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  1. Why has no one mentioned Eric Reid?? He called out for the Panties and he could definitely Italy help us!!!
  2. Yea I know!!! Looks like it was a fake Dled account on Twitter
  3. BREAKING: Details have been finalized between the Vikings and Falcons in two-team mega trade. Minnesota sending Stefon Diggs, Dalvin Cook and 2020 fourth rounder to Atlanta for Julio Jones, Ito Smith Jr and the Falcons’ 2020 first round draft pick. More to come. #NFL
  4. People here will place the blame every where except on Matt Ryan no matter what!! If he throws a pick, it’s the receiver’s fault. If he fumbles he was just being gutsy. Get us a mobile qb in here that doesn’t look like Eli Manning’s twin
  5. And Koetter sorry *** didn’t chip Jordan, didn’t run 3 step drops etc... just pitiful!! And we need a more mobile qb, point blank
  6. Are you serious??!! Are you so far up in Matt Ryan’s *** that you would try to defend him not even throwing the ball away??!! Wow!! The excuses some of you fans make for Matt Ryan is nauseating
  7. That’s about the stupidest **** I have ever heard!!! If that’s the case, then throw the ball out of bounds!!
  8. I guess that’s Ridley’s or the o-lines fault according to most on here!!
  9. I been saying it but the Ryan apologists will swear he has done nothing wrong!!
  10. I never said Schaub was great in the pocket but I said he is more comfortable in the pocket than Ryan!! You guys act like Schaub didn’t throw any deep passes when he played, which we all know is a lie!! As soon as Matt Ryan feels the pocket collapsing, he panics
  11. Y’all make excuse after excuse for Mart Ryan straight sucking!!! Matt Schaub wasn’t scared as soon as the pocket started collapsing!!!
  12. Ryan reminds me of Eli Manning, just a touch and they fall. It’s sad but Matt Schaub actually looks more comfortable in the pocket than Matt Ryan
  13. That’s what he always do, so the nut huggers can point to stats!! Excuse after excuse, they were in his face, etc
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