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  1. WOW. What a game and tailgate. Hooter's was live. I had a blast....

  2. turns out I wont be able to make it this weekend, sorry!

  3. Let's round up those cowgirls...

  4. Today was a wonderful day in the DOME and all I see on the message board is negative. The true fans showed up today, there were no BOOS at all. It was momments when you could hear a pin drop but we stuck it out and our team gave us a ball game. For the first time this year the DOME cheered DEFENSE together, it felt like last year. Some of our FANS get caught up with FANTASY LEAGUE football and forget that this is real life and these men did a good job today. REDMAN, I will go the entire year with him being our QB. This man stood in the pocket and delivered the ball like he was suppose to do
  5. This year is so bad my co-workers don't even pick at me anymore. They spend more time telling me what the Falcons need to do to win... With the Falcons loosing so much they say its a waist of time to poke fun..
  6. Honestly I think R.White has always had the skills for a WR. I think VICK didn't have the confidence in him and that played with his mind. Also being a WR playing with VICK is like playing sand lot football.. just get open... R. WHITE will make the PRO BOWL next year...
  7. It seems like some folks are missing the point. I hope I can paint a better picture for you. If your the first person to purchase a home in a new subdivision you expect to pay less for your home than the last person to purchase a home in your subdivision. Better yet you should get a few upgrades for free, also you get the chance to pick the best lot. All we get is a STH sticker and last year we got the sticker at the end of the year. At least give us discounted parking... Show us some love for selling out the dome before tickets even go on sale. 15,000+ STH turned in there tickets at th
  8. I agree with you Bankerbird but you know how they are going to play the game. Normally we have to pay our deposit and balance before the NFL draft. You would think Blank would hire a coach ASAP and also report the new price of season tickets. I guess I'm not really upset at the prices, I just want to get more for being a STH. We don't benifit from being a STH at all. Being a STH gives A. Blank his money up front. It may sound simple but we don't even get free game day programs... GIVE US SOMETHING FOR BEING STH OTHER THAN HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.
  9. Well my heart is telling me to dump one of my tickets and move to a cheaper section until the owners give something back to the FANS... Unless we make a stand about our frustrations, the organization will continue to overlook us... Do you realize we don't have an organized chant after we get a 1st down. We have some sections saying "Move those chains" or sections doing the "First down" motion and others in the endzone waving them to a touchdown... What happen to the halftime shows... Halftime is now used to catch a nap from tailgating all morning. What happen to the Marching bands outside
  10. No that was the Falcons Fan-atics and another tailgate group... If someone brings that up again, put me in....
  11. As a 5 year season ticket holder, I have started to question the value of being a season ticket holder. What added value do we get for being season ticket holders? What makes us different from Falcons Fans that purchase tickets from ticketmaster or get them from there jobs or friends? I have thought long and hard about this question and still no answer. As a STH(season ticket holder) we pay the same amount as someone who purchase all 10 home games from ticketmaster. We all enter the dome through the same entrance. We all pay the same amount to park in the dome lots. We all pay the same for
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