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  1. https://www.dawgsports.com/2021/6/18/22539767/believe-a-plea-to-the-georgia-fanbase-uga-football-news-jt-daniels-kirby-smart-2021-cfp-title
  2. lolol.. that was a great one.
  3. Not surprised.. he is far down the depth chart.
  4. Yeah bear was never going to stick. Really was a stupid commitment.
  5. Turnage hasn't started classes so he doesn't count for anything yet.
  6. Wow 31 pages.. LOL very happy with this trade.. I am going to miss Julio as a fan, but it was the right move IMO. It's a win/win for both the Falcons and Julio. JMO.
  7. UGA still leads for Delp even after his bama visit..
  8. As we talked about both Kendrick and Gilbert are now dawgs. We gonna have a great run this folks!!
  9. What a terrific day for the Dawgs!!!! We get 2 huge transfers that will help us win the national title this year. Then Kanu gets an offer. Plus all of the guys onsite today for visits. I mean man what a freaking day and week for the Dawgs!!!
  10. So it sounds like Arik Gilbert will be a dawg.
  11. https://nypost.com/2021/05/28/julius-randle-rj-barrett-flop-in-knicks-blowout-game-3-loss-to-hawks/
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