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  1. By my logic, Calvin Ridley is better than Stephen Diggs. Don’t even get me start on per route separation.
  2. Rids number compare to Diggs with almost HALF the receptions. He’s a ton better. He had no Julio **** near all season so he was doubled a lot as well.
  3. I don’t hate Matt. I hate we are hanging on to a non play making statue QB. Times have changed.
  4. A much younger Sam Bradford. Nobody is forfeiting a 1st rounder for a 37 QB that only these fans think is elite
  5. You'd be the only one not upset. It would be a BIG FALON move though. Drafting a RB at 4... lmfao
  6. One. Situation. Everything else is. “You certainly want to do better”. “We got to go back and figure out how to get better” blah blah blah. How bout go make a play bruh.
  7. I agree, I'm not really sold on Fields. But Wilson? Man if he's there you GOT to take him.
  8. Don't bother, people here are content with Media Matt. His lack of bite and cookie cutter stance has become the norm. No dog in him at all.
  9. IF we hire him remember your jubilance at the front office again fumbling our future, this will ensure we stay mediocre for the foreseeable future. Also, name a trade in the last decade that went SOLEY off those numbers on that chart. It’s called negotiating, I refuse to school you on that though. I don’t care what you think of Matt Ryan he ain’t the future my guy. Sorry to tell you that. And a Corner at 9 (Especially the one you want so bad) would be THE most baffling choice I’ve ever seen given our needs along the DL
  10. He hasn't been "linked" to us, we are doing our due diligence is interviewing him. That DOES NOT make him a good GM. He was trash for the Texans FOREVER. Zach Wilson is better for this team than an aging statue Cap costing none playmaking Matt Ryan. Sorry not sorry. To only recoup a 2nd and 4th moving back from 4th to 9th is getting fleeced. It is what it is.
  11. I wasn't calling OP dumb. Just the moves (If made by the front office) would be dumb. Think about it, trading from 4 to 9 and only picking up at 2 and 4th??!?!?! THEN drafting a corner who isn't a game-changer AT ALL at 9??? Lord help us all.
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