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  1. This board told me it was fixed for the Saints. I demand my money back.
  2. Like the refs never did them any favors. Stop this nonsense. It always evens out.
  3. Only way he got on the field.
  4. This should be moved.
  5. That was quite satisfying.
  6. Not sure they really wanted it to stop there.
  7. Was going to be 2 yards. Who cares?
  8. Bringing in Gurley to block is a head scratcher.
  9. Fairly sure you're not in New Orleans.
  10. Because you can realistically judge a crowd through a TV.
  11. Gurley's demotion is so awesome.
  12. Fairly sure that's true for every pass ever thrown.
  13. Stealing a car in this day and age seems silly considering all the smart electronics in them. Of course, being able to say you stole Calvin Ridley's car is a fun story.
  14. This is just so untrue.