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  1. We’re in section 141. Tickets are pretty cheap. Got ours for $50 a piece.
  2. I don't get the whole 'hate' thing everyone keeps bringing up. We're not unlike any other franchise in the NFL. Teams like the Steelers, Broncos, Cowboys, etc. get more media attention but they deserve to get more attention. The franchises have won super bowls, big games and have developed much larger fan bases. The Falcons franchise has only come into the realm of respectability over the past 7 or 8 years. The pundits aren't all over this teams jocks right now because of the previous playoff changes where the team got spanked like a 2 year old who threw poo on the walls. I've been a fan for 25 years and love this team but some folks need to get over themselves It's up to the players on the filed to earn the respect of their peers, media and the fans of the NFL. It all begins in January.
  3. Castleberry Inn & Suites is the best place if you're on a budget. It's about a mile away and you can walk to the dome. Many often tailgate in the lot as well so you save on parking. Rates are cheap as well. If you're looking for some really nice place this isn't it. If you want a place to crash after the game and that's it... This is as good as it gets for the money.
  4. BOA Stadium is a great place to catch a game. The area is super clean and it feels like a good part of town. The stadium it's self is nice as well. I've been twice already and am heading up this weekend as well. Panther fans are like any other; you'll have some that talk trash but most are just there to watch the game and have a good time. There's always a good collection of Falcon fans in the building so it'll be a good time.
  5. Heck yea. If dude clears wavers he'd be a good pickup for depth and maybe a chance at this years post season would be motivation for him.
  6. I love having Billick as the announcer. He gives good insight to the game and is usually right on target!
  7. That's a ridiculous ranking. At this point, he's doing nothing more than trying to get people commenting on his blog because this 'series' has bombed so terribly.
  8. What a complete tool. This article proves that there is no editorial control over what gets posted to their site.
  9. Will more thank likely be a two tightend set and a run off tackle. As long as it gains at least 5 I'll be happy. Let's go BIRDS!
  10. Most teams don't play as well on the road so there is nothing different about the Falcons than any other team. Looks to me like the Falcons had a better road record, only by 1 win, than the Giants this year but we are on the road which puts them at a slight disadvantage but nothing insurmountable. This game should come down to who plays the best football late in the 4th quarter and with our running game w/Turner/Quizz/Snelling I think ATL has a decisive advange.
  11. This guy is an NFC East Homer and I wouldn't take anything he says into consideration. He's just irritated that his beloved Vick isn't in the playoffs.
  12. Being that Hawley and Svitek have solidified the line overall it would be hard to sub in two different guys each time you want to run the ball. If you do that you may as well tell them the exact play before the ball is snapped. I do, however, like that we have been bringing in Baker at TE in the goalline situations. The more weight you put on the O-line in those sort of situations the better.
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