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  1. It was just a point of reference.
  2. When Gurley crossed the goal Line, the Defense should have gotten together and determined that Detroit was not going to score. Blame coaching, blame personnel, blame who you want. But regardless of whether you wanted the points or not, you had a lead that required a touchdown to win instead of a field goal. Defense has to step up and do their job. They didn’t. This regime hasn’t fixed that problem since the 28-3 collapse, and it came back to bite us again today.
  3. It’s kinda like one of those toxic relationships; there are good things that you enjoy, but then there are those nagging things that make you want to be done with it. But you hang in there, because it’s what you have, and you’re not sure you can do better....
  4. Bobby Petrino led the Falcons to a 3-10 season before revealing how despicable and gutless he is. That’s right, that Falcons team performed better than this team currently is. just some perspective.
  5. How much of the success was due to him, how much was due to the State Farm Guy?
  6. Yeah, I’m not sure why we really never used the hurry up like we did in the previous season. I would be interested to know if that was Sark’s decision or Quinn.
  7. Teams were able to defend us because we have deficiencies in o-line play. Not sure why we reduced the play action game, or the bootleg read plays, but we rarely got protection that allowed Matt to have the success of the previous season.
  8. Realistically, aren’t those questions that every team has to ask about their season? How many drives were schemed well against what we saw in film study, but were shot down when we jumped offsides, helps somebody, or missed a block? I just don’t think it’s right to drop all the blame on the OC. People can argue play calling, but how many plays did we audible at LOS? How many bad reads did we have on coverage we were facing?
  9. Those three definitely have the size; I like the Samuels kid from NC State. The Flowers kid from Oklahoma is intriguing, I believe he has been utilized at fullback? I can’t help but think that solid o-line coupled with our defense, a good running game will get us back to where we need to be in the passing game. Eagles didn’t seem to be worried about our run game when we were near the goal line.
  10. Personally, I like our running backs, but I wish we had a big guy to put back there and bust ahead for those tough yards inside on goal line and 4th and inches situations. Some of that can be addressed through line blocking scheme. Maybe more counter, and more read option?
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