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  1. i almost had to check my glasses when i saw this.. stephenson and dean uga commits picked up their 5th star from 247.
  2. you are also forgetting isaiah wynn who tore his achilles in the preseason.. he will get a super bowl ring as well. so we actually have 5 NFL guys on rosters with one injured.
  3. hilarious.. Aint's tears are tasty..
  4. kirby is heading out to see milton today.. no doubt to sell RBU to him.
  5. there is also levels to keto.. first 3 days then first month.. then you move back your breakfast where you go from 3 meals to 2 meals and then intermittent fasting you do 1 meal per day. it's quite interesting for sure.. dr. berg has a great breakdown of this if you want to watch.. it's a 10 minute video.
  6. Here is a few I have found useful: Apps: Carb Manager MyfitnessPal Websites: I got a bunch. I will post these after I get some stuff done with the house. Recipes: Same
  7. For those who are on keto please post your best sites, apps, recipes you have found online, anything keto that can help each other out.. just have one post where you keep updating stuff..
  8. yep the macros are the key driving point of this.. stay within your limits and you are burning fat when you go into ketosis. i had a friend who would ride about 9000k miles a year on his bike and he could not get rid of his final 15 lbs of fat. it was noticeable and then after getting on keto it didn't take him long to get rid of it. I tried atkins myself, but nothing i have tried has worked as well as Keto has for me.
  9. I did keto for three months, but then got off it for a month. Even though i was able to maintain the 30 lbs I lost, I didn't have the same feeling at all healthwise. i could tell when i was going over my carb limit and I felt sluggish among other things. as soon as I got back on it I had a 3 day worth of headaches last week, but I feel great now and as you said I can fast now 12 hours without any issues. i used to shake or feel weak when i would go without eating for about 6 hours or so. now i can go without eating and i have zero issues with it. it's really amazing with Keto what I can do now compared to when I am eating higher carb.
  10. it is similar for sure to atkins, but there is one key difference and it's a big one. there is no cap on atkins for protein while on keto you are limited to 20 percent of your daily calories. Also on atkins the longer you are on it you reintroduce carbs, but on keto carbs are always limited. Good little article on it..
  11. i am trying to remember, but i don't think it has ever happened that both starting rbs are from the same college.
  12. there is a great book you can read on refined sugars and the efffect they have on societies once introduced. it opened my eyes to the detriment of refined sugars. i agree it's been a lifestyle change and i feel much more in control of my food selections and the tracking part really helps me. i had no idea how sugar had an affect on cancers, but the more I looked into it the more scary it got. keto helps with inflammation which is one of the biggest health issues that people have to face.. again until keto i had no idea about the importance of inflammation and disease in our bodies. Thanks to the 40 lb loss i am working out a lot right now. I feel so much better right now then i did 6 months ago. My blood work was great after being on keto for over 4 months. Thanks so much for your story above. I can say it's one of the best eating plans i have ever had the opportunity to do.
  13. agreed it is.. i used the carb manager application to keep track.. that and myfitness pal are my favorite apps.
  14. I do love keto.. it's easy imo to pick out foods to eat.. i am also improving as a cook as well with what i am doing for the eating plan. i have done a number of diets, but keto is the best IMO. i love it.. i lost 40 lbs in 4 months.. i lost 10 pounds last week alone.