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  1. Mercedes Benz dome was built for Atlanta United **** the falcons.
  2. I was talking more generally like over the years.
  3. Quinn and Dimitroff just cant get pass rushers here. They cant draft them and they don't want to sign/trade for them. Without a pass rush our D will always be average even with decency in the form of DJ or Neal. Pass rushers are whats going to take us to the next level. Without them we are average. Quinn and Dimitroff havent been able to get passrushers here for 4 years another year wont do anything but waste Ryan n Julio's window.
  4. I'm rooting for us to lose the rest of the way now. Whats The point of 8-8 or 7-9? The worst thing that can happen is for this team to show it has a pulse only for us to end up in this very same position next year. Quinn and Dimitroff are bums. Dimitroff will NEVER be a GM anywhere else and Quinn will be in coordinator/consultant purgatory for many years before he gets another head coaching job if at all. I want to see blowout losses in front of an empty dome so we can find out once and for if AB is just another Rankin Smith.
  5. Mike Smith and Jim Mora were better against the AFC with far less talent.
  6. Smart hasnt beaten Saban either.
  7. Saban, Bama is already a tumor in his brain, if not before then definitely now, and rightly so. When Saban makes adjustments, Kirby is busy fighting not to lose and just being plain stubborn and stupid.
  8. Richt never quite mastered the art of the second half meltdown like Smart. Like I said, if there was a playoff system in 2002, maybe Richt has a natty.
  9. Stop dreaming. It would be a farce to have us in over Oklahoma. We needed Oklahoma, Ohio State and Clemson to lose for us to get in with a loss.
  10. Richt made it to 5 Sec title games dumbo.
  11. When Richt lost it was due to poor planning and at times inferior athletes, but ive never seen a bigger coaching deficit in big games especially in the second half than now under Smart. This is who he is. This is who we are. From The Fields, Fromm nonsense to refusing to feed Swift in the second half to refusing to throw the ball downfield on passing downs to refusing to rush the Hurts in the 4th. If we've learnt anything from the LSU game its that this man is as stubborn as a mule. This is who Kirby smart is, he gets tight in the big games and plays not to lose. Richt was vastly outcoached at times but he was never as timid and he let loose for 4 quarters no matter the opposition, win or lose. I don't even blame the fake punt because the D was never going to get a stop anyway. I am not calling for Smarts job but I think he's Harbaugh and Saban is Meyer. Even when the athletes are similar, the deficit in coaching will always be insurmountable thus we will lose. We may have to live with this. Lets also remember Richt never had the benefit of a playoff system. We wouldve been in the playoffs for national championship In 2002 and maybe 2005. I know....coulda shoulda woulda but I'm thinking Kirby ain't that much of an upgrade over Richt. He was hired to get us over and he just cant get it done no matter what kind of talent he has at his disposal. Speaking of playoffs so much for all that talk of expanding the field until this scenario pops up again. We came to Atlanta and lost to Bama just like we were supposed to. All is well in the world. Rant over. I feel better now.
  12. If there's anything we've learned from these chokes its that championships are won in the second half. Championship coaches like Belichick and Saban know how to make adjustments. We lose because we are always vastly inferior on the coaching front.
  13. Fromm needs to snap this ball with 1 or 2 secs lefr
  14. Total meltdown coming. This is us.
  15. Mel Tucker needs to **** off to Colorado