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  1. Yes it is.
  2. You need to re-prioritize your life.
  3. Awful. All the Thursday uniforms are just stupid. Nike needs to be taken out back and shot.
  4. Sarah Ryan is a gift to humanity. She just understands how to be a great person.
  5. This is an actual thought out reply.
  6. The name has surpassed the player at this point. He can barely go anymore.
  7. This trivial complaint is second only to whining about tv announcers.
  8. An actual female.
  9. Wow. Is it recess already?
  10. I got the high score on a Dig Dug machine yesterday (no really, I did). I should start a topic about it.
  11. He should throw from the booth.
  12. Don't even look it up. It's bad.
  13. Cool story, bro.