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  1. We really need to retire this lame cliche.
  2. Deep dish pizza is nonsensical. Chicago is full of ****.
  3. This place gets so weird with some players. "He's no Kelce." Yeah no ****. Not every player has to be the best in the word to be worth it. Hooper is one of the top at his position. Some players are just really good without being a freak show. He is a very good TE, works hard and is by all accounts a really good guy/teammate. They clearly had a backup plan and if we get even production (or better) it will have paid off. Everyone wins.
  4. One hit turned Antonio Brown into an insane person.
  5. You know Coors has crossed the Mississippi, right?
  6. And safe to say that's not a truck you're taking a 4 hour drive in.
  7. I'm not saying people can't just take a left turn, but these factors can't be discounted. But when someone goes off the rails in their 40s or 50s instead of at a younger age, I'd say it has to be in the discussion.
  8. If you have ever played CB for the Falcons, someone will eventually mention you playing at safety.
  9. Falcons Fans: We are having a great off-season! We all agree! Football gods/NFL: Season canceled.
  10. I'd pay good money for this thing to never air again. People make way too big a deal out of it.
  11. Because people are all built differently. Some guys are forced to retire in their 20s. Some guys are Junior Seau. Some guys don't show major signs.
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