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  1. We’re done with the talk, finally. We know who our GM, HC, DC, OC are. We know our draft class and FA’s. We know about the new uniforms and game schedule. What we don’t know, and what I’m lookin’ forward to lookin at is….. 1. Discipline - can our Falcons do the basics of getting lined up right and not jump offsides. I seems like a small thing, but it’s not. It says a lot about our coach and this team. So I’m lookin’ forward to lookin at if our Falcons hustle to the line, get lined up right and get the snap count correct. 2. Our 1.57 O-Line. What’s a 1.57 O-Line? It’s the average of the draft round each of our starting line we’re drafted in. Hayden Hurst, Kyle Pitts, Jack Mathews, Kaleb McCary and Chris Lindstrom were all first round draft picks. Hennessy and Mayfield were 3rd rounders. For the love of all things football, how can that many 1st rounders be a question mark? Regardless, they are and so I’m looking forward to lookin at our 1.57 round offensive line. 3. O Scheme - What will AS’s Falcon offense look like? When was the last time we had 2 legit first rounder TE’s? Imagine if we’d had Crumpler with Tony G? Is that what we’re headed toward? Will our TE’s become our run game? Just bypass the d-line with quick high percentage passes or RPO’s to our TE’s and let them pound on the LB’s and DB’s? I don’t know, so I’ll be lookin forward to lookin at it. 4. Kick returns - I wanna see if we can execute kick returns without penalties. 5. I think I know what our defense will look like, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it in the field. go Falcons.
  2. I think AS will play the short pass game to offset our weak OLine against their pass rush. We have two legit TE’s, so I expect to see them both get some catches on quick passes, RPO’s and play action passing. on defense, I think their QB will make some plays, but we will get some sacks and an INT off of pressure. That will be the difference and Falcons win, 20-17
  3. I guess I’m looking at it like, “we have 3 first rounders and I think 2 third rounders, so O-line shouldn’t be our concern.” Yet here we are
  4. Good lord, I pray he is. He was an O-Lineman, so he knows what it takes. I’m confident we will have a good O-line…it just may take a few years to get there.
  5. Agreed. No need to panic. regarding QB… open question, do we really need 3 QB’s? I mean if we lose QB’s, and unless Kurt Warner is our 3rd QB, isn’t our season done anyway? Maybe we use the 3rd QB spot to carry another O-Lineman, that can help prevent the need to have a 3rd QB. Just asking.
  6. Two games into three preseason games, I think we’ve learned most of what we wanted to learn… Head Coach - I’ve seen him make some great decisions, and that’s what wanted to learn. He looked at the team, knew we didn’t have much depth and decided to use preseason to see what his non-starters look like against NFL starters. Be it good, bad or ugly, we now know. The second part of this decision was preserving his starters. He knows MR2, Ridley, KP8 and others are starters, so why risk losing them? What would he learn? Nothing. I also saw our HC manage the clock leading Into halftime against Miami, better than our last coach did in most any game during his tenure. It’s preseason, so it would have been fine to say “screw it,” let’s see what our QB can do, but the fact he realized “nothing good is going to happen here,” and ran the ball, burned the clock down to 30 seconds and gave Miami about 20 seconds with the ball, told me we shouldn’t lose games due to a lack of basic mathematical skills related to clock management. Depth: We may not lose due to poor clock management, we may lose some due to lack of depth. AB should file a lawsuit claiming negligence on TD for his incompetence. Not only do we have no depth, but we also have no cap space to try to fix it. I predict we will be picking up some O-linemen that are cut from other teams. Our second string o-line looks like they were trained at the Chick-fil-a drive-thru. Defense - we’ve seen more pressure from out second team D in preseason, then we saw all last year. This is motivating and I think we are going enjoy watching our D this year. I won’t say they will be great, but it will at least be a good aggressive fight. Dean Pees is the real deal and our D will improve. The Turk - I think there will be a lot of cuts. I don’t see AS as a guy who keeps guys around just because he drafted them or they volunteer in the community. I think he’ll evaluate, cut, bring in someone else to try out. stay healthy Falcons
  7. Unfortunately TD was not good at drafting (or FA) linemen. I’m hopeful an O-line HC has brought in a great O-line coach to develop these young bucks.
  8. Nothing but respect. Spent a lot of time in my 20’s in the APAC love the women and the culture.
  9. The search continues. It’s been a while since Blank dismissed Reeves, the first coach to get Atlanta to the SB. It took him 4 more coaches to get Atlanta back to a SB, and now we try again. Given past performance on coaches under AB (Mora, Purina, M Smith, DQ), excuse me for not being excited to be going back to the stock room at Home Depot. I don’t expect to have a great season in 2021, I’ll be ok with a good season, but I do think it will be an interesting season. interesting because when I listen to A Smith and D Pees, I hear interesting things. Primarily that they are not ‘system’ guys. Specifically, that they fit a scheme to the players. I like that idea. We all learned as infants, that square peg won’t fit in the round hole. On defense, I like that he attacks. An offensive minded defense. Dictate the game to the offense. Make them think, make them guess, but always surprise them. It will be interesting to watch and see how it develops. I’m sure we’ll get burned a few times, but at least we aren’t just sitting back and reacting to 5, 7 and 12 yard passes. On offense, I hear people putting A Smith into a hole of “he’s a big back guy. He’s a run game guy. Look at Derick Henry.” I think this is false. I think he uses what he has. He had DH, so he used him well. In Atlanta, he will have something different and he will use it. Most would say our RB are our weakest link on offense, how will we run the ball? Maybe we won’t (much). Maybe A Smith has other plans to use what we have. MR2 can still deliver the ball, we’ve got more TE talent than an all Asian strip club, Ridley can be a #1 WR and hopefully our O-line improves….remember A Smith was an O Lineman. He understands what is needed on the O Line. I think he develops O line this year and next off season, then brings in a RB. I don’t know if we’ll have a great or even a good season, but I can’t wait for it to start because I know it will be very interesting. Go Falcons!
  10. hrrrrmmmm.... Schraeder was good for 1 year, then collapsed. if that's a win, then so be it, but I call it luck. There are a few busts in rounds 1-2, but mostly, these guys are starters in the NFL for several years. GM's have to hit on rounds 3-5 or they are not good GM's. TD got one or two in those rounds and had several round 1-2 busts. IF you are a fan of TD, good for you. No offense, but I'm not a fan. I think he was terrible over the long haul. Just look at the cap **** we are in now to prove the point.
  11. Will the O-Line get better enough to control the game? Will the D-Line still have no pass rush? Will Q Ollison emerge as a decent RB who picks up the hard yards? Will our DB's get burned all year? Will our WR/TE continue to be our main offense and finally allow us to get into the Endzone?
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