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  1. That’s not a leak and that hat was from an old placeholder
  2. No I’m referring to the 2003-current logo m. It’s bad.
  3. New logo is the epitome of trash. Ugh
  4. That looks decent but the helmet and new logo kill it. That new logo has to go, please bring back the retro logo
  5. How? Hes only eclipsed double digit sacks once. And he’s been a HUGE disappointment every other year. Not sure why y’all are so sold on this guy smh.
  6. Fine i'll give you this nugget. There are tweaks. No need to use the word if.
  7. You’re missing out because of your personal beef with someone you don’t know. Logical.
  8. Bruh Hoop just isn't a GAME CHANGING TE. He's good don't get me wrong, but he ain't the impact player you want him to be. We'll be fine.
  9. Don't get your hopes up on that.
  10. Guess it didn’t happen
  11. I understand, I did infact grow since then lol
  12. Consistently changing their Unis. To be fair though, the consistently have the ugliest uniforms in the league. Not much you can do with that crappy color combo
  13. Im lost, who said you needed to “trust” me about anything? I don’t have say over what the teams new uniforms look like. So... I’m not sure what the point of your post even is. Grow up my G, it’s good for you.