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  1. Uh...no. Falcons used it with Tim Dwight in 1998. He just had to go to 'Plan B'.
  2. Fun fact: When my mom was pregnant with me my parents lived in an apartment in Norwich, NY. The guy who animated the Frito Bandito commercial lived in the apartment below us.
  4. Double digit wins four years in a row seems pretty healthy.
  5. Jim Kelly is in the Hall of Fame. Matt Ryan is already running circles around his numbers. Even if you count the USFL stats, Matt will demolish them. He's likely to go in.
  6. Pro sports are in no way equivalent to the "real world".
  7. (Buys dictionary) (Looks up about 20 words) (Confirms agreement) Yeah! What he said!
  8. So you feel that Smith will come in and take 96 touches away from Freeman alone over the season? Terron Ward had 103 touches the last three seasons combined.
  9. Why would you not just take 2 minutes to look this stuff up before typing things like this? Last year alone (minus the Dallas game where he left 2 plays into the Falcons first drive), he was at 17.85 touches a game.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/the-elite-traits-of-southern-miss-rb-ito-smith-could-make-him-steal-of-2018-nfl-draft/ Luckily you don't have a say in the matter.
  11. So what is it...you don't like the college he went to or whatever? You're throwing subjective nonsense out there like "dangerous". It's pretty silly.
  12. You're really going to discuss the "scariness" of a back who hasn't played yet?
  13. Which if he earns the touches, who cares outside of fantasy dorks and their agents? Terron Ward had 30 carries and 3 catches last year, and he is a capable veteran. I think you're making way too much out of this.