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  1. It's not how Richt started, it's what he did (or didn't do, for that matter) over the course of 15 years. How's Richt doing in 3 years at Mia? Not as good as Kirby in his first 3 years ever as a HC. Richt has 18 years experience.
  2. That was a typo. I meant Gage.
  3. No doubt. I thought for sure Gage would be our returner when we drafted him. Quinn has regressed as a coach. Blowing that SB has messed him up big time.
  4. Nailed it! I just hope Kirby sees this and makes adjustments to get Field more involved. If not, we are going to lose him.
  5. Nah, it's much easier to just put all the blame on Fromm. And I'm not saying he doesn't deserve some blame, cause he does, cause he was dreadful.
  6. Thank God. Hope he and Sanu are go to go for MNF. I'm going to be at the game
  7. I hate our short yardage game. I just knew we wouldn't get that 2 yards. Ryan was visibly upset coming off the field after that failed attempt. Just a guess, but I'm sure he knew our OL wouldn't do its job there. He probably wanted to pass.
  8. Holyfield was running like "y'all give me the ball, I'm winning this thing". Channey says " nah, we ain't doing that"
  9. I'm betting JF is asking the same questions.
  10. Kirby has to realize this. These next 2 weeks will make or break our season
  11. That would have been the most "Falcons Way" to lose. Hopefully it means our bad luck is changing.
  12. The D we doing fairly well, till late in the game. Only gave up 16 at the half. That's not something our O should not be able to overcome.