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  1. Hopefully we can get Favre to come back and take a dive so he can break the record.
  2. Olive Garden.
  3. Couldn't get through Tiger King. i have little patience for people who embrace being hayseeds.
  4. How can you argue for "cap space" and all these players at the same time with a straight face?
  5. Stopped reading at "TUFF INSIDE".
  6. Just went into wrong coverage. It happens.
  7. If the XFL remains afloat (good chance since it is way better than the first time...counterpoint: quarantine), it could really be an interesting pool of depth guys and hidden gems.
  8. CTRL+F "upgrade" = Your post and someone who quoted your post. Nobody called this an upgrade over anything but you.
  9. Kudos on putting the information in the headline. I'm not even being sarcastic.
  10. Today I learned: Michigan is "East Coast".
  11. Love how people try to spin this into some kind of failed signing. You need players to fill a roster. Not all of them will be some stud. The majority of players in the NFL are "just a guy".