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  1. If you look at it logically, you're basically saying that he's doing to the cops what the cops do to innocent people when they profile. Y'know? Blaming all black people for the few that are terrible?
  2. If that moron was any type of an undercover cop, with a AR, a handgun and a We the People teeshirt, then he's overplaying his part.
  3. You don't need that much context when you see a hand on the butt of a gun, right-handed grip, right leg back and left foot forward.
  4. Are you kidding me? As soon as that f*ck touched his gun the cop should have dropped him and/or arrested him. If a brotha did that, he'd have been dead.
  5. These cops are losing their frickin' nut. They'll be goose-stepping next.
  6. There's a special place in h*ll for people who did that.
  8. There's always life after football. There's always coaching. My cousin retired officially from the NFL this year and has taken a position at UGA, his alma mater.
  9. Unfortunately, my respect for the guy doesn't jibe with many. This president is so polarizing that if he could raise MLK from the dead the black community still wouldn't get behind any proposal of his.
  10. The only person out of all those mentioned that I respect would be Thomas Sowell.
  11. Well, good for you. Good to see that another on here that moves more than their fingers on a keyboard instead of constantly complaining about the little piece of the world they perceive on the internet. The greatest strength WAS the church, however, black churches don't get socially involved in the community like they used to back in the day. We took our boys to church once a week. Some got the message and some did not. Most rarely did not speak on the ills of black-on-black crime, which was a shame.
  12. That's the problem with the viewpoint of white conservatives, they love to try and explain racism or our own black experience to us, but instead of addressing (like they truly give a sh*t), they like to say that any instance is marginal, rare, unimportant, non-existent or solely our fault.
  13. Yeah, I don't agree with the premise, which goes back to my point that, just because Stevie says it, doesn't make it a coherent point-of-view just because a black guy may agree with your narrative. White LEOs have biases when they take the job that, unfortunately, the training that they get doesn't prepare them for cultural differences. And as far as the inner city experience, I used to mentor young, black men, gang members, wanna-be gang members, who were on the road to jail. I was one of many that was hired in that role because those young men needed to see positive black male roles models up close and not the crap the MSM perpetuates about how everything about the inner city is negative. Yours?