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  1. Hiring a good coach does not buy you as much respect in my book as it does yours. I wish Quinn well, somewhere else, this franchise and fanbase has been put through enough.
  2. Kyle Shanahan and his offensive staff took us to the Superbowl...
  3. And the playlist at practice was lit!!
  4. At least I started Deshaun Watson in my fantasy league!
  5. Falcons coaches?? Frog March the whole lot of them the **** outta the building. Blank could give a ****, he gets fat paid to own this crappy franchise, he's as bad as the Smith's were.
  6. I'm sick of this team being unprepared, get rid of Quinn today, he's making the team, fans and Mr. Blank look like fools! No wonder no one ever takes this team seriously. Shanahan's offense is the only reason this team made the Super Bowl on Quinn's watch.
  7. I respect everyone's opinion, here's mine, I watched Chuck play for this team, he was a great player that brought it, to me, he's Falcon's royalty and there is no way training with him could do anything but good.
  8. Just wanted to to add that the aints suck and F them....