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  1. Julio has had issues every since leaving college. He broke is foot in the combine, he doesn't know his power. give him another weapon so he won't feel like its up to him to score some more points.
  2. 2017 Santa gave me some Gumbo as the Falcons played the Saints.... 2018 seems like I'm going to be eating Cajun Stuffing with Slap Ya Mamma Turkey as the Falcons play the Saints on Thanksgiving. Who plans on making the trip during Thanksgiving and where will you be staying... (any good room rates)
  3. 2018 Season is quickly approaching. We have been off the message boards for about 2 years and now it's time to come back home and prepare for the season. With the new Benz stadium on it's 2nd year. Has anyone found the perfect lot to tailgate (Distance, Space, Bathroom, Cost, music, etc)...
  4. WOW. What a game and tailgate. Hooter's was live. I had a blast....

  5. turns out I wont be able to make it this weekend, sorry!

  6. Let's round up those cowgirls...