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  1. Totally agree. Just hoping Thanos tops them.
  2. Hey, that'll work as well, lol
  3. Time to start winning titles!!
  4. I want more, lol
  5. It's Christmas again
  6. No doubt! Blank should have kept his mouth shut. Instead of crying to the NFL, he should have put a foot up TD and Quinns rears. It's way past time for them to get it done. They have more than enough talent.
  7. Ryan needs to give a discount. I'll be disappointed if he doesn't.
  8. Apparently our FO cares. It's clearly on their minds.
  9. We just suck. We never have the guys that want to win. It's all metal. Instead, we cry cause they make fun of us.
  10. Nope. They crying to the league that oponents are making fun of us.
  11. They win with a backup QB. That's....ugh!!
  12. We won't even win a fantasy bowl.
  13. No doubt.