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  1. You can add Matt Stafford to that list.
  2. You can add Matt Stafford to that list.
  3. Fish start rotting at the head. Blanks decision to stick with Quinn shows how out of touch he is with both the fans and what it takes to win a championship. He is a part of the problem now.
  4. Isn't he the highest paid player on our D?
  5. Like I said in the title, Koetter is the least of our problems ditto for Matt Ryan and the O.That's not to say Koetter is perfect, far from it. I have my criticisms of Matt Ryan as well, but I've kept my mouth shut about him on the back his last 2 performances.
  6. I've never wanted to bad mouth Bryant but he's a fat ****. This is what you get for calling guys off the buffett line.
  7. Fast starts? We scored a TD on our first possession. Doesn't get much faster than that.
  8. Its pretty obvious what needs to happen. Fire DQ and TD. Hand over the reigns to Koetter and if he passes muster, give him the job.
  9. Matt has not played this well since Shanahan was calling the plays. So if we are saying that Matt is reliant on good coaching we should give Koetter his props for what we are seeing, which is quite an improvement from Sark.
  10. Koetter is a good OC. He is light years better than Sark. He is scheming players open and getting the ball out if Ryan's hands quickly. Fire Quinn and put Koetter as interim. FIre Dimitroff as well.
  11. *Sigh* Putting everything in perspective, we weren't expecting to win the east this year. It doesn't take the pain of this loss away, but let's put the whole season in perspective. Next year we will expect them to build and improve on this year and it is then that they'll really dissappoint.
  12. Forget the redzone we can't line up and convert a 3rd or 4th and 1 yet we're paying our RB $9 million a year.
  13. I knew in 2017 it was a mistake paying Free. $9 million we are paying Free this year, yet we can't line up on 3rd or 4th and 1 and pick up a first. That's a collosal waste. Get rid of Free.