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  1. I make the schedules for local bars so they know what games are local and where they are on Sunday Ticket. Harrisburg, PA is about to have a MELTDOWN, due to the Ravens being on instead of the Steelers. Good for the bars, though!
  2. Sunday games all have the same ads in pretty much the same order. Only difference is one set is on FOX and another set is on CBS. If this hypothesis was even remotely true, the Broncos would have been undefeated on their way to 20 Super Bowl wins by Coors Light alone (pre-merger).
  3. Not sure who said that but I am fairly sure nobody expected it to happen overnight. Things in pro sports take time.
  4. Parcells is 80 years old and Cowher has zero interest in coaching. Also, you don't want either of these guys coaching in the modern NFL.
  5. I have a Sunday wedding to go to. Starts at 4pm. All of this is ********. I'll be "that guy" with my phone watching the game. UGH.
  6. Keep in mind that this is also an extra game on the Sunday Ticket.
  7. Any time a game other than the Falcons are on, this board should shut down. Every rube wants whatever guy does well on their local TV station and feels the need to post about it.
  8. I may have missed it, but did anyone say Mike Kenn? Ryan, Kenn, Nobis, Jones seems about right.
  9. I think the offense will be really good. The defense? Remains to be seen what Pees can do with our not-so-great crew.
  10. If it is on a local channel, it won't be on the Ticket. This is my situation this week since the Eagles will be on the local FOX channel.
  11. Yeah...not sure how Amazon doesn't scoop that up. They have already gotten their foot in the door with the Thursday Night games.
  12. Not Week 1. It's always a full slate on both networks.
  13. I have used those for Hawks games in the past. The streams are usually so wonky. If you have a better way, I am all ears.
  14. I just login to my dad's comcast account on FOX and Paramount apps. Then on Android, I use a GPS app (it's in the app store) to drop a pin in ATL. The apps then consider ATL local for me. Cast it to the TV. Done. (I do still subscribe to NFL Ticket Online, just in case).
  15. This is exactly what I do. I just stand at the open rail in the 200 level in the one end zone. Bar, bathrooms and food all within a few feet.
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