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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/jim-harbaugh-accuses-ryan-day-and-ohio-state-of-breaking-rules-during-big-ten-conference-call/
  2. I believe agents are in guys ears and causing a lot of this.. they want their clients to not play if it puts them at risk at all.. a lot of guys are going to be paid by agents and working out preparing for the draft..
  3. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/2724561/how-michigan-and-alabama-lost-5-star-recruit-isaiah-wilson-is-unbelievable This is funny,.. who in the heck wears cleats on harwood floords.. i mean seriously.. listen to the podcast it's pretty awesome.
  4. Jared Wilson is a Dawg again!!! Very happy we got him. He decommitted and recommitted to the Dawgs!!! Good start to the month of August!! Our staff never gave up on recruiting him.
  5. i changed this to 2020.. eek i know 2020 has been rough.. btw netflix there are some good new shows.. New York Fear City is awesome.
  6. If that is the case that is a big screw you to this staff and program.
  7. Beasley has a lot of stuff to work on including getting stronger. He might have a great season, but he has shown he isn't consistent and isn't a game changer. Maybe that changes, but i doubt it.
  8. i hope the best for Wilson.. he would have played a lot.. this does hurt us some for sure..
  9. Missing on williams was a surprise, but getting washington for 2022 is nice. we need some 2021 momentum.. i really think our out of state targeting has come back and hurt us with this class some..
  10. yep there is a lot of unknown obviously.. it will be interesting to see if we get any real clarity in august.. i doubt it.
  11. auburn and uga wanted this kid bad and so did ole miss on trying to keep him.. we got a very good prospect who is very quick.. I really like his film and his potential. we are probably taking 2 wrs at most (maybe a 3rd depending on numbers and positions), but we need at least 2 wrs with nice upside in this class.
  12. as bdawg said the knee injury is probably a reason why he was allowed to transfer without sitting out. i don't really care why though he got approved so our qb situation has really gotten better this year.
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