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  1. No. He was horrible don’t let this win blind you. And it concerns me esp. being st the game and seeing him miss WIDE OPEN receivers to throw in dbl coverage time and time again.
  2. Go enjoy that game with your own fans bro.
  3. 1. We have 3 new starters on the offensive line. This isn’t Madden nor is it plug and play. We have two rookies as well, they need time to Gel and they will. 2. Regardless of this being Shannys offense Koetter is a new play caller. With Freeman, Sanu and Ridley playing limited snaps in the Preseason and Julio not playing at all. To expect an offensive explosion was wishful at best. 3. This defensive group also needs time to adjust with Neal and Rico both coming back from Season ending injuries. We showed tremendous pressure up front which is something to be excited about. Most of the things we saw today can be corrected including those open gaps in the run game. 4. The Vikings are a great team with a STELLAR defense and true home field advantage. Take away those silly turnovers and this game is obviously different. Thats about all the optimism I’m going to give. Here’s the negatives 1. Quinn was out-coached and never adjusted. This team in all phases outside of special teams were simply sloppy and completely unprepared. The 2 play calls before the Matt Ryan interception in the end zone was down right pitiful. How do you try to smash mouth one of the BEST defensive front in all of football and in the process remove Free Ridley Sanu and Julio from the formation? Who’s call was that. 2. This dual OC system is bad. We never adjusted to what the Vikings were doing nor did we take advantage of Rhodes going out of the game at time. Disappointing to say the least. 3. Oliver is just plain awful.
  4. Wrong Teco was the starter first game of 2015
  5. Scheme specific undersized DT... wtf LMFAO
  6. And this, spoken like someone who just KNEW he was correct, is why you take what’s said on TAFT with a grain of salt. 22 mil huh?
  7. Couldn’t disagree more. Nothing soft about Dre at all period. Wrong linebacker try again. Bruh is a DOG
  8. Saints 48 Falcons 16
  9. Long story short, I have three tickets for today, I purchased these tickets earlier this week. Obviously I'm going to the game, but I now have two tickets that are unspoken for. If anybody wants to meet up at the Benz and go, let me know! EDIT: I'm going to edit this for those skeptical (obviously they see rookie by my name). I've been a member of this board since 2002. So I'm not a newcomer or anything like that. Tickets are section 105
  10. He was referring to the lackadaisical attitude the team took in to the Browns games more so than anything else. And it showed.
  11. But it wasn't. Specifically with me knowing Dre personally. He's always had a hustle mentality, it's kind of funny that this quote is getting so much press. He's always been a tell it like it is guy, just so happens this time it came during a loss. Dude is by far the most humble guy I've ever met.
  12. Obviously you missed the injection of current internet humor which directly correlates with previous statement. I am a strong believer that if a joke must be explained it has obviously missed the mark. So with all that being said, please accept my sincerest apologies for what you may have mistaken as improper grammatical placement.
  13. Dre aint going nowhere. Dumb article is dumb.
  14. Disagree. Period. Drew Brees is the best Quarterback to ever play the game. Much respect to him. And now I must throw up.