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  1. Julio has had issues every since leaving college. He broke is foot in the combine, he doesn't know his power. give him another weapon so he won't feel like its up to him to score some more points.
  2. Slide over to the Road Trip forum for info on the Miami game.
  3. I got the HUGE 90x64 Atlanta Falcons blanket that was on QVC..
  4. Wow.. So move it to Doriville or should I say little Mexico... Sorry that your not able to adapt from your precious high class life style. You only been in Atlanta for 3 years, you can pick up and go back home with your GT education
  5. Traffic is crazy.. Can you imagine a Monday night or Thursday night game, it would be half time before you arrive. What hotels do you have in Doraville? Hyatt Place, Holiday Inn...
  6. This Sunday is calling for 80% chance of rain, with a open air stadium how many people do you think would attend? The last regular season game with Tampa will be about 40 degrees for the high, how many folks will be there? Atlanta does not have fans that are willing to brave the elements to watch a game. Folks are saying move it to Doraville, the traffic can't be controlled. The city doesn't have enough 5 star hotels and resturants to cater out of town guess. As far as Marta goes, everyone will be taking the same train from the stadium because its the end of the line. Currently folks can go east or west or walk 5 minutes to five points and go north or south. AB keeps talking about the Superbowl if we get a new stadium. If we get a outdoor stadium we will NOT get the Super Bowl. Check the history books and tell me when was the last time a game was played outside in the cold. Atlanta got a bad rap for the Super Bowl because the city was not able to handle the ice storm that hit that week. It had nothing to do with the Dome.
  7. Marriott Marquis, Residence Inn by Marriott, Hyatt On Peachtree, downtown Hilton, Howard Johnson @ Underground Atlanta ( it's nice), Embassy Suites @ Centennial Park, Quality Inns and Suites, also check out VRBO, it's a listing for condo rentals, sometime you can get a condo for the same price of a hotel.
  8. Has anyone taken a look at the front page of the falcons website and looked at the blog from AJ. it's titled "FALCONS FAN PUTS ON A SHOW". This dude has a serious rap for the falcons... Check it out and let me know what you think.
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