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  1. Seeing all this hate about us drafting a G & OT in the first round is ridiculous!!!! Let’s put this in perspective real quick. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Austin Hooper are all Pro-Bowl caliber players and they’re all on the offensive side of the ball. If you watched a Falcons game last year you’d know that Matt Ryan was pressured instantly virtually all season. Without a GREAT offensive line these aforementioned players can’t produce at their maximum capability. A star DT or DE doesn’t put us at a top 5 D no matter the circumstance. Even with a star DT or DE let’s say that increases our sacks by 10 next season, 10 extra sack doesn’t mean an extra win. However, give Matt Ryan and company an extra 1+ second for a play to develop, for a hole to open, or for a read to be made that’s an additional 10+ points a game EASY!!!!! If you add 10 points to each loss last year we’re 12-4. The objective of football is to score more points and without a capable O-line we’re wasting the best assets we have as a team - how’s that so hard to understand? Another thing is let’s be real, if it wasn’t for all these “big boards” or “mock drafts” you’d have no clue who’d fall or who’s a better prospect. Not one person on this board watched hours of game tape on the top 20 olineman and if you did, wow that’s sad. This is the EXACT right thing we should of done as this gives us the most immediate chance of being a super bowl contender/champion, one DT or DE doesn’t do that. If we can stay healthy and have a top 15 D with a top 3 Offense we will be dang near impossible to beat. This also gives us one of the best O-lines in football for the next 5-7 years. Look at all the recent SB champions, what do they have in common? A GREAT O-LINE!!! What DT or DE or even OLB at 14 and 31 is more valuable than giving Matt Ryan 2 seconds more to throw? I know the answer and so do you, NOBODY!!!! Great pick TD!
  2. EXACTLY! All these armchair idiots look at the big board and talking heads and get it in their head that we picked an inferior player because the “big board says so” - not one single person here is a talent evaluator or scout, not one single person here watched hours of game tape on the top 10-20 O-lineman coming out of college, just a bunch of people throwing out uneducated and ill informed opinions.
  3. EXACTLY! The impact of signing a defensive player versus solidifying our O-Line so our run + pass game can go off isn’t even close. People who are mad or disagree that we sure up the O-Line should just be ignored because they truly don’t get it.
  4. We just made a HUGE upgrade to 40% of our offensive line. This is EXACTLY what we needed to do, EXACTLY!!!! Matt Ryan, Julio, Devonta, Ridley, and Hoop are going to GO OFF this year! This is shaping up to be the best OL of the Matt Ryan era which will be phenomenal! We have tons of defensive players coming back from injury which will propel our D to a top 15 at least. Accompany a top 15 D with a top 3 offense we will be dang tough to beat. LETS GO!!!!!!
  5. Didn’t call the player but called the position!!!!!! When you’re good you’re good!!!!!
  7. As we should. You lose every game in the nfl without scoring. We have the best offensive personnel in the league, why not let them explode? Matt Ryan, Julio, Devonta are our best 3 players - let them flourish!!!!!
  8. How many DB & DL have we drafted over the last 10 years and when have we had a top 5 D? We need to focus on what we’re good at and that’s allowing our offense to explode.
  9. I know your heads would explode but if we traded back into the first for JAWAAN TAYLOR we’d solidify one of the best O-Lines in the league for 5+ years and open our passing and run game WIDE OPEN!!!!
  10. It’s not a sexy pick, it’s a NECESSARY PICK!!!! For those who wanted a DE or DT there was nobody there that would be an every down player or make an immediate pro bowl level impact, the Falcons rotate the DL, we have for years. Lindstrom puts us in a position to use and maximize our best assets (Matt Ryan, Julio, Devonta, Ridley, Hoop) which is much more valuable then adding a good defensive player. Our O-Line has been a disaster and helping anchor the O-Line to give Matt Ryan time could singlehandedly result in another 7-14 points a game, a defensive player doesn’t do that!!! You add 7+ points to our scoreboard and we get closer to the 30 point average we have in 2016 we’re nearly impossible to beat. Lindstrom can also play RT. This WAS the right pick, sure it’s not sexy but it’s the absolute most immediately impactful move we could have made.
  11. WOW!!!!!
  12. The crazy thing about this scenario is that after being mathematically eliminated we win 4 of our last 5 games. We’d be sitting in this position to actually draft Williams without losing any picks. I understand tanking a season is never in the best interest of morale but why not play all the backups the last 4 to 5 games. The whole “we don’t want to affect morale or culture is BS”, if the Browns can finish with our same record after being the laughing stock of the NFL because of two key draft picks why couldn’t we of lost a couple instead of playing our starters against Carolina & Tampa. We honestly can’t even get out of our own way.
  13. It was an objective statement. As mentioned I don’t hate the hires, however are we crazy to think a collective group that couldn’t get it done will be better this time around. That’s all I’m saying.