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  1. Why do you even continue to live? If life is this miserable why continue?
  2. Someone explain to me how their life will be better because the people on TV won a Super Bowl.
  3. **** him.
  4. This is pretty much why the boards are horrible. Just a bunch of nonsense and self loathing.
  5. Which has literally ZERO to do with the offense.
  6. I just said he had talent and it showed. We saw what he could do and it was really good. And seriously..."bust"? Save that crap for the top 10 picks. The draft is not a sure thing. Ever. He made bad life choices. You can't measure that.
  7. You assume way too much about his meds. It's not like Pac Man where you take a power pellet and you become awesome. Preseason evaluations are for fringe roster guys. It's the lazy fans that say Schaub should start because of preseason. Let it go. The kid flashed amazing talent last season.
  8. Preseason means exactly ****. He killed it last year. The talent is there.
  9. They had the LBs in a lot of Zone with DBs in man. It worked very well.
  10. Considering the wind chill was -20 last week, this is tropical conditions.
  11. I live an hour from Philadelphia (Harrisburg) and today I tuned down tickets to the game ($300, 5th row end zone). That said I have a hook up if anyone wants to go.
  12. Wins are the worst thing that can happen to people around here. Every day when I come in to check what's going on I say to myself "Let's see what's happening in the 'Pit of Despair'".
  13. It is FAR closer to high school than it is to pro.
  14. I've been to Philadelphia stadiums hundreds of times in opposing jerseys. Good humor gets you by. Only people who ever have problems are idiots who have to act all tough. Just be cool.