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  1. I ma not impressed with this win. If the Panthers had a more experienced staff this game would have been over in the third quarter. Run the ball......all they had to do was run the ball. This team will get embarrased in the playoffs.
  2. To the OP......Cam will light this sorry secondary up. Will Grimes and Hayden be back? If not it's toast time.....
  3. Why give false hope? 8 straight? Please take a look at the teams we would have to defeat to win 8 straight games. Which one of those coaching staffs could this coaching staff out coach?
  4. Couldn't it be that Ryan is just an averge QB? But shouldn't an average Qb be able to complete a 40 yd pass more than 40% of the time?
  5. To the OP.....are you serious with this post? Really????
  6. Yes this is a must win......if we don't win this game we could very well finish 9-7. We still may be able to get in but would need Chicago to lose three out of the next four and the Giants to lose at least two more games. I don't think we win in New Orleans. They are really tough in their bldg, like we are tough in ours.
  7. A very good team? I disagree. A very good team isn't undisciplined. So call it what is it. An average team at best. If this team happens to make the playoffs, who will they beat? Cowboys? No, won't get to face them. SF? No we won't get to face them. Green bay? No we won't get to face them. New Orleans? We will get to face this team. At their place. Can we beat them? Yes we can. Any given Sunday....but not that Sunday.
  8. Until people see that we are an average football team, they will waste too much emotional energy on this team. The Qb for starters is an intermediate throwing QB. Anything beyond 30 yards is really really pushing it. You can't go far with a one dimesional QB. One that can't complete a pass beyond 30 yards. He doesn't have the physical acumen to run for 10 yards withouth sliding before he gets to the 9th yard. Disgusting....A defensive backfield with the best corner all of 5'7" ( a **** good 5' 7" I might add )with the rest being average on the BEST day. I could go on but I won't waste my time.
  9. The Carolina Game is a must win. With Grimes ana Haden out We are in trouble. You guys scoff at Cam all you want. Dude will light us up.
  10. You have the Falcons much too high. Why show blatant homerism? People will not take you seriously. I definately don't.
  11. We only heard him because the Dome was empty and quite. Any other time we would'nt be able to hear squat because of the dumb fans here in ATL. They cheer when they arn't supposed to and don't cheer when they are supposed to.
  12. Will this produce a playoff win????? You guys kill me with this stat bull_ _ _ _.
  13. 0-2.......the most important stat. This is how QB are really measured. You all know what I am talking about.
  14. First mistake....never underestimate you opponent. This is still the NFL.
  15. If Mr Blank doesn't someone else will. D Robinson is robbing Mr. Blank
  16. One of the problems is relying on a end of his career TE and a one trick used up pony ( RB ). Some people seem to think those two components of this offense is still viable. They are not.
  17. I agree with the OP. Turner is a liability in the passing game. One trick pony and that one trick has been revealed. Teams are going to start stacking the box when he is in the game and count on the fact that Ryan can't beat them deep. They will squat on those short routes and either break the pass up or not allow YAC yards.
  18. You may as well change it now. What makes you think that this team can go into Detroit and win? Really. What the h...e...l...l...have you seen that makes your fingers type that???????
  19. All this wishful thnking. People give it up. You know deep down the Packers are going to put it on our team. Just like that last time.
  20. To those who think we will win this game. I ask this. What have you seen from this team that results in the conclusions you have come to? I understand " Any Given Sunday " but this isn't one of those Sundays. I would be surprised if the Falcons keep the point difference under 10 points.
  21. Here is a stat for you......#1 seed......home field advantage throughout....game over by halftime.....due to being embarrased by a wild card team with half of its starting roster on IR.
  22. 11 wins? That means we only lose three more times. We play an awful lot of tough teams this year.
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