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  1. Atlanta Falcons Message Board be like: “Jeff Holland, I pulled up his game tape from kindergarten through Auburn and man, this guy must be the most underrated backup in the NFL. He’s pretty much the next Mike Singletary but he just never got a fair shot. So pumped we signed this guy, he’s going to lead the NFL in tackles for the next 72 years, awesome signing, what a find!” GO FALCONS!
  2. Not the sharpest tool in the shed I see. Clearly you didn’t see the parentheses right after the statement specifying the comparison to top “10-15”.... Best of luck in your future endeavors, you’re gonna need it.
  3. First off - I said he’s not within the top 10-15, not “worst in the NFL”, read the post bruh. Second off - Please provide a link or some documentation any legit publication or analyst saying Matt Ryan has a “top 10 deep ball”. If you think Matt Ryan has a deep ball and a canon arm then you must not ever watch any other team play or highlights ever. Matt Ryan rarely leads a WR if it’s 40+ yards. I’m not bashing Matt Ryan, I love him, but he’s not a deep ball QB in any capacity and never has been. I have literally watched every game of his Falcons career and he constantly under throws our W
  4. He’s been in the league 4+ years and if you had him on your fantasy team you must have finished dead last haha.
  5. Putting the “he said, she said” aside, it’s a true statement nevertheless. Matt Ryan throws rainbow lobs and always has. He doesn’t have a great deep ball, which hurts top end speed WR’s. It’s just a fact and I’m sure it’s on Julio’s mind regardless if he said it or not, because it’s true and anyone who regularly watches the Falcons knows it.
  6. Understood but Matt Ryan doesn’t have a good deep ball and that’s probably frustrating for a WR who can easily outrun everyone on the field, however doesn’t have the ability to do so because his QB hangs the deep ball and allows DBs to close the gap. It’s just the truth, we’ve all seen it. This is why Matt was so good in Shanny’s WCO because it didn’t rely on stretching the field. Julio Jones is a corvette and Matt Ryan is the 92 year old grandmother that only drives it to church and the grocery store every Sunday haha. #FACTS
  7. He had 0 catches last year dude hahaha. So you’re right, I don’t follow players that don’t produce AT ALL. And if you do, you need to pick up a better hobby or get a GF or somethin haha.
  8. https://twitter.com/KurtBenkert/status/1401211083122171911?s=20 Its no secret that Matt Ryan has one of the worst deep balls in the NFL (compared to the top 10-15 NFL starters), that’s just never been his game. Julio is constantly under thrown (same with other WRs) with Matt Ryan’s rainbow lob tosses. This isn’t a dig on Matty Ice, it’s just what we all know. How many more TDs you think JJ would have had if Matt Ryan had a Stafford, Rodgers, Mahomes, Brady, Big Ben style deep ball? This is also why Pitts is the perfect draft pick so Matt Ryan will have mismatches on short to int
  9. I wonder what kind of shape he is in, maybe he’s slimmed down to become more elusive, I remember he was a big dude but really had no top end speed
  10. Stating facts based on historical data isn’t arguing. I apologize if you can’t differentiate between the two. My post was a reality check for all the delusional homers because we signed our next practice squad guy haha
  11. Gage targets, yards, playing time and production has increased and improved every year. Heck, he was flirting with 1000 yards last year. This new kids production and playing time has decreased every year (been in the league for an extra year compared to Gage), but sure, he’s gonna beat him out hahahahaha.
  12. Look back at the comments to see the Gage statement. Also, I went back and did what a logical person should do, looked at his playing time and production which was not impressive in any capacity. It’s very simple in the NFL - you perform well you play, you play well you get more opportunities. He had his most receptions as a rookie 4 years ago and decreased each year until hitting 0 receptions last year. It’s just funny to see all these folks talk about him being “better than Sanu” or he’s got a “knack for getting open” and didn’t have one catch last year hahahaha.
  13. Overtook Hardy? Hardy hadn’t had more than 20 receptions in a year for three years running or more than 200 yards receiving. Hardy was a 3/4 guy who played sparingly (and even Hardy’s stats out produce the new guy), overtaking someone who was one of the least productive WRs on the team means we had a need for a WR more so than Hardy was a starting NFL caliber WR.
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