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  1. Antonio Gibson is a stud and their Oline is outstanding. Yes, McLauren is good. Good to know you’re a WFT team fan though.
  2. I live in the DC area so see a lot of the WFT. Their defense is rock solid, one of the best in the NFL. Chase Young is a terror off the edge. They have an unproven QB in Heinekie who’s playing well, they have no WRs but their running game and oline is outstanding. They’re a better NYG team basically haha.
  3. At the end of the day, Gage isn’t a “true #2”, he was upgraded to this designation by default after Julio left. Gage can be locked down 1 on 1 which doesn’t help take attention off Ridley. Sure, this is how it’ll be for this season because we’re out of options, but I expect us to draft a WR next year relatively early (possibly with our 2nd round pick we get from the Titans) to compete for that #2 spot.
  4. Mayfield got another chance because we have no other options. There are a zillion capable punters in FA vs LG’s.
  5. Dude is super intelligent. He truly thinks about multiple scenarios within every situation. Definitely not a surface level thinker or a cheerleader like the last 10 years worth of coaches we’ve had.
  6. In fairness, Fowler got a strip sack on Brady, so he did at least have one pretty awesome play where he got to the QB and forced a turnover.
  7. Had too many holes on defense with letting essentially our entire secondary walk.
  8. Agreed - Patterson is just way more of an athlete and it shows. Patterson is the most explosive guy on the field, runs harder than a RB and just as fast as any WR. Between the screens, running the ball and an attempted wildcat, Arthur Smith sees it too and knows he needs to get him involved - which is refreshing. It was also pretty impressive to see Tampa kick the ball short most of the time to avoid Patterson which enabled us to start at our 30+ yard line for most drives which is a great starting point.
  9. “NFL = Not For Long” -Jerry Glanville
  10. Davis is like a poor mans Micheal Turner, but at the end of the day, Barry Sanders would have trouble getting positive yards behind our O-line
  11. Tough loss, score definitely didn’t reflect how close the game was. Here’s what I observed. -Patterson is the most explosive player on the team and it’s not even close! That guy should be playing 80% of offensive snaps -Our O-Line is just plain BAD. Sure, TB has a great D-line but Matt Ryan was harassed all day. We need to make LG priority #1 in FA this year and allow the young guys time to develop -Pitts looked outstanding and bailed out Matt Ryan on a pass that was behind him for his first big gain in the NFL - this kid should be something special for us -Arthur Smith has footBALLS, he botched the 4th & 1 call in our own territory but he was creative and aggressive for much of the game, which is quite the welcomed change -Our hodgepodge D over-performed against one of the best offenses in the NFL. Granted it’s one game, but it’s a week over week improvement and Pees seemed to make the most of his personnel - which we haven’t seen in quite some time -Matt Ryan can’t stretch the field, we had Ridley overtop and Matt Ryan just couldn’t get him the ball (we’ve known this for years), I suspect we will draft our future QB with our first pick next year, and we should -We FOUGHT! We played hard and although we had some bad luck (tipped balls), we left it all out there on the field and if we keep making similar week over week improvements we may surprise some folks by the end of the season Still a tough loss but I liked a few things that I saw and I think Arthur Smith is the right man for turning this franchise around. GO FALCONS!
  12. Matt Ryan has the worst long ball in the NFL, 75% of the QBs in the NFL would have hit Ridley in stride for a 90 yard TD. I love Matty Ice, but it’s time to get another QB in here that can stretch the field.
  13. This guy is a STUD. Runs violent, catches well, threat on special team. Love seeing Smith get him the ball. Dude should be on the field 80% of the time on offense. First TD of the season, WOOOO!!!!!
  14. Eagles DL is arguably as good as TB, they’re both in the top 5 in the NFL with the Steelers, WFT, and Ravens.
  15. https://twitter.com/jay_may_11/status/1387426575847763973?s=20 😳😳😳
  16. If you think the Falcons get a first rounder for Ryan you're outta your mind.
  17. Matty’s chip was stuck to the seat of his pants because that’s where he spent the entire game. PFF ranked the Falcons dead last in offensive line play. I’m a fan of Pitts but with no Oline he’s useless. We also had Penei Sewell sitting on the draft board that we passed by. I can almost guarantee Blank forced the Pitts hand to try and offset the upset fans from Julio’s inevitable departure.
  18. “Pro Football Focus rated their D-line pass rush as second best in the league behind the Steelers based on their 38.4 percent pressure rate when they didn’t blitz.” The Eagles D line is NASTY! But just like the dysfunction of this team, the fans always argue and disagree despite factual data proving the Eagles DO have arguably the best D-line in football. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/eagles-defensive-line-one-nfls-best%3famp
  19. Buddy, it’s literally his first game as a head coach with 3 offensive lineman getting their first major reps at the NFL level. Let’s see how the offense looks midway through the season, it’s completely unfair after one game to say there’s “something wrong with the offense”.
  20. I understand this loss was embarrassing and took the winds of optimism out of the Falcons sails, but it’s one game with 16 left. This was Arthur Smiths first game as a coach. Offensive line players such as Dalman, Mayfield, & Hennessy getting their first taste of the NFL and facing arguably the best DL in football. A hodgepodge group of average free agent defenders playing as a unit for the first time (Harmon, Harris, Bullard, Moreau) under a completely new defensive coordinator. No Alex Mack commanding the O-line, no Julio Jones to help keep defenders honest and not double Ridley the entire game. Crippled by Thomas Dimitroff salary cap structure, which eliminated us from having the ability to bring in a big name defender or a stud left guard, etc. I can understand we expect and more importantly deserve more as Falcons fans, but it’s not time to hit the panic button as this isn’t a huge surprise based on all the factors above. Plain and simple, we need better players on defense and our offensive line needs more reps. Heck, we have a backup running back as our starter and an X-wide receiver backing him up (who looked amazing btw). There are definitely going to be growing pains when your team has an entirely new coaching staff and key players all over the field getting their first playing time as Falcons (o-line, multiple positions on D). Sure, it sucks, but let’s not act like we’re surprised, we’re conditioned for this as Falcons fans haha. Here’s the good news, it can’t get any worse and we have a coach that takes accountability and recognizes where we need to improve. It’s a long season boys, get ready for more head scratching and heartbreaking moments haha.
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