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  1. Real fans realize they have no say in the matter.
  2. Preseason means nothing.
  3. Please do. Deion is an idiot.
  4. Rest of the season off (possibly), injury free and top 5 NFL rookie contract? Find me a downside here.
  5. HOLY **** IT'S JAMES STAMMER! Man, you know it's a weird season when Stammer pops up from outta nowhere! Welcome back, buddy!
  6. Some people don't want to watch future accountants play football. College stinks.
  7. Good. The less Cam the better.
  8. What's the record for most punters in a season?
  9. 11 points.
  10. Listening to the fans and bringing Bryant back.
  11. Thought this was going to be about the Browns.
  12. We found Rex Ryan's alt account.