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  1. William Andrews, Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note.
  2. Thanks, I'll use Daunte!

  3. Lott played corner before he went to safety. Mays is a beaste with the speed to stay with WR's.
  4. Mays could be the next Ronnie Lott. I've watchsd every game he's played in, and he just dominates. The only reason for the drop off his senior year is cordinators stopped going to his side of the field. They gave up ala Deion in his prime. I'm a Falcon fan since '73 but now live in thhe desert of the NFL, Los Angeles. So I follow USC.
  5. Whats up my fellow draft junkies? With the Big Day coming up in April, I will be counting down the top 50 draft classes of the past decade, including a recap of player contributions (or lack thereof), individual awards and accolades, team performances, overall draft class analysis, and the team's "Perfect Draft" in retrospect... Stay tuned! The countdown will continue on a daily or nearly daily basis, debate/discussion/rerankings are all of course encouraged... No. 50 Green Bay Packers, 2002 http://www.associate...the.html?cat=14 No. 49 San Francisco 49ers, 2007 http://www.associate...the.html?cat=14 No. 48 Miami Dolphins, 2008 http://www.associate...the.html?cat=14 No. 47 Atlanta Falcons, 2008 http://www.associate...the.html?cat=14 No. 46 Tennessee Titans, 2006 http://www.associate...the.html?cat=14
  6. Taylor Maze - USC. Don't be afraid to upgrade for a special talent.
  7. Finn is a great leader, and the best blocking WR in our running offence.
  8. 1.William Andrews 2.Mike Kenn 3.Jesse Tuggle That's it, that's all.
  9. We had a tough schedule, and a lot of key injuries. But adding a stud DL, and Cover Corner are at the top of my wish list.
  10. Taylor Maze - USC, all you need to know about DB's.
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