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  1. **** no. If he were anything close to Hines, Jenkins would be where Meier is.
  2. I have to work on the 4th. WTH???

  3. Please......Close wins are good when they are earned, not handed to you....Well that San Fran win, they had to drive it back down the field, so yes......Be excited...very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. None of them. How bout they pay a couple bills first then the appreciation will come.
  5. But you aren't playing in the game. Ask the coaches and they will tell you they would rather play them without Hillis...
  6. He will last long enough to put the Eagles in contention. We had better hope he is still injured when we play them. At least I do.
  7. You forget that Roddy and Jenkins were very young players at that time also. They were not the veterans they are today.
  8. It helps when the other team doesn't learn from the past ......
  9. This is tooo funny.....I can hear him saying that in my head.....Nate Clemmons!!!!!!!! Give that ******* ball back to the Falcons!!!!!!
  10. Ryan threw a horrible pick in crunch time. Had the Db that caught the pick not lost his mind, Ryan would be in full crucified mode right now. However, it didn't turn out that way which is very good for our QB.
  11. It's because the 49ers lost the game, we didn't win it. Too bad the DB wasn't thinking team when he got the pick.
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