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  1. Say what you want, but if 400 yards leads to 17 points, then yes. I would take that defense. Considering what we had with Quinn and Smith? That's a no brainer. Yeah, he doesn't have CMC, but Mike Davis has been phenomenal. And Bridgewater? Yeah, went 5-0 as a starter last year in NO. Carolina also has pretty **** good, albeit underrated receiving corps. Don't romanticize what Brady is doing in Carolina like we did with Quinn in Seattle.
  2. I hate to say it, but I'm not against Raheem so long as we clean house EVERY WHERE else.
  3. Despite the win, our defense trash. And his offense has 17 and 23 points against us. Nah, pass. His offense is flashy, but it's not game changing to me.
  4. I'm conflicted. You've got teams like the Jets that are just bad from top to bottom. No one expects anything from them. I think it's worse to have players and do what we've done.
  5. Yep, I knew the 2 point attempt was going to hurt us somehow.
  6. Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense to go from Sark to Koetter to me. I wasn't a big fan of his, but his 2018 was a huge improvement on 2017.
  7. Whether right or not, I think Koetter was Blank's hire so that is Quinn had to go, DK would either stay at OC or become HC, and Raheem Morris would become DC, or become HC. I think even if Quinn and TD got the axe, this late in the Ryan / Julio combo, he was going to ride it out.
  8. If this dude comes back and can stay healthy, it's adding another 1st round pick to the secondary. If we get a productive Neal that can play 16 games, this defense will be scary.
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