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  1. Among all the bone heads from the great white noth, you were the most tolerable. Thanks for your CG. Sorry you had to face the NFCS. I mean, after all, they are the BEST division in FOOTBALL. Look, your entire DIVISION was SWEPT by the FALCONS! So, ah, ahem, congrats on that. I mean, Condolan ces. Whatever. Good, ah, luck or whatever...
  2. I think h's lucky to have a binky given how ugly he is. :P
  3. I just wish Joe Horn could join share the joy we feel right now.
  4. Yeah, who wants to hang with the rubes when you can hang with the RULERS! Go FALCONS! NFC Wildcard Playoff contenders today; NFC South Chamopions TOMORROW! Go Giants!
  5. Thanks! That makes a cool background on my PC.
  6. And thank YOU for beating the Bucs. We hate the Bucs.
  7. Arizona will lose in the first round. Tha Falcons are going to upset whoever they face in the first round. Will they go the NFC Championship? I don't know, but It sure as been fun to watch! Hoping to see the Falcons in Tampa for the Super Bowl at this point. Anything is possible.
  8. Or JohnnyBuc! Lord knows I miss JB! Where is the hop-head when you need him? Probably cranking out Low Spark of a High Heeled Boy on his headphones while watching ESPN right now. Those were the days. :P
  9. Bump to remind folks that this guy is low hanging fruit. Pick at will.
  10. On that note, I think Harry Douglas is the key to the game. If he fields KRs well then we're good. If if bumbles, we stumble.
  11. And we've got to protect the ball. We survived several turnovers against the Bucs, but we can't do that every week. The VIkings have capitalized on turnovers. I think this game is evenly matched. It's going to depend on how the ball bounces. I think the team that turns over the least is the team that wins.
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