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Pure Football
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sdogg last won the day on August 20 2010

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    Savannah, GA
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    Loves NFL, NCAAF and MLB. Favorite teams are the Falcons(obviously), Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Braves. Currently my favorite players on my teams are Matt Ryan(Falcons), Aaron Murray(Bulldogs) and Craig Kimbrel(Braves).

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  1. sdogg

    Braves @ Yankees

    I don't like how they are stalling on Acuna’s results.
  2. I'd feel sorry for Newman though. But if we got a chance to get JF back, Kirby better personally fly him back to Athens.
  3. That would be insane!! Watch Luke Ford transfer back, and they make him sit.
  4. I wonder if players will be allowed to transfer and have immediate eligibility?
  5. Acuna is in the zone now.
  6. sdogg

    Jays @ Braves

    Just a horrible AB, FF
  7. sdogg

    Jays @ Braves

    Oh come on Riley
  8. sdogg

    Jays @ Braves

    Acuna is so fast
  9. sdogg

    Jays @ Braves

    Jesus, FF. Terrible AB
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