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  1. QB sneaks, victory formation, anything would've been better than the only thing that could knock us out of FG range.
  2. It was around the 86-89 seasons I believe. Sounded like it could've been produced by the folks who made the old see the USA in your Chevrolet commercials...and I'm confident of those lyrics, but Google was not much help for my confidence, lol.
  3. There was an an awesome old timer team fight song that was played in Fulton Co stadium, and I've been unsuccessful at finding it on YouTube. Would love any help finding it. Lyrics as best I remember: go atlanta Falcons win, down the field to vic'try, fight until the end, go atlanta Falcons win, go -fight- win. Go atlanta (music), fight Falcons (music), win (music). F-a-l-c-o-n-s, go atlanta Falcons win, go-fight-win. thanks again in advance if any help might dig this one up. Cheers and GO FALCONS
  4. Dawg fans: is Russ our official mascot now? Seems like it was an interim thing at the time, and now he seems to beat every game...just curious. Go Dawgs