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  1. franks getting hurt might have been the best thing for florida.
  2. Not sure they showed it on the TV but if landers doesn't hesitate he catches in stride for a td.
  3. Wow what happened to vt.
  4. Landers screwed up. That hesitation was the difference.
  5. goodness i am exhausted.. hot as hades today.. man that 2nd quarter explosion was awesome!!! lot of young guys played a ton..
  6. if they jump us, they should also jump alabama..
  7. yep.. aubrey solomon can at least say he got playing time.. even if he loses most of his games.
  8. what a great game if you hate the vols.. (again sorry to those vol fans on this board. you guys deserve better than this).. wow just stunned.. gotta go and enjoy volnation.
  9. watch out alabama and uga and a&m and auburn.. this lsu offense is for freaking real.
  10. you could very well be right.. he runs a lot like james cook IMO. it will be interesting to see what happens with Evans and if we do pursue Gibbs at all. very talented young man and good for him that bigger programs are now noticing.
  11. morons they are.. commitment from evans they would accept.
  12. i like gibbs a lot, but osu offering him says a lot about their failures at recruiting rbs.. they continue to lose out on target after target after target.. good for gibbs he got an osu offer. they might win one for a change.
  13. about dang time.. LOL
  14. Not a rule actually. I know there was a discussion on it but nothing was officially done.