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  1. don't forget to put in your predictions.. i am about to start doing mine.. btw dawgtime is out and it's awesome.. so is the new magazine classic city. you gotta get both.
  2. oh yeah he and fields are very close and i think that is another reason we hang onto him.. as you know with recruiting it's about relationships whether it's between players, schools, or coaches. right now unless we bomb offensively and something major happens I don't see us losing Haselwood.
  3. First time i have heard of blade collars.. what do you guys think?
  4. thanks man.. always appreciate your info and your posts.
  5. what's the pull out of state for him? he seems to want to leave the state and i hope we are the program that can get him..
  6. what do you think of stevenson this year? how good of a shot do you think we have of pulling him?
  7. yep fromm should be able to throw the ball around a lot more and i really love this offensive line and wr corp. i am excited to see how good we are this year offensively.
  8. haselwood loves coach simmons and coach riley and they use the fact that his dad went to OU probably in every phone call. lol as well as "hey look at what we are doing offensively". I love my dawgs and hope to heck we can keep haselwood, but if i am being honest I would want to be a wr in that lincoln riley offense. the amount of catches and tds he will score there would be amazing. however if we can show we will open up the offense and throw a lot more that should be enough to keep him as a dawg.. it will be a battle though.
  9. well if kentucky doesn't beat UF this year they never will.. they should have beaten florida at least 2x in the past 4 years imo. stoops is getting a lot of heat for not finishing the deal.. last year uk had no excuse to not win that game..
  10. beamer wasn't haselwood's primary recruiter. james coley has been his primary recruiter.. Here is a little writeup on haselwood and why OU is going to be in the final 2 to the very end. his dad went to OU so he would be considered a legacy..
  11. the one thing you can be guaranteed even if they stink florida players will talk smack.. i don't even see bama players talk as much smack as florida players do.. just a bunch of jokes.
  12. You are 100% correct and I have said this on this board and others who know what is going on with him have said that as well. Our offense is being used against us by all those who are going after him.. OU is really hitting us hard regarding our offense and using the fact that haselwood's dad went to OU. We need to prove on the field we are going to open up the offense. We have no excuse period not to throw a lot more. Fromm is in his 2nd year and has a great handle on the offense. We will have a great offensive line and have a stable of rbs, tes, and wrs. If drob is indeed given a waiver and we have drob, godwin, and mecole starting along with holloman and landers coming off the bench. There is no doubt that is one of the best wr corps in the country. Anyone who understands football knows how hard it is to open up the offense with a true freshman starting at QB so we can be honest with recruits, but the reality is we need to show we will open it up or this negative recruiting will continue. I worry about OU even though I believe he sticks with UGA.
  13. tom crean's contract details..