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  1. I still text a "Happy Birthday" to my long term (1yr+) exes and talk with a few of them. They are all really good people.
  2. I see we have reached the "3-4 vs 4-3" point of the offseason.
  3. Every win makes me happy. So I guess my minimum is 1.
  4. Could you imagine this coming at you high on coke?
  5. We need to put a helmet on you and just walk up and say "WOW..ugly hat!"
  6. Um...I'll let YOU tell him that.
  7. "Hey you should try to get that guy" is WAY different from "You cannot trade/cut that guy".
  8. I will say this is a nice break from: May: Our schedule is BRUTAL Heading into playoffs: We didn't beat anybody.
  9. 1. Basing this off last year is silly. 2. We have 7 home games in a 17 game season. That's a tremendous amount of #######.
  10. Oh god please no. I can't take any more of feeling vicarious pain through those videos.
  11. Dominique Davis sighting. I remember those good old days when posters here insisted he was a better QB and we would regret letting him go. Fun times.
  12. My second Vax shot is Monday. I will shoot you a text super soon!
  13. I been here since 1998! Still doing yearly MBGTs with Shiney! ...**** I am old.
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