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  1. A school starting to get some buzz, that I didn't really see as an extremely serious contender a few weeks back is UGA. Some recruits at IMG felt he would go to UGA. Rusty on the UGA site has been saying recently that there is some confidence in Athens about landing Fields. Now, a source outside UGA, but one that's very much in this recruitment feels the Dawgs might be the choice. Again, the info has been tight with this recruitment and plenty of misinformation has also been given.
  2. It has been a busy ten days for Kennesaw (GA) Harrison five-star quarterback Justin Fields. He opened last week with a visit to Georgia and followed that with trips to Auburn and Florida State before heading to IMG Academy in Florida for the NFA7v7 National Championship. On Monday of this week Fields was in Ft. Myers to participate in the Perfect Game Baseball Showcase before driving to Florida on Tuesday evening. While in Gainesville, Fields was able to hang around a bulk of Florida’s 2017 signees, who happened to move onto campus the same day. One thing Fields said out at IMG Academy to the media was that he wanted to be around more of the players at UF and the staff made sure to do just that. On the recruiting front UF continues to sell Fields on the opportunity to play right away in their pro-style offense. He has developed a strong relationship with the UF staff since the Gators made him the top priority back in late February. The Gators were able to get his mother down for the visit, which is seen as a positive for Florida. The others in this recruitment -- Auburn, Florida State, and Georgia -- still view the Gators as a serious threat for the nation’s top dual threat passer. Fields' recruitment is still viewed as wide open by Florida though, which also matches the other contenders' sentiments. However, the latest buzz points to a round of visits from Fields sometime in July. As has been the case throughout this recruitment, the exact dates or destinations are unknown. Though, we do expect the usual suspects (AU, UF, FSU, & UGA) to be in contention for Fields' possible July trips. Information from Fields and his camp might be tough to gather after this recent run of visits as he and his family take a bit of a break from the madness. He is set to fly to The Opening Finals in Beaverton, Ore. on June 28.
  3. she is ding-bat for sure. she can raise money bigtime, but her horrible leadership is a big plus for the other party. they continue to fail and she has no answer for it other than throw more money at it.
  4. did she explain who is not allowed to vote that she wants to give rights to vote? i saw that quote and can't find anything else regarding that.
  6. i saw some final numbers regarding the fundraising.. it's just wow..
  7. wow an entire year is all dwight howard got.. and we had to give them a better draft pick for them to take him..
  8. I thought ossoff had a legit chance to win.. i mean the disparity in money spent on this campaign is freaking huge.. i believe just in head to head spending it's 7 to 1 for ossoff not counting the other groups that are spending on each candidate's behalf. per some of the polls before the election he was in the lead, but you just don't know who shows up or who stays home when it comes to the day of the election.
  9. lolol.. there have been some hilarious ones on twitter..
  10. the money thrown into this race was freaking crazy.. i heard it was almost 50 million combined on wsbradio, but saw it closer to 40 million on a few other news sources. on local channel 5 affiliate said that for every 1 cent received from within the 6th district they received $10 dollars outside the district. a lot of money for a seat that will last til the end of 2018.
  11. the picture didn't back anything up.. it's a picture of their panel. it's called paying attention to what was said the past few months and the money thrown into this race said it all about the importance that the democrats felt regarding it. I have lost track the number of times on cnn that they said this 6th district race was a referendum on President Trump. It clearly wasn't win or lose regardless of what they said leading up to it.
  12. what about lexus? no more free advertising now.. lol
  13. Yeah on cnn it's been about this being a referendum on President Trump regarding the 6th district race. You know it's important with the money spent by Ossoff's campaign on it. Now tonight after the loss it's not a referendum on President Trump (at least according to their panel). however they want to spin it, we have seen what they have been saying for months. I am just soooo freaking happy no more ossoff/handel ads. There were ads even on freaking freemium games. I think everyone won due to this race ending tonight.
  14. Have you guys bought any? I have enjoyed reading Lindy's.. especially the opposing coaches comments..
  15. lolol.. thanks for the gifs.. loving it.. haha
  16. 10 wins minimum is the acceptable number,.
  18. it's recruiting nothing surprises me.. you remember james wilder jr? well he called and had friends call florida sportswriters and tell them he was committing to UGA and a number of those guys posted articles/updates predicting it. it was all a ruse to way to drum up attention. just crazy stuff when it comes to announcements.
  19. yeah i talked to a few friends up there and they have been hearing a lot of buzz around imac and the broncos.. the staff felt they got a steal and imac is making them look very smart so far.
  20. kelly never really had to answer for his cheating up in Oregon. kelly was so lazy he thought it would make sense to pay so-called recruiting services to deliver players to his team because he didn't want to put forth the effort in recruiting them. kelly also hated the dog and pony show of visiting with the fans and the boosters. kelly hates everything about college coaching, but he will be forced to do it if he wants a long term job.
  21. Teague could have put up that date as a way to build drama because he is picking osu and everything thinks he is going elsewhere or it could be he put up that date because that is when it was shot. lololol. you just don't know. i hope we do get him and Zamir and that is it with rbs. we must get 2 rbs in this class.
  22. a number of guys feel very good we will flip cox and even some analyst who had a chance to talk to him and others around him feel the same way. cox is a kid i can see coming to UGA in the end.
  23. they will probably recruit him, but they aren't taking more than 4 olinemen. we have a lot of olinemen we have taken and 4 is enough for this class imo.
  24. condon is a 4 star on other sites.. he will be a 4 star on all sites at the end of the year. it doesn't matter though because he is longer than analysts thought. he also has some very nice feet. he can play either tackle spot. very excited that we got him..
  25. we are only taking 4 offensive lineman.. after hill and salyer jump onboard that's it.