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  1. Exactly. Like I said, its the rate that people want them to improve: a.)immediately, b.) instantaneously or c.) "Now! Right now!"
  2. No he isn't a bust. People always act like players can't and won't improve, at least, not at the rate they think they should improve. Like you said, he needs someone who'll push him to improve.
  3. Here's a new slogan: Cover-Ups Matter
  4. LOL Silly liberal, right-wingers don't read.
  5. Like Father, Like Son
  6. So, I guess Trump couldn't break loose from his busy schedule of tweeting, fly down on Fat AssOne and stop that school shooting.
  7. That's just it. I think Poe was just a one-year stopgap regardless of how he performed due to the FO possibly worrying about re-signing Matt and other players. The Falcons long knew they were going to stick with the draft in order to find their next DT and not retain Poe.
  8. I'm talking about hypocrites. Something you should know well by definition and practice.
  9. In today's terms, I would classify Tubman as a sanctuary city.
  10. Neo-fascists are just that. It's just too bad that there are some people who will defend him and still call themselves Christians.
  11. Ouch. Good thing you guys can pay him for that much.
  12. He definitely is that.
  13. He's a proven starter with an azzload of starts. That's good and what we need. The 3 year deal means he's going to start over what we have now. You don't give that type of contract to a guy that's going to "compete" with a second or third year OG.
  14. Every time you guys post something stupid that Trump says or does, I immediately look to see if its an Onion article. And I sadly shake my head to see that it isn't.