS. I never understand why everyone thinks the bigger OLmen can't zone block. They are getting bigger and faster every year. A couple of fractions of a second or a half second in measurables isn't going to affect the grand scheme of things IMHO. But when it comes time to punch one in from the 5, those big boys are going to be handy.
  11. Cool. Browns fans are serious die hards. They sucked back when I lived there too, but they were a hard out. And they all hated Bernie Kosar (sp?), but loved their Browns. The dog pound was for real.
  12. Very true, but I'm not sure that's going to cure all of our CB ailments. He will be a big boost though. We'll just see if it's enough of one.
  13. Well, he started getting downfield later in the game. And that's how Brees put up a lot of points in our first meeting too. Until Washington, we hadn't stopped the dink and dunk at all, so it was probably a good strategy if they could have kept us out of the end zone a little more. But glad they didnt.