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  1. It's been over 400 years and they ain't figured it out yet, bruh. That's what scares them.
  2. Hey, I won the office pool!
  3. The movie is Unforgiven. Freeman is Clint's dead friend whose body is in a casket displayed in the front of the guy's saloon.
  4. LMAO! Talk about a pointless and empty self-serving action. May as well pardon George Stinney and Emmit Till while he's at it.
  5. LOL. Instead of them shooting at sheriffs, they blow weed smoke in their face.
  6. Thursday Night Football needs to die.
  7. LOL! I'd love to see that. I also hope every Black player on every team stays in the locker room all season every time the Anthem is played.
  8. Her world is in La-La Land.
  9. We've already called this in the office. We already knew nothing was going to come of this, other than a whole-lotta bull. Just goes to prove Trump doesn't listen to anyone other than himself.