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  1. They aren't bringing him back as HC. Not with flavor of the month Bienemy out there.
  2. Looks like there was no other move. Must have had an open spot.
  3. We kept Roddy White through his last three trash seasons. And his first two.
  4. I went to a Pappy food pairing the other night. 12 year, 15, 20 and 23 samples with food pairings. It was glorious.
  5. PLCB sends out a press release. You go to the site and pick which ones you want to get in for. You can win more than one, but if you decide you don't want one, you have to act fast and it will go to the next guy, otherwise they charge you and ship it. There was a $2,000 bottle in this year. Eagle Rare Double Eagle I think. I won Pappy 12 Year a couple years ago as well. Opened that when I moved into my house. Have not opened this one yet, but if the Falcs win on Sunday...it's likely to happen. Edit: I am going disc golfing Saturday morning with the only two people I know who wi
  6. Pennsylvania liquor stores are state run. When rare stuff comes in, they hold lotteries for the right to buy stuff. I entered seven and won one this last time. Landed a bottle of William Larue Weller 134.5 proof. Arrived today via UPS.
  7. Dude is a total scumbag and also a career college guy. No.
  8. AFMB: The schedule is brutal. AFMB if Falcons win: Yeah, but the other team was missing ___________ . AFMB if Falcons lose: NO EXCUSES. LACK OF DEPTH. FIRE EVERYONE. Around here it seems excuses work for every team except the home team. You can't have it both ways.
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