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  1. No need. I'm off to bed, to wait for Santa to bring a playoff berth. Oh, wait....we've already got one of those, huh? Tell you what...if Santa brings us another one in the morning, maybe we'll give to you guys. You know...in the spirit of the season and sharing with the less fortunate and all.
  2. That "class" being the one composed of teams with NFL championships? A class for which the Falcons find themselves conspicuously absent from the student rolls...
  3. LOL You guys are so predictable, so easy, and most of all, so **** touchy with the whole inferiority complex thing. BTW, it was seven seasons ago. Is that more recent than never?
  4. No, but I've been to Atlanta and have seen what a waste of space an empty trophy case looks like.
  5. Oh...looking at the clock here in the central time zone, I see that I am remiss. Merry Christmas, all. Hope you all have a wonderful day and rest of the week.
  6. Apparently you don't speak "championship" either...but we'll be happy to translate for you. LOL
  7. BTW, we all were required to set our cellphones to "Falcons" setting on the way into the Dome. "No ring."
  8. Hey, you think Ryan and Jones or anyone else stopped off at the Saints facility on the way to the airport? You know, to see what a Lombardi trophy looks like close up? LOL
  9. Odd that the league would wait four years to institute that nefarious plan, but whatever.
  10. Ten large, I think. And correct, the fine was technically for running onto the field after they wouldn't grant his time out request, but that was just the more egregious offense such that they didn't have to issue a fine for the comments themselves.
  11. BTW......absolutely HATE the all-black uniforms. Looks like a bunch of overweight ballerinas running around in leotards. OTOH, I LOVE our white-on-white color rush togs we wore for the last game...and feel sorry for you guys and most of the other teams in the league who end up having to wear red/red, or green/green (UGH!!), etc. I'd actually love to see that white-jersey, gold-number top and those sweetly-striped pants as one of our regular uniforms.
  12. I would say you probably shouldn't count on nine first downs by penalty this time, but you never know...
  13. Also, there's always a big difference in play for a team when they know going through the week that a particular weapon won't be playing and can create a game plan based on that (your game last week without Coleman) as opposed to a game where the expected-to-be-heavily-involved weapon is lost a few plays in (our game against you without Kamara). You can often look "mundane" when you're scrapping 50% of your game plan partway into the first drive.
  14. For you guys? I'd suggest you go with the least-ripped overalls, your dress flannel shirt, and maybe the Red Man cap....
  15. Nine first downs by penalty will sort of do that. Oh, and come back to this board after a Falcons loss for a graduate-level course on whining and conspiracy theories. LOL
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