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  1. I have a request for all of you Photoshop geniuses out there. It would be to remake the movie poster for Takers using the Falcons' defense. To replace the actors, please use Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson, William Moore, John Abraham, Kroy Biermann and Curtis Lofton. Thanks!
  2. Avoiding mistakes is not how you win championships? Did you watch the Super Bowl? Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. I don't think any of us will dispute that. But what I'm asking is why does it matter how Matt Ryan compares to him? We will never have Rodgers. We have Ryan. And he is plenty good enough to win a Super Bowl, it just hasn't happened yet. If Ryan is "your guy" why did you create a thread just to bash him?
  3. A homerish Falcons thread should be posted in a different forum than "Talk About the Falcons"?
  4. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. As for whether I can wholeheartedly agree, I dunno. I know we can hold our own against either team (as evidenced by our beating the Packers and taking the Steelers to OT on their home field) but I wouldn't go so far as to say we're better. On par with them might have been a better way to put it.
  5. I'm not sure what your point is. No one says Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in the NFL. But are you saying we should try to go out and trade for Aaron Rodgers? Because I'm pretty sure the Packers aren't interested in dealing him. So we have who we have. But I can tell you that there are over a couple dozen teams in the league that would be **** happy to have Matt Ryan as their quarterback. I, for one, am **** happy he's a Falcon.
  6. I'm ok with it. As long as he doesn't Lie to Me, I say let's Make a Memory. I Believe that These Days you've got to Keep the Faith with this team and know that AB won't let this thing get Ugly. So What Do You Got, Falcons fans? Will you stand behind this guy Always if he becomes owner? To me, it doesn't matter as long as we take down those Queen(s) of New Orleans in a Blaze of Glory. Have a Nice Day.
  7. Here's an interesting read on Tommy Nobis. He's not bitter about being left out of the Hall of Fame. That's fine, I'm bitter enough for the both of us. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/college/texas/7414177.html Hall of Fame hasn’t found a place for Tommy Nobis Some believe quality of teams cost linebacker By TOM ORSBORN STAFF WRITER DALLAS — It would have either a crew cut like the one he sported early in his career or the shaggier look he favored in later years. The veins in the 21-inch neck, built up by years of weightlifting, would bulge. The jaw would be square, the eyes narrowed into slits. And there wouldn't be even the slightest hint of a smile upon the lips. Yes, Tommy Nobis would own one of the more impressive-looking bronze busts should he ever become a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not that Nobis — the greatest football player produced by San Antonio and a University of Texas icon — has ever given it a thought. “I wouldn't give a **** how I looked,” he said. It's been 35 years since Nobis finished his 11-year career with the Atlanta Falcons as one of the best middle linebackers of his era along with **** Butkus, Ray Nitschke and Willie Lanier. But while they've all been enshrined in Canton, Nobis continues to be overlooked after spending his career as the lone great player on a bad expansion team. The good news: Nobis, 67, isn't bitter about the snub. “No reason to be,” he said. “I sat down once and came up with a list of guys deserving that weren't in there. It really hit home to me then that voters aren't picking on one guy or any group of guys. It's just the way things fell. “So I haven't given it a lot of thought lately. It's not that I've given up hope, but whatever I did as a player is done and over with.” Forty-four voters will meet here this morning to select the Class of 2011. Among the 15 finalists are cornerback Deion Sanders, who is expected to become the first Falcons draft pick in the franchise's 45-year history to be enshrined. When the announcement is made tonight, Nobis — known in Atlanta as “Mr. Falcon” — will be at an NFL event in Fort Worth helping raise money for food banks. “I admire and respect what Deion did,” Nobis said. “He had tremendous ability and confidence. And he came to play, and that's the kind of player I'd like to line up with.” Lining up against Nobis was always a challenge, said Billy Kilmer, who faced him as quarterback of the New Orleans Saints and Washington Redskins. “It's a shame he's not in the Hall of Fame,” Kilmer said. “He was as good as any of the guys from that era, including Butkus. He could play the run as good as anybody I ever saw, he was good against the pass and, (expletive), he could hit. He had great leverage and was always in great position. Coming out of Texas, he had fundamentals. And he was smart. He called all the defenses. He