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  1. It’s wasn’t a criticism, it was a joke. Everyone on this message board is always looking to jump down everyone’s throats. No wonder we constantly suck, we’re a reflection of the sh!tty group of fans we have here always looking to bash someone. Also, you can’t help but recognize the “Umms”, most people with more than 4 brain cells could clearly pick that out. A general observation isn’t a criticism, umm, you should be smart enough to realize that.
  2. It’s a joke and I got your “little dude” whenever you’re looking for it fool
  3. My premise is black and white. Does Watson have the qualifications to recommend a GM and the answer is no. That’s it. I don’t care what’s happening in Houston, but you don’t take a GM recommendation from someone who’s never done a GMs job or anything that remotely resembles it. It’s remarkable that anyone here thinks he deserved input. I’ll reiterate, that sure your can suggest a coach or OC, but taking hiring advice from someone who’s never run a business on who you should hire to run your business would be the dumbest thing you could ever do. Come on man, be realistic here.
  4. Yup, agreed. Watson has something like a 71 million dollar cap hit AND he also has a no trade clause. Conversation over.
  5. Still doesn’t mean Watson has any qualifications to suggest GM candidates. What businesses has Watson run? What’s his success as a corporate executive look like managing millions in personnel salaries, operational expenses, or corporate sponsorships.....Oh wait, he’s never done any of that!? “Well heck, why didn’t you say so in the first place - Hey Deshaun, who should our GM be? I know you played tons of Madden at Clemson so we really want your input on running our business” Millennial entitlement at its best!
  6. Watson is 25 years old and majored in “communication studies” at Clemson. He in no way shape or form knows what it takes to run a football team or has the credentials to “make a GM suggestion”. Playing a position on a team (regardless if you’re the best player) doesn’t give you any input on who the franchise paying YOU should hire to run THEIR billion dollar business. I’m not sure what company you work for but a billion dollar company doesn’t consult their employees before hiring the boss. I could understand Watson wanting to provide feedback on the future coach or offensive coordina
  7. Lamar Jackson is regressing. He proven he can only use his legs and he’s 1-5 in playoff games.
  8. On the day the Texans announced the hiring of Caserio, league sources told Schefter that Watson was not happy with the process because he "offered input on potential general manager candidates, but the Texans neither considered nor consulted with those endorsed by their franchise quarterback." Per ESPN article. Watson, a 25 year old KID is telling the Texans who he wants as a GM!? WHAT!? Talk about millennial entitlement, wowzers! Hard pass on this kid, needs to know his role but he’s just creating more drama. Don’t want that in the locker room.
  9. I heard were also signing JJ Watt, he was seen eating at a Waffle House, that must mean we’re gonna sign him.
  10. All this because he was seen “wearing a falcons jacket”. This is exactly how rumors get started and not in a good way. SMH
  11. I’m happy to see Brees go as a Falcons fan and a rival, but as a human, Brees is a class-act. Heck of a career and a true baller. Great work Brees and good luck at NBC.
  12. But you also have to keep in mind they have Ryan Tannehill at QB, Matt Ryan is a better QB than Tannehill.
  13. His 12 years as GM with Houston they only had 6 winning seasons. They never made it past the divisional round in the playoffs either. No thanks.
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