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  1. We got this. We got this. Abraham must be let loose. Wilfork is out,and we need to capitilize w/ the run.
  2. Been there w/ my gear on,....there are the typical jack ***'s,but they hop on you only when they're team is in the crapper.I'll be there for the Giants game,and in Foxboro for the Pat's game.
  3. Thank you for an awesome football season! Got to see a bunch of games up here in Rhode Island,and I was proud of everything WE have accomplished. 2009,even though our schedule will be hard,we will prevail! Can't wait for Foxboro,and The Meadowlands!
  4. Hmmmmm,..... I wonder if Keith BROOKINGS(lol) actually read this thread,what would he think? Is his possible retirement and MySpace BIG MAMMA's somehow linked? This thread took a terrible a** turn(no pun).
  5. I'm really not into bashing another team,but I will THOROUGHLY enjoy knowing that JB is in a crying towel right now! Priceless. Have fun trying to redeem yourself,and your team in the off-season big guy!
  6. Guys, I hate to be the bringer of bad news,but,...(don't flame me,...just hear me out). It's obvious our defense stinks.We all know it.Not only in stopping the run,but pass defense as well. Kurt Warner is #2 in passing yds.,and James is NO slouch either. Thankfully,thier Defense is hurting as well.We should be able to smack their corners around a bit,but our DEFENSE better get their s*it together,or we will be one and done.
  7. Why do I have feeling the Edgrin James is going to break a playoff rushing record against us? Maybe Kurt Warner will throw for 500+?
  8. Yep.Just over 300yds. to go. He has 147 now(last I lookes).
  9. Saints are't out of this thing. Drew want's Marino's record.
  10. Our defense sux so bad,it's embarrasing. SOOOO typical.
  11. I said it at noon time. Get a hold of Holt and Jackson and we have a chance. Noone listens to me.
  12. If we leave this to our TYPICAL defense,we are screwed.
  13. I hope you guy's aren't suprised. Our D-line sux against the run,and our corners are outrun every play. The ghost of Ed Donatell is still in that F'ing booth.
  14. West Warwick,RI LOUD AND PROUD!!! Since Steve Bartkowski,William Andrews,Gerald Riggs days.
  15. Thank you for protecting our freedom! Cheer loud soldier!
  16. Keeping Tory Holt and Jackson at bay will be the key to our victory. GO SAINTS!
  17. The best thing about this game via-this message board today,is knowing that Johnny-Buc is home with his head in his hands. Enjoy tool,enjoy.
  18. let's see if this "bend don't break" bu llsh it works. wtf,...wtf.
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