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  1. QB sneaks, victory formation, anything would've been better than the only thing that could knock us out of FG range.
  2. It was around the 86-89 seasons I believe. Sounded like it could've been produced by the folks who made the old see the USA in your Chevrolet commercials...and I'm confident of those lyrics, but Google was not much help for my confidence, lol.
  3. There was an an awesome old timer team fight song that was played in Fulton Co stadium, and I've been unsuccessful at finding it on YouTube. Would love any help finding it. Lyrics as best I remember: go atlanta Falcons win, down the field to vic'try, fight until the end, go atlanta Falcons win, go -fight- win. Go atlanta (music), fight Falcons (music), win (music). F-a-l-c-o-n-s, go atlanta Falcons win, go-fight-win. thanks again in advance if any help might dig this one up. Cheers and GO FALCONS
  4. Well stated: those are the hungry teams. Our name certainly does not belong in the list.
  5. Another egg about to be laid in Jan. "Any given Sunday" doesn't fly in the playoffs. At some point, this team will have to stop constantly falling on their face and being forced to "rise up". WTFis up w/ not responding to Hardy's comments that the Panthers are better? Seriously, is that all you got?
  6. The record got to their heads before the New Orleans game. Hardy saying they were better before the game should have elicited a statement from Atlanta. However, that goofball Cam Newton made them look silly. Sad, sad effort.
  7. Quite a deuce the boys laid today. Manhandled by a team that talked smack the weak before...the Panthers ARE better than the Falcons. That stinker is what it is. At least there are zero expectations for playoff success.
  8. Ditto. Cam Newton looked like Superman today and Matty Ice is getting ready to assume his reliable Matty Melt nickname...just like clockword everytime in Dec/Jan.
  9. LOL @ the quotes in this article. It'd be nice to admit it after beating them in the playoffs, but statements like this...right now, seriously? Timing is everything, and this timing is like Dunta Robinson's ability to be stride for stride w/ Colston or Moore.
  10. BVG gets a pass: he only has one Pro Bowler. Mularkey has a unit that is clearly loaded, yet continues to underperform, especially in big games. Mularkey never has to be accountable for this element for some reason.
  11. No way will these Falcons punch them back-they'd rather sulk and cry than play w/ big boy teams like the Pack and Saints. These lightweights will be gone in the first round, and they have EVERY reason to be begging to play the Saints again...but the outcome will be the same. We are an average team that has no desire to move to the next level. Just ask the Saints and see the 4th quarter sideline sulking: it's sad.
  12. The truth hurts, but SPOT ON commentary. Our own players are in denial that we're nowhere near being an elite team...at least they got to see what an elite coach and team looks like.
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