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  1. We understand why Aub wants to do it and how they benefit from it. But is does nothing to benefit Ga in any way. So we shouldn't even be concerned about this. No need to waste time on this. Make Bama work with them.
  2. Lanning is the new DC, according to Seth Emerson.
  3. Is this GT clown for real?
  4. Not at Hoover is definitely interesting. Fingers crossed
  5. Why do so many get offended even the media doesn't kiss our butts and Vegas doesn't give us good odds? We've done nothing to earn their praise. Nothing at all. I wish the media would come down harder on this franchise.
  6. They actually showed that scene at one of the private viewings and it was discribed as being brutal. I really hope they release one day.
  7. It has the same feel of him building the first Ironman suit in the cave, back in the first Ironman.
  8. I also hope they show other planets and civilizations that were affected by the snap. Xandar, which they didn't show in IW would be a good one. Perhaps that event will bring about Nova?
  9. Yep. A couple of spots look like they edited someone out. The scene with Cap, BW, Bruce and Rody looking up into the sky. They say the empty space between Rody and the other 3, looks like the perfect spot for another individual. If so, who? And who or what are they looking up too? Captain Marvel? Tony and Nebula coming in on the Benatar? I'm thinking they must not consider it a threat, since none of them or suited up for battle.
  10. That 30 second SB Endgame teaser was intense.