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  1. It's good the see the Republicans finally sliding down that slippery slope of crazy they've been dallying with the last four years.
  2. He's waaaaaaaaay too late to make this realization. lol I thought they fit him to a tee.
  3. I finished ten traditional wings with Insane sauce...twice. Delish, but that's too hot for comfortable eating.
  4. I predict the same. Trump is the biggest punk in history, draft dodger or otherwise. I also predict every Neo-Nazi organization will forever have his picture next to Hitler.
  5. I wonder how many MORE death threats she's going to get after today?
  6. Since my wife and I are blessed to still have employment, we have made the decision to donate bags of food every payday to our local food banks until this mess gets better.
  7. Let me re-state...I don't know what happened to his ability to anticipate and throw his man open CONSISTENTLY, but its been long gone.
  8. More proof that she never wanted to be First Lady to begin with. She was it by default.
  9. The sad fact is that some of these people who this will affect think its nothing to worry about. For now, anyway.
  10. If Congress doesn’t act, 12 million Americans could lose unemployment aid after Christmas "According to the report from unemployment researchers Andrew Stettner and Elizabeth Pancotti, those Americans will lose their unemployment benefits the day after Christmas — more than half of the 21.1 million people currently on the benefits — due to deadlines Congress chose when it passed the Cares Act in March amid optimism the pandemic would be short-lived." https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/11/18/unemployment-expiring-congress-inaction/?fbclid=IwAR395pKHbgH9QldKc5NH-UbzMUIT
  11. Hopefully, he'll mandate that anyone who wants the vaccine will have to wear a mask before getting one.
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