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  1. Is this the drive that we get the usual interception?? Or will it be 2 back to back sacks?
  2. How can you be blocked in the back into the receiver and get called for hitting that said receiver??!!! Someone please make it make sense
  3. We have had absolutely no adjustments this half!!!! Pathetic!!
  4. Do we ever double the other team’s top receiver the way teams double Julio??!!!
  5. Just look at their route concepts in relation to ours!!! This season can’t end soon enough for me
  6. Are we just fricking scared of the Aints or what??!!! This is getting ridiculous!!!
  7. We have to be the only team in the league that doesn’t go for the kill in the first play after a turnover
  8. You guys are amazing!! No one wants to point out a wide open Ridley there that was missed?? That happens every game where a wide open receiver is missed and we have to settle for 3
  9. Know y’all don’t like to hear it, but we really do need a new, you get QB. Someone a bite more mobile and better arm strength. Ryan gets sacked a time or two and he gets happy feet every single time!
  10. Why in the **** is Senat a healthy scratch every other week??!! When he does get to play, we see him making an impact, same with Means most of the time. This is just pathetic
  11. Why aren’t we looking at bringing in Eric Reid???!!! With all the injuries we have, he would be a great fit! This team’s decisions are mind boggling
  12. Why has no one mentioned Eric Reid?? He called out for the Panties and he could definitely Italy help us!!!
  13. Yea I know!!! Looks like it was a fake Dled account on Twitter
  14. BREAKING: Details have been finalized between the Vikings and Falcons in two-team mega trade. Minnesota sending Stefon Diggs, Dalvin Cook and 2020 fourth rounder to Atlanta for Julio Jones, Ito Smith Jr and the Falcons’ 2020 first round draft pick. More to come. #NFL
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