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  1. So is JT available for this year, or is this for 2021?
  2. If only our coaching staff could get an entire season of top 10 performance, rather than just half a season.
  3. Always has to be a knucklehead on this team. Every time good things start to happen, the knuckleheads have to ruin it. Might need to bring in Col. Nathan Jessep to order a code red. Wyatt arrested last night.
  4. Ol Dan can't compete with Kirby.
  5. This has to be one of the best, if not THE best off-season in UGA history.
  6. The only thing I see is our bats don't get going until late innings.
  7. It's probably why Blank decided to roll the dice with them again.
  8. I hope Hamels shoulder isn't serious.
  9. Better vision from the FO and coaching staff.
  10. It makes you feel that games are rigged.
  11. My goodness this team. It's own worst enemy.
  12. Excellent article. Love The Athletic.
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