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  1. Yeah, I was under the impression that nearly every national bank was in this category...and probably several regional ones too...
  2. well...that put the fork in us...overall though, I'm still feeling a lot better about our future as the young players get more and more seasoned...nite eveyrone.
  3. terrible series...and the knock on Simms's mediocre arm, in terms of arm strength, is starting gain validity...all of his "deep" passes are heaves with a lot of air under them...he looks like he has to load up to throw it...
  4. Our inexperience is starting to show more and more the longer this game goes...
  5. the Quacks have definitely turned momentum squarely in their favor...we need a big play to get the pendulum shifting back our way, or else we're going to get steamrolled...in a hurry... :wacko:
  6. yeah...in that regard she's a bit too much like her sister, Christina, and their mom, Phyllis...they get too cocky about their ability...hopefully Matilda gets it together...if not, than we may get to see the true freshmen, Tyler Bray...
  7. nice drive we've put together to answer their TD...we need points on this one...
  8. Yep...we looked like a young inexperienced team on that play...geez...
  9. Sad but true...however, if he does manage to get it together for the Gators this season, he'll probably earn a heap of legit praise...stepping in behind a legend like Tebow for that program ain't an easy thing for anyone... :ph34r:
  10. Halftime...need to go reload the Maker's Mark for the 2nd half... :P
  11. I really hate their game commentators...
  12. we weren't going to keep them out of the endzone for the entire game...but the penalty on that drive was really "fowl"...
  13. True...but that's true for us too...SEC opener for both teams, and it's on CBS... :ph34r:
  14. as long as our offense keeps doing what it's been doing this game, with our rushing attack, we'll give our defense a healthy breather...
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