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  1. Hmm, wasn't really thinking about it that way. I would not want Beasley if it meant losing Neal, that's for sure.
  2. Alford was tied for 2nd in the NFL in penalties among defensive players. 1st among secondary players and counted for 11.88% of the Falcons total penalties. I liked Alford and wish him the best, but these give the opposing offense a new set of downs. Of the 12 penalties called on Alford, this is what ultimately happen on those drives: Punt - 1 TD - 6 FG - 4 Turnover on Downs - 1 Teams scored on 83% of the drives that he committed a penalty, a combined 54 points. Now, I'm not saying we would have stopped all of those points had he not committed penalties, but his mistakes kept our defense on the field, and this is what happened because of it.
  3. I think the goal is to lower ratings across the board over the next couple of seasons that way your 99 Overall Julio doesn't feel like just another player but a noticeable difference when playing the game.
  4. Yall are missing the important factor.. If Falcons make a big deal in 2012, and it gets added to reviewable, then the Saints could have challendged and possibly gone on to win a Super Bowl. Ergo by not raising ****, we ****** over the Saints. That's how I will forever look at it.
  5. I agree that we're seeing peak Matt Ryan. That being said, I think his numbers increase if we actually protect him.
  6. That was his point. It is hard to make the HOF without, but here are some examples of people who have done it.
  7. Surprised my dad with tickets to this game. Best game I've ever seen. The atmosphere was a giant part by the 2nd quarter. I think that is the first time I've ever "felt" momentum at a game. Green Bay had no shot.
  8. Fair, but I hope you're wrong.
  9. KoG, I actually disagree here. This was a 7-9 team that(barring injury bug again), is adding 4 Pro-Bowl caliber players that they didn't have most of last year(Neal, Allen, Freeman, and Jones). I'm optimistic with the new guards, I like that we brought Clayborn back. I think if the front office thinks Bosa is capable of being a franchise DE, we make that move.
  10. Ryan is playing his best ball... his two best years in his career have been in the last 3 years. What are you even talking about? You and OP.
  11. I really wouldn't hate if we trade back or out of the first round if we can get a haul of 2nd/3rd round picks.
  12. Where would he go?
  13. I'm calling it now, he breaks 1,000
  14. Everyone keeps talking about his injury history like it's a huge deal, especially for a running back. Before last season, he had only missed 3 games in 4 years. He just so happened to miss the last couple of games in 2017, then got injured immediately in 2018. He's been reliable, and it shouldn't be unrealistic to expect him to produce like he did in 2015 and 2016. If he does, his contract will look pretty good based on the market. Zeke, and Bell are about to get paid, Gurley just got paid.