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    From the CSRA/GA to Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, NC
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    Falcons and UGA football (college and NFL games in general), vintage Jazz (Coltrane, The Bird, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, etc.), Old School Hip Hop and R&B, 1950's era radio shows, novelty recordings, audiobooks, comics, sci-fiction, fantasy, movies, video games, historical and scientific documentaries, travelling and chicks with nice posteriors.

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  1. Trump's idea of what a "suburban housewife" looks like Pure Stepford wife...like Melania.
  2. Trump: "I'd like to write an Executive Order to address the dorito that damaged a small community of Trump supporters in Texas..." Aide (whispering): "It's pronounced "derecho", sir." Trump: "Toronto?" Aide (louder): "Derecho!" Trump: "Okay, jericho."
  3. He's just yet another angry white man that can't handle that one of those women is younger than he is, has more power over what she does with her own body and is a billionaire.
  4. And people wonder why black folks don't trust the police.
  5. I'm getting to the point where I'm about ashamed to admit that GA was my homestate.
  6. I'm sad to see it, but it had to happen. I just hope more conferences follow suit and put their players lives over profits. Life is bigger than football.
  7. BREAKING: The Big Ten has cancelled its 2020 football season.
  8. You can see it within the conservative mindset, especially whenever they decry public education and critical thinking as being exclusively abhorrent and liberal.
  9. His story alone is why I hate Vince McMahon, Jr. Rest in Peace.
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