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  1. Yeah you can say that but that also means more money coming out of our pockets... We are looking at getting PSL and thats not a good thing to have in Atlanta with our fans...
  2. ATLANTA FANS already SUCK, then add a open air stadium it like throwing gas on the fire. The poll already shows that people want to keep it inside, the writing is on the wall and he is still going to build a open stadium. I bet AB wont be sittiong in an open air stadium
  3. H.E double hockey sticks NO... NO... NO... NO... I've been on road trips to Kansas City, Miami, Jacksonville, Carolina and San Fransico and open air stadiums are nice to visit but not for my home team. The elements are never on your side. Here in Atlanta we have to deal with the hot sun in September, Nov and Dec we will deal with the cold. Yes we tailgate in these elements but we know at 1:00 it will be 70 degrees no matter what... So keep the new stadium, give me the GA DOME and I'll keep my season tickets.
  4. For the first time I have to *shake your hand* a Saints fan who understands my frustration..
  5. Will be doing that Friday along with my Falcons licence plate.
  6. lol... that would be so nice if we could do that... we need a mulligan.
  7. Yeah these past few days have really been rough. I haven't watched ESPN since Saturday morning before the game. I haven't answered any phone calls or watched football. I can't watch any Sameual Jackson movies because I think about the RISE UP commercial.
  8. Being a true Atlanta Falcons fans comes with 1 strike against you from the start. Not only do Falcons fans have to deal with the media, we must deal with our co-workers, family members and friends disrespecting the Falcons. As fans we find ourselves defending not only the dome but also defending the mistakes that our team makes. Yes the team finished 13-3 but we how can we argue or defend our team when we didn't make it past the first round and we had home field advantage. Oh trust me it hurts when to walk into your office and you have the Sunday paper sitting on your desk with the sports s
  9. I agree I think Harry Douglas will step up to the plate and deliver a good game on Saturday.
  10. It was way to many AFMB members there to see this in person...
  11. we can call it "Magic Hands"....
  12. Saints Fan just walked in my office and I did the hand dance and he just looked at me like I was crazy... lol.... We have to give that a name.... TO TOP IT OFF HE WAS SERIOUS....
  13. Did anyone go to the game on Sunday and notice the OLD MAN doing the MIND HAND dance on the JUMBO TRON during time outs. I cant get that **** dance out my head, it had me cracking up....
  14. I know AIRTRAN will allow you to charter a plane. I think the plane will be about 189 - 2oo+ people. They do a pretty good job working with you.
  16. HOOTERS is already planned for 2011.. You just make sure you can make the trip..
  17. Its not just 790 or 11ALIVE its the entire Atlanta Media. I blame the Mayor for not getting behind the Falcons and getting the city hyped about a chance to go to the superbowl, the Falcons should be on the front page of the AJC everyday. ONE CITY, ONE TEAM, ONE SUPERBOWL...
  18. I want to thank all of the ROAD WARRIOR Falcons Fans that joined us at HOOTERS for our 2nd Annual Pre-Tailgate party in Charlotte NC... It's awesome to see so many fans in one location on the road. Also thanks to the Falcons Fans that joined us at the Doubletree lobby for drinks, music and pizza. Next year we need to get a ball room so we can hangout for real all night. This was our 1st year doing Tilt, they backed out of some drink specials and they didn't mention that they were having a Christmas party til 9pm. The DJ did ok but were looking into having our own FALCONS PARTY in a hotel ba
  19. I've never seen a ticket special, buy 1 ticket get 2 free. It was crazy, a guy tried to week me 2 tickets for $100 I just laughed at him.
  20. Ok, I must say that this idea came from a previous post but it wouldn't hurt to put it back again... The fans would love a christmas gift from the falcons... CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a "LIVE" RISE UP... appearance on the field before the Saints / Falcons monday night game... THANK YOU FROM ALL OF YOUR FALCONS FANS....
  21. see you guys at HOOTERS 6PM- 8PM.... AND TILT 8PM until...
  22. If you can cancel let me know, the hotel is 2 blocks from the FALCONS PARKING LOT and another 2 blocks to the stadium. You can leave your car in the hotel... It's going to be stupid crazy..
  23. That would be the BOMB.... OMG... I'm getting hype already....
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