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  1. Jamal Anderson (RB) came on here around the time of his holdout and went nuclear on the board.
  2. I never understand this line of thinking. Fans don't get a ring. They get to say guys they watch on TV get a ring.
  3. I am genetically engineered to hate Panthers fans, but **** the one we have here makes it tough.
  4. The good news with that is that they have turned the draft into a solution rather than a gamble. One or two picks is ok to take a chance, but every guy we draft now I feel is going to help. Far cry from the last coaching staff.
  5. First team offense looked pretty much exactly the same as last year. I think it's a non-issue.
  6. Yeah Janikowski has had a rough career.
  7. There's a lot wrong with this reasoning. Baseball is an individual sport. Football depends on 11 people doing separate jobs. Baseball's offense is one guy at a time.
  8. So many horrible takes in here. As per usual.
  9. Counterpoint: Who gives a ****?
  10. Lots and lots of terrible opinions in here.
  11. How can people stand to use Kodi? Every stream looks like garbage.
  12. DTV offered me 30% off the Ticket. Still not worth it this season.
  13. If they don't give me a deal I am skipping it. $375 for seven or eight games just isn't worth it.