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  1. Where would he go?
  2. I'm calling it now, he breaks 1,000
  3. Everyone keeps talking about his injury history like it's a huge deal, especially for a running back. Before last season, he had only missed 3 games in 4 years. He just so happened to miss the last couple of games in 2017, then got injured immediately in 2018. He's been reliable, and it shouldn't be unrealistic to expect him to produce like he did in 2015 and 2016. If he does, his contract will look pretty good based on the market. Zeke, and Bell are about to get paid, Gurley just got paid.
  4. You're fine unless she asks you to bring your playbook.
  5. PFF had Trufant with a grade of 71.4(Above Average), and Alford with a grade of 56.6(Average)
  6. I wouldn't mind us taking Gardner Minshew late late late.
  7. Yeah, if healthy, our secondary is pretty loaded even without Alford.
  8. I linked a page a few weeks ago. He was tied for 2nd in the NFL in penalties among defensive players. 1st among secondary players and counted for 11.88% of the Falcons total penalties. I liked Alford and wish him the best, but these give the opposing offense a new set of downs. Of the 12 penalties called on Alford, this is what ultimately happen on those drives: Punt - 1 TD - 6 FG - 4 Turnover on Downs - 1 Teams scored on 83% of the drives that he committed a penalty, a combined 54 points. Now, I'm not saying we would have stopped all of those points had he not committed penalties, but his mistakes kept our defense on the field, and this is what happened because of it.
  9. Someone asked me who I was pulling for yesterday at work, told them it didn't matter, I got my victory 2 weeks ago.
  10. Can I find more of your insight at www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts?
  11. That's 9th best amongst active coaches.
  12. Kicker and Center for sure. Remember how many f ups we had in 2015 before we got Mack? What a difference one dude can make.
  13. Off topic, but everyone in the South claims X is the Meth capital of the country. I think it's time we recognize that the US is the Methamphetamine Empire, and the Southeast as a whole is the capital. And FTS.
  14. You can tell because of the way it is.
  15. I'm with you on this one. With Neal, Allen, and Jones all coming back on this defense that will help us tremendously. You guys notice how many "almost" sacks we have as a defense? One of two things can help, cover better, or get to the QB faster. I think we can afford to look to the D-line in the second. If we can solidify our O-line in the first round and free agency and then get some beef in the middle in the second, I think assuming we stay healthier than 2018 and we're a contender next season.
  16. Interesting. Where'd you get this stat?
  17. I went from this video to a Roddy highlight reel. Man, I loved Roddy. Definitely my all time favorite Falcon. Dude just had fun out there.
  18. I'd take him over Riley in a heartbeat. That would give allow us to wait until 2020 to go LB and focus on the lines.
  19. I think I may be one of the few that absolutely loves this hire. Maybe I've been looking for excuses, but I look at DK's time in Atlanta and Tampa, and he he had a top 10 offense 5 out of 7 years. His passing offense's have been top 11 in the league in TD 6 of those 7 years. Where he appears to have struggled absolutely is with his running offenses. Of the last 7 seasons, only 2 years did he have over 400 rush attempts(both with Doug Martin in the mix). Again, looking for excuses, he's been paired with some pretty atrocious defenses as well. I look at that to try to surmise whether or not his offenses are having to come back in games late, whether the defenses are able to get off the field, etc. He has one defense in the top 10 in points allowed in the 7 years. His offenses have had to keep scoring because between Mike Smith and Lovie Smith, he hasn't had that luxury.
  20. I'm okay with Dirk.
  21. Why are you the way you are?
  22. The two things that bugged me the most about our ST was the time it took for a punt to actually develop(it's a miracle we didn't have more blocked than we did), and the amount of fair catches our returners called.
  23. He really did come on towards the end. I don't know what was different for him, but it's enough to give him another year.