could do it all. “I'm astounded he is not in the Hall of Fame.” Considered the most dominant middle linebacker of the Nobis era, Butkus had to wait only the mandatory five years after his playing career to enter Canton. Kilmer believes Butkus' big advantage over Nobis is he played in a large market, Chicago, for a cornerstone NFL franchise, while Nobis toiled in obscurity in the South. “If Tommy had played in New York, Los Angeles or some other large media center, he'd already be in Canton,” Kilmer said. Nobis believes many voters, especially younger ones, aren't familiar with his career. “People weren't aware of me because they weren't aware of the Falcons,” Nobis said. “We didn't win, didn't go to the playoffs.” An All-State linebacker and tight end at Jefferson as a senior in 1961 and a consensus All-America linebacker and guard as a senior at Texas in 1965, Nobis was the No. 1 overall pick by the expansion Falcons in 1966. He made the Pro Bowl five times, was honored once as an All-Pro, was the NFL's defensive rookie of the year in 1966 and led the Falcons in tackles nine times. During the eight seasons their careers overlapped (1966-73), Butkus bested Nobis in Pro Bowl selections (seven to five), interceptions (17 to 10) and fumble recoveries (19 to nine). But as Hall of Fame voter Len Pasquarelli pointed out in a story on Nobis for ESPN.com last year, “the well-established Bears and upstart Falcons had the same regular-season record, 39-69-4.”
  8. It was just announced that Deion Sanders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, making him the first player to reach Canton based substantially on his career with the Falcons (Eric Dickerson and Tommy McDonald both played one year with Atlanta). This should be a big moment for us, and yet for me it's not that sweet. While I recognize that that Deion was an awesome player for us and one of our best draft picks ever, he still doesn't feel like true Falcon to me. Maybe it's because he won a Super Bowl with two teams that are hated by most of Falcons Nation (San Francisco and Dallas). Maybe it's because he played just as many years in Big D as he did in Atlanta. Maybe it's because his arrogance became disgusting to me after it no longer benefited us. Maybe it's because he became a Falcons hater once he took an analyst gig. Maybe it's all of these things. But today isn't as meaningful as it should be. I realize that he's in our Ring of Honor and is easily one of the great defensive backs to ever play the game. But I can't see myself eagerly awaiting his induction speech the way I would if Jessie Tuggle, Jeff Van Note, Claude Humphries, Mike Kenn or Tommy Nobis ever made it. So I tip my cap to Primetime. His induction is well deserved. I just won't be booking a trip to Canton the way I would if The Hammer ever got there.
  9. 15-4. 12-4 in the regular season and 3-0 in the postseason.
  10. Yeah, but for the purpose of my original post, I chose to ignore that. -_-
  11. I guess we should also forget that AARON RODGERS RAPED AND KILLED A GIRL IN 1990! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f26tqqbvj3M
  12. I have no idea why I pressed "play". I literally felt my stomach start to turn watching that.
  13. I've never seen the corner of a balcony be used as a stripper pole before. I would probably throw her a dollar for being resourceful and then take it back for making me lose my lunch.
  14. I realize in the long list of things that make you look ignorant, this might rank fairly low. But the QB rating isn't a percentage.
  15. If how deep you go in the playoffs is the only measure of a QB's success, wouldn't that make Chris Chandler the greatest quarterback in Falcons' history? I apologize, Vick slurpers. I shouldn't bring logic into the equation. That's not fair. How rude of me.
  16. I think in time, we'll all realize that this loss probably doesn't rank that high on the list of embarrassing moments. It just stings the most right now. But for me, Vick's return to a chorus of cheers was the moment when I most wanted to bury my head in the sand. The first time I was really embarrassed by the Falcons was when they followed a playoff year in 1995 by going 3-13 in '96. Included in that awful season was a 43-point loss to a bad Rams team.
  17. I'm guessing fifth-graders play "Are you smarter than atlhomey?" during recess.
  18. Had we won the Super Bowl, would we be talking about trading Michael Turner this off-season? I'm guessing we wouldn't. The point is, don't let the emotions of one painful loss allow you see the need for major change.
  19. If you're that pessimistic, why root for them at all? It would seem to me like that would be no fun, watching a team every week that you generally expect to fail. I don't. I believe in this team. I thought they were going to win on Saturday. If I didn't think that, I would have stayed home. There's nothing to gain from thinking your team is going to lose all the time.
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