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  1. I dont believe we are in it for cain. I think we get either sanders or emery. Take 1 rb.
  2. the rumor is he is south carolina's to lose.. he has a full release and they are closer to home. now he is going to visit uga and usce and bama is also interested. he is a 5 star kid who wasn't going to see playing time with who they had on campus.. if we can get him to campus for sure then we have a shot imo. Update i just saw that they are investigating if lance thompson violated contact rules with belk...
  3. If Gus loses to washington in week 1 he will be on a 3 game losing streak.. losing to UGA, UCF, and Washington. Even if they do another 4 loss season there is no way they will fire him for another 3 years due to his contract. He just got a 7 year/$49m deal. I'd say they're stuck with him for at least 3 more yearsPer the AJC:"If Auburn decides to fire Malzahn without cause before the contract expires at the conclusion of the 2024 season, the school would owe Malzahn a guaranteed 75 percent of the money across the remaining life of the contract."Meaning if he's fired after next year, they'd owe him 75% of $42m, meaning $31m to go away. It was a terrible deal. They gave up elite money for a guy who is just a good coach on his best day. **** I had no idea about the 75% portion of the deal. How in the heck could anyone at Auburn sign off on that?
  4. i just have to laugh at the preseason mags that have tua as the #1 qb in the sec for a half of work which included a heck of a lot situations that weren't due to his great play.. top 5 in the sec i can see due to his natural talent, but you can't rate him on one half of work.. easy to breakdown that 2nd half and show how fortunate he was.. some was his really good play, horrible calls, and luck (which all teams need in order to win a title).. regarding tua's comments i really think he came out with that due to the crap that hurts is getting from fans for his dad's comments. hurts should transfer and i hope he does and finds himself a good situation. saban's comment during the spring game said it all about his shot at playing. i just don't get why fans feel the need to go after a player who is considering leaving when it's clear they are not in the plans of the coaching staff. the bottom line last year is saban almost screwed himself out of a national title due to his stubborness. his oc all season long wanted to play tua over hurts. there were reports that bama teammates wanted to see tua play more. anyone who saw multiple practices had the same feeling regarding playing tua over hurts. i look forward to future UGA/Bama games. We will win our fair share and now that our bluechip ratio with bama is almost the same we are coming into that battle on almost equal footing with talent.
  5. regarding scott I am withholding any judgment until the 2019 class is done, but right now I am not impressed at all with his recruiting ability. the kids love him, but that isn't translating to success yet.. i hope at the end of this class we are talking about how great of a job he did because he is a great coach IMO. the bottom line for scott if he doesn't recruit well this class he won't be here for 2020. kirby can not let us fall behind on the dline because if we do it doesn't matter how great we recruit we won't win jack without a strong dline. will muschamp is doing a good job of keeping certain kids instate.. i will be disappointed in kirby and this staff if we don't improve our dline recruiting. that is all on kirby since he made the hire which was questionable in the first place.
  6. DAWGS WIN DAWGS WIN!!! thrown out at the plate and the dawgs have won the series and will be a national seed!!! How bout them dawgs!! finished 2nd in the sec, but will be 3rd in the sec tourney.. what an awesome game!!
  7. UGA's kevin smith has 11 strikeouts today.. if we win we are 3rd in the sec tourney, but 2nd overall in the sec.
  8. that's cool.. yep it is a great list (bunch of 2020 kids will be out as well). pickens is a top 3 defensive lineman.. we are behind south carolina for him. he is from anderson, sc i believe. jammie robinson is a safety from crips county.. top 40 safety.. stevenson is a name you will want to remember. he is a 6'1 cb from south florida.. he could be this year's campbell for us. we have a good shot with him.
  9. turn on sec network.. arky/uga is on right now.. we are down 2 to 1 in the 4th..
  10. his nephew..
  11. lolol.. long night.. andrew booth jadon haselwood jammie robinson nakobe dean tyrique stephenson john emery zacch pickens jermaine johnson that's just a handful of visitors.. there are supposed to be a bunch more.. they are doing a scavenger hunt for the recruits.. should be a fun time.
  12. Impressive weekend visitor list.. will post list when i get home.
  13. Btw our rpi is awesome.. we should be hosting regional
  14. Huge win tonight over arkansas in extra innings 8 to 7.. we clinched a bye in the se tourney.