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  1. Good thing there are a ton of basketball teams to go through.
  2. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9470960/5de0391f23528e0b701a8ace
  3. I saw this posted elsewhere.. pretty cool breakdown. I've decided that this year I like Rivals rankings lol. As of right now we are in it heavy for 13 Top 100 players:Bear Alexander - #4 OVR and #2 DT (Committed)Gunner Stockton - #15 OVR and #1 DT QB (Committed)Tyre West - #16 OVR and #4 DT (Committed)Kevin Coleman - #18 OVR and #2 WRMykel Williams - #21 OVR and #1 DEShemar Stewart - #36 OVR and #4 DEBranson Robinson - #41 OVR and #1 RBJeremiah Alexander - #57 OVR and #1WDEKhurtiss Perry - #64 OVR and #6 DTDeyon Bouie - #67 OVR and #10 CB (Committed)Malaki Starks - #76 OVR and #5
  4. https://atozsportsnashville.com/tennessee-vols-former-jeremy-pruitt-assistant-pruitt-era/?fbclid=IwAR1NSVUt6lE6o-a6usYiJq-v-59fd73c_XKAIozKVEqchO1NTTyKrAKGVB8
  5. Cool I might play madden again.. quit playing a few years ago.
  6. thanks for the reminder.. I had forgotten about this.
  7. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/daquayvious-sorey-commits-georgia?fbclid=IwAR2xylQCosEH5MYp6VMIOODioYwf7859TfssZwdOx82DH6j_bXVlcUYdy90 Boom indeed!!! This is one commit I am not worried about losing..
  8. yeah the concern with wilson is his desire to play football and does he want to put in what is needed in order to achieve success. that scares me.. we have seen plenty of players like haynesworth and a 2nd round pick of ours that frankly didn't have any desire.
  9. So here are the recent crystal balls on 247: Mykel Williams: #4 DT, #5 GA (Rusty, Kipp, and Hale) Daniel Martin: #6 OLB, #9 GA (Kipp) Christen MIller: #10 DT, #17 GA (Rusty) Kojo Antwi: #19 WR, #18 GA (Hale) Jordan James: #17 RB, #3 TN (Kipp) Oscar Delp: #10 TE, #25 GA (Rusty, Kipp, Hale) Branson Robinson: #35 RB, #7 MS (Rusty) Emory Floyd: #26 S, #40 GA (Rusty, Kipp) If we were to hit on these 8 targets, we'd be looking at 16 commits with a score of 272.20 and that is before Kojo, Branson, and Oscar get their well deserved rating bumps.
  10. Big win tonight over the 20th ranked Missouri squad!!! We are going to win out in the next 3 games!!!! hahahahaha.. yes I am delirious.. seriously we have a shot to finish strong.
  11. very disappointing because he would be a perfect fit.
  12. they are so desperate now.. it's amazing just how far they have to go for their dc. being turned down by position coaches all over college football.
  13. UPDATE: The latest I've heard, as of late Tuesday night, suggests Ohio State linebackers coach Al Washington indeed might have turned down the job and Tennessee is exploring other options in its search for a new defensive coordinator. (per vol's 247 site reporter).. wow no one wants that job..
  14. Plus the staff wants to see what we have back there.. there will be a lot more options after spring as you said they want a starter and so far no one that has entered is of interest to the staff.
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