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  1. He apologized. That was what he was supposed to do. Now, will Moore?
  2. Don't think Quinn is going to chance starting him for the rest of the season.
  3. Well said.
  4. Even if joking, he'd better apologize ASAP.
  5. I think that's the crux of the problem, too many Christians have differing views/values, on what they believe is sinful and just how much does a person have to sin before it becomes a problem to be addressed.
  6. And that is the greatest sin of all. Bastardizing the Word of God in order to justify their sins. That's why Jim Crow came about and why people have this habit of blaming the victim when women come forward to tell their story of abuse.
  7. I've had issues with White Evangelicals who blindly support Trump and are still supporting Moore even when multiple women have come forward. It's painfully obvious that they have to re-calibrate their ethics in order to do so, a very sinful re-calibration. Not saying that everyone who voted for Trump and supports Moore is a sinful person, but ignoring or changing your views on morality in order to support a political candidate is deeply troubling, especially from a Christian standpoint. Conservatives who call themselves people of God are caught on that slippery slope where thinking politically and not biblically is making them out as hypocrites.
  8. Sounds like a come to Jesus meeting. Also known as a "save us from us" meeting.
  9. Step away from the computer sometime is all I'm saying. Most radicalization begins online.
  10. Deflects from true points of contention when upset. I swear, these are actual notes that I'm pointing out here.
  11. Constantly repeats the source of obsession (like a person or a group)...
  12. Long, rambling political diatribes is another...
  13. Obsession over conspiracy theories is one tell...
  14. I'm just saying. You're definitely fitting a profile. Don't blame it on the MSM.