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  1. In my best Allen Iverson voice. Practice? Come on man. Practice?
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_/id/34074/falcons-decline-hard-knocks Oh well was looking forward to seeing them on this.
  3. According to a recent tweet by Mike Johnson he was just put back on the 53 man roster. @rwilson03: Congrats to @jpwilson4 back on the 53 man. #dirtybirds” <----> #RollTide
  4. How did you go about cancelling it? It states that they won't refund after signing up.
  5. Sweet! I just ordered. Looks like I will be watching all the falcon's games this year!
  6. Just checked you are correct. What time do they have to make the last 10 cuts by?
  7. I would be all for it! I was screaming to bring Coleman in to play NB during the game vs GB.
  8. Exactly this why we should of kept Coleman. Still never got why we let him go.
  9. Would he of been better than Erik Coleman? Kinda don't understand why he was let go. Only making 765k this year for the lions.
  10. Maybe we should of just kept Coleman. He is only making 765k this year.
  11. Per ledbetter: center Todd McClure left the game with a knee injury.
  12. Ledbetter just tweeted: Corey Peters suffered a left knee injury that will not require surgery, according to Coach Mike Smith. He's out for the Jacksonville game.
  13. Pretty sure that is #17 Bradyn Harvey.
  14. What about Grimes? Does he count in this number?
  15. Rams just signed Cadilac. His chances of signing there are slim.
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