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  1. I really do not care in the least. 2020 really took me out of sports in general. All of the delays and postponements just killed my vibe. I was even kinda "meh" on Falcons games in the back half. No fans and wonky schedules just sort of killed it for me. Hopefully things get a little more back to normal in 2021. It was a lost year for all of sports and will be long forgotten. Plus, let's face it: If the Falcons won the Super Bowl this year, everyone (mostly here) would be falling all over themselves to put an asterisk on it because of the situation.
  2. Roddy is an idiot. Not necessarily because of this, but his body of online work.
  3. Every few years it is the same discussion. And by then the "overpaid" guys are a drop in the bucket.
  4. Remember when Mahomes was going to change the league? Fun times.
  5. Back when "National Television" meant something.
  6. I am all in on Revenge of the Nerds references.
  7. Well you ain't @capologist...and if you ain't @capologist I don't really give a rat's ***.
  8. TD is a good, professional guy with a ton of experience. He will land somewhere if he chooses to pursue a GM job. Although, I could see him landing a TV gig. He's pretty good in front of a camera.
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