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  1. He had like 5 straight 3 and outs. Couldn't get a first down if his life depended on it.
  2. Arthur Blank has just shown why he will never win a superbowl. Content with mediocrity and failure. Another year of prime Julio will be wasted and we can already see Matt Ryan declining. Defense will be mediocre next year again and with Dimitroff still gm no talent brought in to compete. Scared to splash on free agents and inept at drafting defensive talent. What a meme this organisation is becoming and it starts at the top with Blankenfein.
  3. 2nd and 3rd strings have come in and worked wonders for Florida and Baylor. What have we got to lose at this point???
  4. I feel this Fromm's confidence is highly dependent on WRs making plays, which is why that first play drop was so aggravating. Fromm is extremely streaky, like a slightly upgraded version off Greyson Lambert.
  5. Fromm too streaky but came through on that drive.
  6. Hand it to Swift here please. Maybe mix in a screen.
  7. Fromm is done. He can't complete short passes, he can't complete long passes. Bench him.
  8. The next step will be to pay players directly. Players are an essential part of a billion dollar generating enterprise. They deserve to get paid for their labor.
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