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  1. I remember back when I had to troubleshoot electronics with those old *** needled meters and actually physically repair solid state and logic circuits by hand, now all you have to do is switch out entire boards or just allow the computer to handle everything logically. Yep, these young'uns are spoiled.
  2. Agreed. Can't **** with the oil supply. Gotta kiss the *** of the Saudi guy.
  3. Pentagon report warns of threat from white supremacists inside the military A Defense Department report highlights disturbing examples of white supremacy inside the military, calling for changes in how the department screens recruits for possible ties to domestic extremism. The report, which the Trump administration drafted last year before the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, was sent to Congress in October, but it has not been made public until now. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/pentagon-report-warns-threat-white-supremacists-inside-military-n1258871 Yeah, I
  4. I know. Another pillar of good childhood memories, gone.😢
  5. My wife recognized the issue right away while watching the first episode. She was like, "Awww, babe. She's grieving!"
  6. Six Capitol police officers suspended for alleged actions during riot Six Capitol police officers have been suspended with pay and another 29 are under investigation following last month's deadly riot, the department said. Capitol police spokesman John Stolnis told NBC News that the agency's Office of Professional Responsibility is looking into the actions of the 35 officers during the Jan. 6 attack. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/six-capitol-police-officers-suspended-alleged-actions-during-capitol-riot-n1258329
  7. After four years of Trump's shenanigans, Republicans like Ted Cruz have every right to believe that they can straight out lie to their base and that their base will believe them.
  8. While I understand very well the people who vote that way are telling us that the current two-party system is a failure, and that if we want better government, then this has to change. I also hope that those that do this also understand that by the time any third party they cast their vote for has an actual platform that more people can get behind, before it garners the hundreds, thousands and eventually millions of votes it takes to actually win an election, we'll all probably be dead.
  9. My wife and I love that show. Very well written and conceived.
  10. Patiently waiting for Season 2...for like umpteen months now. Excellent show.
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