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  1. Definitely seems that way. I see Oklahoma getting Fields and Haselwood real soon. No coincidence.
  2. I think it all depends on if the NCAA let's him play right away or not. If they don't, it's probably best he just stays.
  3. I won't be mad at the transfer, I kinda expected it to happen. What will get me mad, is if he or his camp uses the race card to get his way. The media will run with it and paint UGA as a racist school and that will inevitably hurt us in recruiting.
  4. Ok, someone give me some info on the Plumlee kid. Is he committed to us and what is this blue shirt deal? I've seen some YouTube videos of him and he looks to be very good.
  5. Also of the comment after the USC game. Why haven't we've seen this before? Why does it conveniently come out now? I just looks like coordinated leaking.
  6. We truly don't know what happened. It is very possible that Kirby just screwed up and may be regretting that he didn't do things differently. Or, maybe there is more to the story than any of us know. If Fields made this comment after the 2nd game of the season and it was truly said out of frustration, then imagine what he may have said during practice, film study, weight room and in the classroom. I just hate seeing Kirby bring made the complete bad guy in all of this and by no means am I saying Fields should be the complete bad guy. We don't know for sure what happened.
  7. I don't think so. It would cause total chaos. Giving them the freedom to transfer whenever they feel, would actually help them to make less sound decisions.
  8. Just imagine the drama had Eason decided to stay as well, lol. Eason very well could have been like "I was here before both of you and I'm going to take my job back"
  9. And perhaps that souring attitude, so early in the season, turned Kirby off on giving him "meaningful snaps". Being sour like that, shows immaturity and a lack of leadership. You can't say that about Fromm.
  10. They would be fools to allow it, especially if it's based off of 1 idiotic baseball players, idiotic comment. That player was immediately dealt with. If the NCAA let's him play, it will open up Pandora's box and college football will suffer in the long run.
  11. If they use the race card, then I'll have zero respect for Fields and his family. UGA dismissed that moron immediately. It's appalling that it is even being considered.
  12. Then he truly is Kang Kirby, lol
  13. I definitely feel that they reached out to gauge interest from other schools and those schools are the source of the leak, right before early signing. IMO.
  14. Yeah. Someone just wasn't paying attention. It's been going on since the season started.
  15. There's just no way to deny this. It just keeps getting leaked out. Now, 2 days before early signing.