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  1. Yay! I got a video! I win!
  2. No, all that just means that instead of a crazy, racist fat as*hole, Trump is just a foolish, racist fat as*hole.
  3. Just showed the vid to my son. He is dying laughing.
  4. My wife was screaming with me and she's a Giants fan!
  5. ...Or called Norway a sh*thole?
  6. They had a good chance of winning that second SB, too. The Eagles with Foles? C'mon. Instant trip to the SB.
  7. What if Obama said the Black Panthers were good people?
  8. Those snowflakes have been giving Donna Brazile heck to this day about giving Hillary a head's up during the debates. Outrage, indeed.
  9. Same here. Before I die, at least.
  10. I guess, like them, we'll have to cheat to get one.
  11. Any FB from GA Tech. I hate Tech with a passion, but they do crank out some **** good fullbacks with that triple option they run. And all can block, run and catch.
  12. Julio:
  13. Regardless, if Sark doesn't change his tune next season, he's gone.
  14. A loss is a loss, period. It doesn't matter when it happens or how. A crushing defeat is crushing.