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  1. It's not all about THIS YEAR. That's where your thinking is incorrect. We'll feel this 2-4 years down the road when we have to keep signing expensive free agents to be competitive, see: Washington Redskins. The Colts, Pats, Steelers, Packers are competitive every year and they never trade bulk draft picks to move up. If you keep building through the draft you stay young and are competitive for a long time. What ever happened to "build through the draft"? Until about 9 pm tonight, that used to be this board's mantra.
  2. The best players on our team this past season weren't drafted by TD. He's done a good job in free agency, but his draft picks have been hit/miss, especially his first round picks. That's neither here nor there. I'm saying even if JJ has a great year next year, that's not worth what we gave up. We are going to be a thin team that has to build through FA, and that's no way to be good for a long time.
  3. I'm sorry, I honestly do not understand what your sentence is saying. Please elaborate. As for what I was saying - that IS Snyder's strategy. He always had the Redskins built to be a "win now" team. Never worked. Teams that build for the future through the draft are the ones that do well. Examples: Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Packers. You would never see any of those teams give up all those picks for one player, especially not a WR.
  4. Combine numbers don't mean much. If they did, then why was AJ Green, not Jones, considered the best WR, and possibly the best player overall in this draft? The combine doesn't have a number they can place on hands, but when you look at the tape, his drops are concerning.
  5. A strategy taken straight from Dan Snyder's playbook. Great teams do not give up multiple draft picks to move up, ESPECIALLY not for a WR.
  6. I think TD has shown that he knows how to work FA, but not the draft. Even Matt Ryan, his marquee pick, is not a top tier player. Witherspoon, Jerry, Baker, and a plethora of others have been mediocre at best. Most of the players responsible for our turnaround came in via McKay or through FA (White, Turner, McClure, Abe).
  7. So why not just trade a 1st and 3rd and get a proven commodity? I would be willing to bet the Lions would give up CJ for two firsts, a second, and two fourths.
  8. I just don't understand this strategy. If we're "on the brink" why not just trade a 2nd rounder for Steve Smith in Carolina or another veteran WR on the block? Yeah they might be older, but we know what they can do and if we're "on the brink" right now, who cares about down the line, right? That's why we got Gonzo... Do you know which teams have this strategy? Teams like the Redskins. You would NEVER see the Pats, Colts, or Steelers make this trade. Never, ever, and if I polled this board before the draft and asked if they would do this trade it would be 90% NO.
  9. No WR impacts the game enough to warrant what we gave up. None. Maybe Jerry Rice or Randy Moss in his prime, but the chance of Julio Jones being Jerry Rice is very slim. In other news, pick one of the following teams that is always "on the brink" and trades their entire draft to move up for one player: - Packers - Colts - Steelers - Pats When do those teams ever even make WR a priority in their draft? I mean the only one is the Colts when they took Wayne and Harrison.
  10. I agree. If I knew for sure Julio would be Peyton Manning I'd make the trade. Here's the issue -- Julio doesn't play QB. He is a WR, and I wouldn't give up what we gave up for any WR in the NFL, be it Fitz, Andre Johnson, or Calvin Johnson.
  11. That statement up there says more about TD's drafting abilities than it does late-round picks. There have been TONS of hits later on in the draft, even around those poor ones that TD made.
  12. That statement up there says more about TD's drafting abilities than it does late-round picks. There have been TONS of hits later on in the draft, even around those poor ones that TD made.
  13. I would be more ok with us giving up that much for one of the big 4 positions (QB, LT, Pass-rushing DE/OLB, CB) but not for a WR. Even for a great QB I wouldn't give up what we gave up. This is the type of trade that if it is not an all-out HIT, it can set you back for years.
  14. How many times have we heard this -- all the great teams in the NFL stay put and stockpile picks. You want to talk about teams being on the brink? Why aren't the Patriots and the Colts trading the farm to move up into the top 10 to pick someone? Why aren't they doing this EVERY year? I'm sorry -- these are all things everyone believed until TD did it, and now, suddenly trading two years' worth of first day picks is the smartest thing we can do.
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