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  1. If by “technically” you mean we have a human that can wear pads and provide a police escort directly into Matt Ryan then you’re absolutely correct.
  2. Pretty sure “cheap average talent” is the exact reason for the defense since Quinn has been the coach. Agree to disagree here.
  3. I’m chill, but let’s say we get an impact player on D at 16 (because of course we rattle off a few meaningless wins to go from top 10 to 16). We traded a 2nd rounder for a backup TE (who I think will be a stud) but that in reality puts us in a position to have one day 1 defensive starter and we still need a LG. I’m just being realistic.
  4. Hey y’all, long time Falcons fan here! Super optimistic about this year, LOVE the Gurley signing - GO DAWGS! Love the Hayden signing. Like the Fowler signing, hopefully he’s the guy he was last year and not the 4 years prior. My head scratching question is this: So we all know how horrendous the D has been under Quinn, however, outside of Fowler we’re resigning an entire defense of Falcons backups that haven’t been able to crack the consistent starting lineup of one of the worst defenses in the NFL. As I mentioned previously, I’m optimistic, but is that the homer in me talking and am I not seeing reality? If we think the likes of LaRoy Reynolds, Wreh-Wilson, Tyeler Davison who’ve been backups on our disastrous defenses will step up and take this D to the next level, it’s beyond me. Sure, it would be amazing to see a top 10 performance but it’s looking like another 30th ranked D if you asked me. Not trying to be negative, just trying to understand TD & Quinn’s logic and prepare myself for the reality of what’ll happen. Convince me otherwise.... #Insanity
  5. No tackling you say? He’ll fit right in with this defense!
  6. We will draft a CB with one of our first 3 picks, guaranteed.
  7. Nobody is calling Grady a slouch, he’s just not at Aaron Donald’s level, no other DT in the NFL is either.
  8. Agreed - he’s a stud! He’s no AD, but that’s not an insult to anyone because AD is a freak! We need to find our “Calais Campbell” next to Little Tuggle
  9. Wow, well that’s a phenomenal stat. Guess we will see how good he is not lined up next to Campbell and Aaron Donald
  10. I understand the hype and excitement but let’s be realistic here with what we’re getting in Dante Fowler. Fowler and Beasley have been in the league the same amount of years, however Beasley has 37.5 total sacks to Fowler’s 27.5. Sure, Fowler has had some injury issues but he also lined up next to Aaron Donald and Calais Campbell his entire career allowing him to run free. I hope I’m wrong but this signing reeks of desperation - we’re paying a guy $16mm a year and we let Beasley sign elsewhere for $9mm year despite having better production. My only assumption would be he’s a better locker room guy and a better leader than Beasley, being that Quinn coached him at Florida. We’ve seen these “splashes before” where we drastically overpay and it hamstrings us - I hope I’m wrong, I Hope last years Fowler is who we got, but if this ends up being another Ray Edwards, I’m going to lose my ish! I LOVE Hayden Hurst (I live in Baltimore) but I’m pretty sure this is the first time in NFL history a team has traded their second round pick for a backup tight-end. Going to be an interesting year! GO FALCONS!
  12. Our special teams have been garbage for the last 4-5 years. I have zero reason to believe they’ll be our “secret weapon”, we probably just need to work on being average to above average and that’s a win.
  13. Yeah, losing a 10 point lead was really nothing compared to what we experienced but it’s good to know Kyle goes “full tard” in all big game situations.
  14. And to add some additional context to your point, the SF offense was averaging 6 yards a carry, I don’t care who they have in the box. All you need is 1-2 first downs and then it’s an entirely different game.