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  1. uhhh, yea I do. Leaders. Fired up LEADERS. But those classy wins were Bucs Jags Panthers the outliner being the 9ers.
  2. This. I’ll never forget the 3 onside kick game last year and how hard our O line folded with Ryan. And he just sat there and took it, didn’t get up and get in there faces, tried fire them up or anything. Just took it. Pathetic.
  3. Bro y’all said Alford wouldn’t be resigned (pre Super Bowl). He was. Said Grady was gone. He wasn’t. Said Debo wouldn’t resign. He did. Just relax and be a fan.
  4. This guy knows nothing about football. Horrible video.
  5. @ya_boi_j Don't think I missed those concords your daughter was wearing.... DRIP ON 100
  6. bro if I had a quarter for every time I heard that when I was younger lmao. In fact here’s a younger pic of me
  7. What off the field distraction has OBJ had? Why does he need to be kept in Check? last I saw Baker Mayfield was the one spouting off the most. Brady throws tantrums in the sidelines ALL THE TIME.
  8. I stopped when i saw the Duke riley photo
  9. Just because I’m speaking facts about what I’ve seen doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for the team. I think y’all get so hurt when people don’t drink the kool aid.
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