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  1. 1 minute ago, Cheyakita said:

    And who hired Shanahan? Totally get frustration but you still need to respect the people who got you where you were.

    Hiring a good coach does not buy you as much respect in my book as it does yours. I wish Quinn well, somewhere else, this franchise and fanbase has been put through enough.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Cheyakita said:

    Personally I don’t have an issue with this, what’s the difference in firing him now or end of the season? This team isn’t going anywhere this season as it appears but the man did take us to the Super Bowl. There is respect and loyalty from AB to DQ to finish the season and who knows what happens. It’ll take a miracle to keep his job but with incompetence we’ve seen at least we should have a shot at a top 3 pick!

    Kyle Shanahan and his offensive staff took us to the Superbowl...

  3. I'm sick of this team being unprepared, get rid of Quinn today, he's making the team, fans and Mr. Blank look like fools! No wonder no one ever takes this team seriously.

    Shanahan's offense is the only reason this team made the Super Bowl on Quinn's watch.

  4. I hope responsible fiscal decisions are made at all positions so we can continue to re-sign the talent we have begun to assemble, I like the idea of using Tru's contract to pay money now and not defer to the future when our young guys will command good new contracts.

    I think we finally have a front office that knows what they are doing....Mr. Blank assembled a top notch team to make the tough calls.

    In Blank I trust!

  5. Shameful loss

    I have no idea how I can ever get excited about this team again, I won't switch to another team but this was the worst loss in the history of football.....Preseason...Regular season....Playoffs and Super Bowl... Worst loss in the history of football...

    F U Kyle for not running 3 times and kicking the field goal thereby winning the freaking game.


  6. It's payday Friday so I just sent in my $20.23.... This is a great way to support charity and show love to Mike Smith who has earned our respect so very many times over! Let's all have Coach Smiths back!!

    Can you imagine for just a moment how what we are doing must piss off DHall in the worst way, I am sure he will never admit that. But come on....this is eating him up...

    Three main things we are accomplishing here:

    1. Helping Charity

    2. Showing our coach uncommon loyalty

    3. Slapping DHall in his face

    Talk about value for your money!! Best $20.23 I ever spent!

    One last thought for DHall..... Anoha....watch the pro bowl on tv sucker!

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