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  1. Have let a few people know what I'm using. I am at this moment able to watch every single game that's on in hd..
  2. Ok, I work from 2pm til 10pm but I will let you know, trust me you won't be disappointed
  3. No pms so guess no interest. Would love to help my fellow falcon fans with the sane set up that I have. 20$ a month cable quality streams and over 500 channels...
  4. I have the best deal for you guys, 20 bucks a month, 55 for 3 month or 110 for 12 months..over 500 channels, looks like you are watching me after 10pm if interested...very easy for guys with firestick
  5. Worrilow is our worse lb by far!!! To say Reynolds is worse is laughable. Also, Reynolds isn't on the field nearly as much as worrilow. Worrilow should NEVER see the field other than special team
  6. Wouldn't we get the higher seed remaining?
  7. I'm wondering how many "firsts" the Rams offense will have today...first time scoring, first time not punting, first time with x amount of yards...etc