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  1. sdogg that won't help.. Kirby should punish him as he sees fit, but being heavy handed to prove a point won't have any affect on these players. you can kick every player who gets hurt off the team and you will still have idiots doing idiotic things to get arrested. i just know from examples all over college football the making example doesn't resonate with players anymore.. none of them believe it will happen to them and they are Teflon.
  2. did either team even recruit him much? they seem to have higher guys on their board than him.. i can't understand his anger, but it happens often to instate kids.
  3. ESPN league RNB College Bowl Pickem Password: nickchubb
  4. we got some knuckleheads..
  5. good one @frankly88.. I have been on that site for years and never seen that page.
  6. as a vol fan I understand. there is no other way to take the hire other than to hope for the best, but that was just my view of pruitt and i know a lot about him from fsu and when he was at UGA. I thought schiano was a bad hire and a bad fit for Tennessee so at least he is better than him. we will see how good he is in the next 5 years. next year's schedule I see a loss to wvu, florida, Georgia, auburn, Alabama, south Carolina, and Missouri. you guys may have an upset in you against Missouri or florida to get bowl eligible, but it's going to be tough.
  7. yep.. i think he goes to tennessee right now unless something changes.. we don't have a lot of room. we have guys wanting to jump on and if taylor wants to wait then that's fine, we will move on.
  8. Alontae Taylor told Sentel in an interview that Kirby gave him a Friday deadline!
  9. his dad i believe has been a coach for 14 years and has strong ties to north carolina.. so they would bring him in (it must be an on the field job) to help with recruiting north carolina. i believe kurt roper that was his area of recruiting. sounds like that is what kj and his dad are shopping.. if you want an example of what happens see bama with qb barnett who they hired his dad.. he transferred and his dad had to get another job.
  10. Brad Crawfordâś”@BCrawford247 As the recruiting world turns -- sounds like the #Gamecockscould get a leg up on Clemson and Bama for 5-star KJ Henry (Clemmons, N.C.) by hiring his father as a 10th assistant. His decision comes Dec. 20. so it sounds like usce is trying to hire kj henry's dad to guarantee them a player.. like they did with jake bentley. you just gotta love dad's who use their kid to get a job..
  11. You got that right. You need to have some luck to win a title..sometimes you make your own and many times it has nothing to do with you. You can look back at many title winnes and point out their lucky breaks cmr will win a title. He has gotten close and with how he is recruiting he will build you guys up to a title contending team. You guys need a few more classes.
  12. so the final 4 teams: bama 80% bluechippers uga 63% bluechippers clemson 56% bluechippers oklahaoma 45% bluechippers.. it's understandable that bama is still the favorite to win it all.
  13. yep that was being talked about earlier today on a few dawg boards. it will be interesting to see where he ends up.. i don't care what anyone says he is a heck of a player.
  14. auburn fans had him locked in on their commitment list, but pittman has done a terrific job with trey.. also our on the field success has to resonate with all instate kids.
  15. my favorite of alltime.. a must have post every commitment..