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  1. It's called "reaching".
  2. Trump playbook: if you can't stand the heat, complain about the heat, lie about the heat, and, if possible, ban ovens and stoves.
  3. After this week, especially yesterday, he has about as much credibility as a crazy man howling at the moon.
  4. ****, AOC is killin' 'em! She's like Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury, taking on the entire school at one time! Only way prettier!
  5. If by "agenda" you mean a strategy of using fear-mongering and racially-tinged rhetoric, then I agree. His TV show and him hocking all of those failed ventures helped his name get out there. No denying that. Popularity is always a huge factor and a lack of substance doesn't matter these days, apparently. As long as there's an 'R' in front of it, people like you would vote for a dog turd. The fact that she grinds the GOPs gears will win her much support.
  6. LMAO! That face is also him having a heart attack.
  7. Keep laughing there, Chuckles. Any press is good press and the way Fox News and you are carrying on regarding her is high proof her name is spreading like wildfire over the net. Name recognition helped Trump get elected.
  8. If they keep this up, she's going to be a future President. She checks so many boxes for people, I'd bank on it.
  9. Who sent close to 5,000 fellow Americans to their deaths in a bogus cause. Oh yeah, that's "grate" all right.
  10. Gahd Dang. I'm truly starting to love this woman. I thought Obama had some snaps, but she claps back hard!
  11. As a veteran myself, I wouldn't dare smear anyone else's service. That's not what I do. If he was a hero or not, if he was a veteran who served faithfully in the War To End All Wars, then kudos for him. YOU on the other hand are a different matter. You are so quick to pull stuff out of your ***, I wouldn't put it past you to utilize your father to make a some type of political point or to prop your own self up. It was an attempt to keep you honest.
  12. Sit him. Why take the chance?
  13. W actually staffed the government. This guy hasn't even been in half as long and can't do that.