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  1. If this dude comes back and can stay healthy, it's adding another 1st round pick to the secondary. If we get a productive Neal that can play 16 games, this defense will be scary.
  2. Sawyer was my dude in LOST. Killed it. Also.. I know you've answered it before... but who ya got.. Julio or Nuk lol
  3. We addressed DE with Fowler, needed to do something in the secondary.
  4. Last draft prediction/hope of the night: I want to trade back into the first for McKinney, Murray, or Delpit.
  5. We'll probably end up with 2 defensive 1st round picks imo. Safety with the first, linebacker with the 2nd.
  6. I'm calling it, Delpit or McKinney. This feels like when we drafted Neal.
  7. Rings is going to be working for the Falcons by the end of the year.
  8. Just watched the clip he hit 20!! Dude is too fast for a TE. He’s got real potential to be a game changer.
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