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  1. And as just like from the end of the Civil War, these Stephin Fetchit types will do and say anything for money in order to do their best buck-dancing for massa. Pathetically sad.
  2. I picked up on the Harley Quinn series by accident. It's hilarious and strictly for adults.
  3. Or better yet, who's going to guard us? The Bucks aren't ranked as high defensively as the Knicks or the Sixers so our 3pt FG percentage shouldn't suffer in this series. As far as the Giannis question, I'd play Collins on him.
  4. 'Sup, peeps. Just got back from vacation in the Dominican Republic and let me tell you that they don't play with Americans and how this country politicizes a killer virus AT ALL. We had to get tested before we entered the country and again in order to leave, regardless if we had the vaccination or not.
  5. Like one of the commentators said, he's a small guy that can get in the paint. It's not his fault he's cat-quick, can start and stop on a dime and the bigger guys who try to guard him can't.
  6. He only played like that because the other guys weren't hitting shots. If they do, the spread will be larger than just two points.
  7. That chick is certifiable, like, FOR REAL. And they are allowing her to run around Congress without a straitjacket.
  8. Welp. There it is, boys. Been here long enough to say I'm numb to this type of news.
  9. Knicks fans are some salty b*tches since that dagger in them guts last night.
  10. I love to see hip hop morph and still keep its rebel, anti-establishment vibe that makes it what it is.
  11. Dude is easily impressed that yet someone else (again) would go at Em. lol And Em fans just sit back and not worry about it.
  12. Some Hip Hop novelty for all my Old Heads out there...
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