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  1. Conservatives: Selling out the country...just to own the LIbs.
  2. I've liked him when he was playing at New Orleans. When we got him, I couldn't believe Peyton let him get away. Great FA signing.
  3. No mention of the ones being stabbed to death by the mothers or placed in dumpsters, I see...
  4. Again, you're all over the place. You're sounding like a guy who just wants those babies to be born just so they can become targets in a mass shooting.
  5. He's "slipped up" so much the American public has become so numb to it they either don't know what to be outraged about or could give two s**ts. Those in the know, like the government workers in his orbit that know better and the Congress, are the ones that have to keep the Idiot in Chief in check.
  6. I'll bet money the Russians have those emails. For sure.
  7. Not saying that you're wrong regarding the rule, just relayed what I saw. I don't think they're enforcing those.
  8. I didn't make a mental note as of to who. I remember seeing some Eagles players with no visible thigh pads and a close up of a couple of RBs that looked like they had no mouthguards in.
  9. This is a great point. I'm seeing guys out there with no cups, no thigh pads, hair being allowed outside of the helmet, no mouthguards, altering the length of the shoulder pads, etc.
  10. Again, why the **** should we be concerned with the problems of other teams in the NFC South? No one gave a **** about us and ours last year. If we beat them, then they'd mention their injury issues as an excuse and if we don't then they'd mention their injury issues as a problem with our team. It's a Catch .22. **** 'em.
  11. I have never seen an Administration chomping at the bit to go to war with another country since Vietnam.
  12. We needed all three, Rico especially. When we lost him, our defense was lost.
  13. When you can throw oil and massive amounts of money at ****, you gain their skewed perceptions.
  14. Same for Neal, Deion Jones and Rico, too.
  15. Still waiting for our special teams to come of age. You can actually play a drinking game with as many holding calls we get on kickoffs and punts.