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  1. You may be right, but I also don't have any confidence in DK's decision making. I know that Zach has shown some flashes, enough to get excited that he should be able to handle the #3 spot.
  2. Massive part of the deal. It's easy to see 2nd and 4th for Julio and not love it. But let's see what TF can do with the additional cap space.. could very well turn into Julio and a 6th for a 2nd, 4th, and 1-2 starters this year. That's a win.
  3. As I've gotten older I want to play the retro games more than the newer releases. Do you play on original consoles or on PC? Picked up bowling in October and got absolutely hooked. PB is 257 and in my first league averaging around 160. That's awesome, I've spent some time in Smite and KF. I recently got a Blackstone, so I've been cooking just about every meal since. I enjoy it much more than grilling.
  4. That's where I'm at when people say 2nd rounder from a contender or a 3rd rounder. Please, I'd rather give him the ultimatum of suit up or don't. It's not worth it imo.
  5. Agreed. I look at what we actually heard from Julio on national TV, and what we've heard from the Falcons, Matt Ryan, alleged feelings of AB: "Not sharing player conversations", "It's a business", etc. Only one of these looks like the bad guy.
  6. You're 100% right. We're not better today by not having Julio. BUT... there are 28 teams that had better records than the Falcons, and they don't have Julio. It's not the end of the world, even if it does suck as a fan.
  7. Quinn would have had him staying until next week for a tryout. I like the idea of the feel good tryout, but maybe TF and AS looked at the tape and said nah, we're good?
  8. I still really like Michael Carter. I think he's heavily underrated.
  9. I love the idea, especially if it frees up our 2nd/3rd to go defense.
  10. So obviously Harris is gone, we still go RB with our next pick IMO. I think a trade up should be explored just for the 5th year option.
  11. I love the idea of moving into the 1st for our running back just for the 5th year option. Run them into the ground. Depends on the cost.
  12. If his size concerns cause him to slip like Metcalf slipped, I'd take him in the 2nd no questions asked.
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