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  1. Great story.. most of us have been touched by someone who know who had fought cancer. Great to see him come back and play after his cancer battle.
  2. You still at the game?
  3. I loved hearing her outrageous calls.. so very sad to hear about her death and that of her grand daughter. Just tragic..
  4. that is so rare he is the only athlete in history to ever do that so not really a great example to use with your holding the beer comeback (i do love a good hold my beer comment though. ). the reality is when you have multiple major injuries and surgeries not even the doctors know how far an athlete will come back to their pre injury abilities. We can hope for the best, but you have to plan for the worst.
  5. i wasn't a fan of hearing that he was on the punt practice team period with him coming back from injury, but in the end that had nothing to do with the injury.. he could have torn his other knee just walking to his class on the grass. the good thing is it went now instead of him coming back and going next year.. as others have said a non-contact injury you just can't really stop.. it is going to happen.
  6. nothing negative coming out at all, in fact he is ahead of schedule which is what i heard recently. even with that i am always skeptical of a player with 2 acl tears. coming back from 1 is hard enough, but 2 you gotta question if that player is capable of staying healthy. when you have a player who have had 2 major knee injuries/surgeries you need to protect yourself. Zamir might come back and be awesome, but most likely he is not close to 100% of what he was presurgery next year and it then the following year we will see the true Zamir. The other side is he might not fully recover as an rb. I try to side with the positive, but you never know how an injury will affect a player.. see caleb king.
  7. very good read from dawgnation on mcintosh's commitment.
  8. high school 40 times don't really mean much to be me. i am not saying to ignore them as a staff, but so many of these kids don't run track and have no idea how to run with proper technique to maximize their 40 time. i look at football speed and mcintosh is plenty fast in that area imo.
  9. Brohm to be announced as Louisville HC on the 26th
  10. wouldn't be surprised.. kriby is purposely not saying stuff publicly.. i was told david marshall was gone for the year a few weeks ago..
  12. yep Mason is doing a great job.. He will quickly move up the ranks.
  13. yep.. he is horrible.. i don't really care about his trolling, but he says some of the dumbest things that are such bad attempts at trolling that they not only miss the mark, but make him look like a certifiable fool.
  14. UAB

    the committee is full of crap this year.. they are basically saying if you aren't a P5 team screw you we don't consider you legit which is moronic. teams like msu have no business being ranked.. northwestern being ranked is a joke..
  15. Yep. Both Cain and DJ Williams were told that we were taking 2 rbs and they were both told that we had mcintosh onboard so it's first come first server so to speak. I would be happy with either Cain or DJ (my preference is dj).