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  1. I hate to see the Falcon's lose, but we also know the rebuild is needed and a higher draft pick 'could' make a big difference for the next several years. The Trenches I was never a fan of our GM and over the years became convinced he didn't understand football and the importance of the trenches. The game yesterday along with most of the games this season showed just that. With all the first round offensive line talent, how can we not open a hole and run the football? Where is Hennessy? Wasn't he a first or second rounder? Don't you expect most draft picks at that level to be st
  2. This is probably the biggest change we've seen since when AB first bought the team. I was glad to see TD go and likewise DQ at this point. I'd like to see McKay go also, but guess that isn't happening... so what next? GM - In horse racing they call them horse men. They are trainers who can look at a horse, how he stands, muscle structure and tell you if he can compete to be a champion. forget the **** pressure plate and all this other crap that doesn't measure heart, soul and desire. When you give up leads or let down when you have a lead, it's not about talent, it's about atti
  3. Fair point, but I'm not sure you can make a valid argument on game long stats in the preseason. We all know our 2nd round CB got burned, then used as a charcoal briquette before getting tossed in the ash pile. on run offense out first string only ran like 3 or 4 times and yes they have work to do.
  4. Box of Chocolates You just never know what you're gonna get with a new HC. With Arthur Blank, we've seen the only coach that took us to the SB fired, a guy hired who walked out before the season was over, a Rah-Rah coach and a coach was was deemed too even keeled with no energy. Now we have DJ DQ, so excuse me if I don't hold my breath in excitement and anticipation. That said, I really don't care if he has his own personal DJ or if he whispers sweet nothings in the earhole of the players helmets... I just wanna pull that piece out of the box that is the chocolate truffle that melts in you
  5. Wha-da-ya-do? Do da' Bird! Old School, that's right...
  6. I can believe it. Blank is creating a "corporate culture" with layers of managers where everyone can kill an idea, but nobody can follow-through with an idea. We need someone who can evaluate talent. Some people can look at someone and say "he can play." Some people can't do that.
  7. You most likely know all these things, but it's always fun to beat that dead horse. 1. 3rd and 1, Run! - How many 3rd and 1's have the Falcons had in the past 5 years that we couldn't man-up, run the ball and get a single yard. I saw the playoff teams all line-up and pound it to get that 1 yard when needed. 2. Pressure - The teams that won this weekend all seemed to be able to get pressure on the QB with 4 and sometimes 3 guys. 3. Pounding the Rock - It may be a passing league, but all of the teams this weekend could and did pound the rock. Even though Carolina held Lynch in check, they
  8. GREAT post! Thanks for pulling all that together. It answers a lot of questions.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Good insight into what we assumed was the situation.
  10. He took us with the team Reeves was rebuilding.
  11. Ya, I said Blank didn't think he was good, hence he fired him. I could take him or leave him. He was our most winning coach.
  12. Like I said initially, I could take or leave him. I believe I am correct in saying he won more games for the Falcons than any other coach over his 5 years. I believe he would have gotten us back to winning, but I don't know if he was "the" coach... so I am ok with him going also. Just sayin' Thanks man!
  13. Good info and very believable. Again this goes to the Corp Culture rather than a 'leadership' culture where someone is in charge and they make decisions. I have no doubt that Blank makes "strong suggestions" on players. Look at his history... I can't recall the LT he brought in his first year, but that was a bad deal. Then he brought in a 'star' WR by the name of Peerless Price. I'm sure there have been many others.
  14. Just had to vent a bit. Smitty: I'm not worried about Smitty. I would have been fine with him staying and I'm fine with him going. I think the team showed a lot of grit over the past two seasons despite a lot of bad situations. I think Smitty did the best job he could and if that wasn't good enough then that's how it goes. He was paid well and I think he's a good coach and I'm sure he will land in a good situation someplace. Best of wishes to him. TD: I can't believe he is still here. I do hope he gets the axe. As I look at our team, It seems like he has built a 'fantasy' team with a QB
  15. I think the #5/#1 was a true mis-speak. Kurt made his case very well. Also, I love watching his segments. He really doesn't seem to have an agenda like many. He looks and says what he sees. I was happy when he got nominated for HOF. I think he's a true class act and despite all his success is a humble and genuine person. BTW, I still remember when he hit the league. The rams were in our division (celler dwellers) and we had just gone to the SB(and lost). I was looking at the schedule and when their starting QB when down I was like "ok there is two wins" and then Kurt comes in and just
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