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  1. Seeing the Patriots make that kick from almost the exact spot we refused to let Bryant make the try just makes me angry all over again. Who calls 7 step drops when you can win the Super Bowl by just kicking a FG!?
  2. Sure would be nice to have Khalil Mack instead of Jake Matthews. One pick slot can make all the difference.
  3. Kazee wasn't even looking at Jackson, nobody was, they were all in the scrum. And as poor as the tackling is on this team if Jackson gets that ball clean he has a shot at the td, a good shot.
  4. Watch the play again and watch the point when Jackson starts waving and jumping up and down, he is the only person on that side of the field. If the guy Jameis passed to came up with that ball cleanly he would have tossed it to Jackson and he could have moonwalked into the end zone. The Falcon defense didn't show up until after the third person touched the ball after the bobble. That's why Jackson was very upset.
  5. Smart team, run the ball when in field goal range.
  6. Love how the patriots run routes past the first down marker and the guy isn't in the ground trying to make the catch.
  7. Must be nice to throw slants that don't end with your WR on the ground trying to make a catch. Must be nice to have jump balls where the WR can actually come down in bounds. Must be nice to hit receivers in stride instead of having them stop or slow down.
  8. Remember folks all we needed was a 37 yard field goal to win the SB. We didn't even give our guy a shot.
  9. Its one thing to see sound concepts that we just arent executing correctly (Shanny) its another to see high school plays being run with the wrong personnel (Sark). That has me extremely worried, the **** personnel units dont even make sense let alone the stupid plays.
  10. Funny that people here get so mad when they see a former player turned analyst play favorites due to being a homer when making picks and talking about the game but hate Deion because he isnt doing that.
  11. If the NFL wanted TV money they would want the Cowboys vs. Steelers or something like the Packers vs. Patriots. A combination of those teams brings in the largest amount of viewers. NYC may have a large population (nobody cares about the Bills though, thats upstate NY) but the Jets wouldnt bring in the viewers that the Steelers or Patriots would.
  12. Sad to see all these kickers hitting 50+ yarders this post season and we had a chance for a 39 yarder to win the SB and we didn't even give him a chance.
  13. Pretty slanted comparison as almost every teenage boy will ride in an automobile at some point. How about you start posting percentages.
  14. Right because police brutality and inequality in the justice system only manifest themselves when someone it shot. Everything else in between isn't worth protesting right? Wait, you just posted Pastor Manning. Now it's clear you are trolling, I'm done with this.
  15. You have the right to free speech just as your employer has a right to react to your free speech. If the Seattle Seahawks want to remove Michael Bennett from the team for exercising his first amendment rights they are free to do so. What you will often find is that the punishments for free speech vary based on your value. Replace Colin Kaepernick with Russell Wilson in the initial protest and this thing takes a completely different turn.
  16. It truly is amazing how any and every organization created to advance the plight of minorities in this country is immediately demonized and reported to be an organization of division. That goes from the NAACP, the Black Panthers, the Rainbow Coalition, BLM, and any organization in between all the way to BET. Not only are they demonized but there is a push to have them viewed as terroristic organizations, yet the actions of the Klan have never had the word "terrorist" attached to them. That is no mere coincidence. The loop of hypocrisy concerning black organizations is hilarious to me. It goes something like this. - Hey minority, how about you focus on cleaning up your own neighborhoods first before complaining about mistreatment from others. - Ok, we will start the NAACP to focus on our own issues. - Hey minority, that NAACP moniker implies you are going to focus on your own community, that is very divisive and makes me uncomfortable, you should focus on everyone.
  17. You cant compare a one time protest which was mean to show people around the world that things arent as rosy in the US as people would have you believe to a sustained protest meant to bring continued awareness to a specific issue.
  18. That holding call on the interception was a garbage call.
  19. It is bringing attention to the issue so yes the protest has proven to be effective. As there hasn't been meaningful change to address the issue yet from this administration I see no reason for the protest to stop. These things don't always bring about immediate change. The Birmingham bus Protests lasted over a year.
  20. Protests aren't solutions, they are a means of making people uncomfortable to bring attention to an issue. A protest that is easily ignored/dismissed isnt effective.
  21. Yes, please protest in a way that doesn't bother me and is easily ignored if need be. Sounds like a great suggestion!
  22. God forbid the players have a little fun. I mean i could barely stomach watching this season knowing that they relaxed on the touchdown celebration penalties this year. /s
  23. Stephen A and Max gave us lots of props, Chris Russo also said we were the only good team in the NFC. I been listening to Sirius all day on the road and it's been nothing but adulation.
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