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  1. For the record, folks, I know HolyMoses is Jewish.
  2. It's actually refreshing to see a true Christian post that because there's not too many that would see or acknowledge the distinction.
  3. Except that's not the context of that picture. It's depicted as Jesus expressing his love towards a person who is supposedly saving Christianity in America. It's very popular on right-wing forums, Christian forums and even Facebook posts
  4. Most blasphemous thing I've ever seen. And in my travels, I've seen a lot of blasphemous ****.
  5. Oh, man, this one truly hurts. A childhood favorite of mine. Rest in Peace, my fellow HBCU alum. Fred 'Curly' Neal Dead At 77 Tragic day for the basketball community ... beloved Harlem Globetrotters legend Fred "Curly" Neal has passed away. He was 77 years old. Curly became one of the most recognizable players for the Globies during his 22-year stint with the team ... playing in more than 6,000 games. Neal's #22 jersey was retired in 2008 ... one of just 5 players to receive the honor. Curly was also featured in several of the Globetrotters' TV specials ... including "The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" and "The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Special" ... as well as 'Scooby-Doo.' Curly was the team's elite ball handler for the Globetrotters after a successful career at Johnson C. Smith University ... where he averaged 23 points a game.
  6. Yep. I remember seeing an episode on Universe and mentioned that Jupiter with its size protects the inner planets from asteroid bombardment daily.
  7. Don't. Stupidity is contagious. Just step away and save yourself and let him wallow in his own excreta.
  8. Oh, it'll work and he knows it'll work, for his base anyway. Trump has his base so revved up and seeing everything through partisan-colored glasses that they'll take anything, including a pandemic that could very well kill them and their families, that offers them some morbid emotional satisfaction of venting their fury at liberals for anything that Trump whines at them about.
  9. "These Colors don't Scrub" "Don't Cough on Me" "Better Dead Than in the Red" "White, Straight and Corona-laced"
  10. It was only a matter of time. People like this guy make me sick. He should realize this disease isn't striking down every first born or making specific distinctions as to who's upholding God's Will.
  11. Republicans are now gaslighting themselves.
  12. Pretty sure he's not worried about us right now.
  13. You get that when you don't read. And its like I always say: CONSERVATIVES DON'T READ. They have to have someone tell them what something says or how they should think about something. That's why they all flock to State News on Fox.
  14. If Biden is disqualified due to mental health issues, what then? Who gets the nomination?