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  1. I think you nailed it with the onside kick. Kicking it deep you give your team one shot: stop them. The onside gives you the opportunity to get the ball, and if you fail, you still have the original plan of stopping them.
  2. We definitely can't get less pressure on the QB.
  3. Garbage time touchdowns.
  4. Slum has nothing to say right now.
  5. 4-12 at best.
  6. Honestly yeah, here's his interview.
  7. 30+ in back to back weeks. A defensive minded head coach, the DC of the Legion of Boom, should have a better unit than that trash.
  8. Guys, the 49ers are going to absolutely MURDER us.
  9. God, where to start. O-line can't block. Freeman is slow, not following blocks. Play calling makes Sark look like Shanahan. D-line can't get to the QB. Oliver is a bust, Alford(with penalties) is better. This dumb *** zone D has been bent over and broken off.
  10. I hope Blank watches them too.
  11. It doesn't matter, but since someone has to do it, give it to Mike Mularkey.
  12. Here's my predictions: 1st Down: Freeman right side. 2nd Down: 3-4 yard route to Stocker/Hooper Penalty somewhere in here to make it 3rd and 16. 3rd Down: Some type of screen to Julio.
  13. Despite everything else, the 07 team cared. They just weren't talented. This team has talent, they are just checked out. The rebuild has to start.
  14. Haha, this organization is such a clown car. Getting embarrassed by the Cardinals.
  15. Actually doing the man a favor by firing him. There's no question he's finished. The team isn't buying into him. How many times do we have to put him in front of the media like that? Put him out of his misery.
  16. Remember back.. we actually hired KS before DQ. Should have kept him.
  17. Dude is 4th in completion percentage, 2nd in yards, tied for 3rd in TD, 1st in interceptions. The Falcons are 30th in rush attempts, 28th in yards per game. Our defense is 31st in points allowed per game(only beating the Dolphins). 31st in 3rd down conversion allowed. Tied for 32nd in sacks. 28th in turnovers. Matt Ryan is literally the ONLY silver lining to this team this year. This whole organization is a train wreck.
  18. In North Carolina and this heat is unreal. I know you guys are suffering.
  19. Theoretically the talent is there for this year. But all we have right now is pieces. Nothing is put together get. That’s the problem with DQ. He has the players, we shouldn’t be in this situation. The right coach could have us in the conversation next season. I don’t know if firing Quinn and making Dirk the interim makes us any better this year, but I don’t think it would make us any worse.
  20. Hmm, wasn't really thinking about it that way. I would not want Beasley if it meant losing Neal, that's for sure.
  21. Alford was tied for 2nd in the NFL in penalties among defensive players. 1st among secondary players and counted for 11.88% of the Falcons total penalties. I liked Alford and wish him the best, but these give the opposing offense a new set of downs. Of the 12 penalties called on Alford, this is what ultimately happen on those drives: Punt - 1 TD - 6 FG - 4 Turnover on Downs - 1 Teams scored on 83% of the drives that he committed a penalty, a combined 54 points. Now, I'm not saying we would have stopped all of those points had he not committed penalties, but his mistakes kept our defense on the field, and this is what happened because of it.
  22. I think the goal is to lower ratings across the board over the next couple of seasons that way your 99 Overall Julio doesn't feel like just another player but a noticeable difference when playing the game.
  23. Yall are missing the important factor.. If Falcons make a big deal in 2012, and it gets added to reviewable, then the Saints could have challendged and possibly gone on to win a Super Bowl. Ergo by not raising ****, we ****** over the Saints. That's how I will forever look at it.
  24. I agree that we're seeing peak Matt Ryan. That being said, I think his numbers increase if we actually protect him.