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  1. one of the worst rules in college football.
  2. what a horrible job by the officials.. they are soo freaking screwed.
  3. Well a dominating and very sloppy overall win.. The good thing is we are that good which we dominated, but we got to clean stuff up offensively..
  4. lolol.. the officials stink way more than they are good..
  5. auburn's right tackle continues to false start and they aren't calling it. that big pass play was nice, but he jumped early again.
  6. we have given up 10 points off of turnovers.. we have 3 total turnovers.. we are dominating, but still very sloppy game.
  7. Wow what a game so far!!!! 40 to 6.. We should cover.. boom!!
  8. this offense is only going to get better.. we have so many guys that are still out.
  9. LOLOL.. it happens.. people want perfection.. the only issue i had was playing stetson.. that should have not happened when our offense was on fire.
  10. You guys are playing great though on that road in that atmosphere so far..
  11. wow what a great play call.. td penn state.
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