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  1. Man to Man D is predicated on the D-Line creating pressure without exotic blitz packages. At least i thought that was the idea.
  2. I'm not an expert I this but I've been a Falcon fan since Alfred Jenkins and company. I honestly think that this might be the best draft in Falcon history. I've never been so excited about unproven players but I think we might be on to something here. Grady Jarrett in the late rounds??? In the past, that pick would have been ummmmmm some unknown from UConn. Im hyped. Let's go Falcons!!!!!
  3. Beat Baker for a starting spot and then I'll be on the Holmes bandwagon. Until then, whatever
  4. I did. Love this NFL Redzone. That was piss poor.
  5. what's best?? fanduel or draft kings???
  6. My boy John Michaels is coming along for the ride too. 92.9 is teaming up with 790 the zone to broadcast the Falcon games.
  7. He'd look great in a Subway uni. He could work with me. I'd show him how to properly make a foot long Cold Cut Combo.
  8. T dont need a possession receiver at TE. We dont need Reggie Kelly to some in and miss block after block. You might dismiss this post as rhetoric but we will never be a superior team until we address every position. The main position is TE. Hope we can get Dwayne Allen or Orson Charles to fall into our laps in the 2nd round.
  9. As long as we can get a quality TE, im good. I like the TE from Clemson and the one from Auburn. Mel Kiper lite, i know.
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