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  1. Still waiting on that “made up” link
  2. He did, dude just trying to be messy.
  3. Told you what I heard. "Bro". Show me where he wanted out before the "new guys" got here "bro". Or just like you say, nice fanfic.
  4. Taft No but here’s what I was told. Julio was approached to take a payout, he said he’d be open to a new deal that extended the terms and guaranteed money. TF said no. Not pushing bad contracts into the future. Julio got in his feelings when he heard we’d pursue a trade and he opted out.
  5. Thread is too early, too many people still hurt in here.
  6. Absolutely obvious he did not. And his attempt at critiquing arguably one of the great WRs to ever play is hilarious. Like I get it the guy doesn't play for us anymore but these types of "observations" never happen if he still has a Falcons Jersey on.
  7. Oh so we’re doing selective reading. Okay let me help. If Matt doesn’t stay healthy, we aren’t competitive, and we don’t win any championships. It will def be a blunder. Second part That said, this also depends on if Fields is even any good in the NFL. Which makes this subject so subjective. You can stop being hurt now.
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