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  1. I’m gonna enjoy it for sure! The Mecca of NFL stadiums. Sometimes you got to get off the couch and leave your comfort zone. Would love to meet up with other ATL road warriors while I’m there.
  2. Making my first trip to Lambeau on Dec. 9th. Always wanted to go when the Falcons played there in the dead of winter. Who else is going and where are you staying??
  3. I bought in as well. I'm in sec 124 row 2 at the GA Dome in the endzone at the Falcons tunnel. At the new stadium meeting with my rep, I was shown a piece of paper with sec 118 and what they referred to as row 2 seats. Same endzone seats at the Falcons tunnel. My problem is that on the seating chart, even though I'm 2nd row in sec 118, my row is listed as row 11. There are suites underneath this section apparently getting rows 1-9. Why number the rows in the suites and screw us out of the resale value of having row 2 seats in the actual section? There's a big difference on the resale market between row 2 and row 11. I now have the burden of trying to explain that my row 11 tickets are really row 2 tickets. Was is really necessary to give row numbers to the seats that come with the suites? They are suites. Isn't that good enough? To me it seems like another way that the loyal fan is getting looked over here.
  4. Does anyone know of a venue or bar in Atlanta that will be open and showing the London game on Oct. 26th and serving food and beer? I don't know if a meetup has been discussed already, if so please direct me to that thread. We are looking to come down from North Georgia and hopefully find a place to cater to us like some of the soccer pubs that show some of the live games from England at 8 or 9 am. I'm pretty sure most places downtown can't serve before noon on Sunday unless they have been granted some sort of variance. This will be a rare event and it would be great to enjoy it with other Falcons fans since this is of course a "Home" game.
  5. I haven't watched the game on TV yet. NFL Network is showing it Tuesday night. There was one play in the 2nd Quarter I think, that Wilson had about 10 seconds in the pocket and practically stood there holding the ball next to his hip. Good coverage but no pressure on that play. I look forward to watching it again. I think I can handle it now :-)
  6. Posting this because of the irony that occurred on Sunday. First off, I'm a 10 year season ticket holder In Sec. 124. I don't normally drink at the games so this is a sober man talking..this time. Like most of you, all I heard all week was Seattle fans boasting about all week about the "12th man", how lame of a sports town Atlanta is because of the excess tickets on the secondary market, blah blah blah. So I was pumped about being in the Dome for NFL Divisional Playoff game after the incredible season we have had! Walk in the Dome and was promptly handed a "Rise Up" flag at the gate. These are not huge flags people, but I thought it was nice to have something other than my voice to make Seattle uncomfortable. This is OUR HOUSE and us fans and we are the 12th Man here. Sec.124 is in the endzone so even though I stood most of the first half, I would only wave the flag when The Seahawks were coming my way. Anyway, about the 3rd quarter, 2 Falcons fans behind me told me my flag waving was bothering them. I literally laughed and said "Look around you there's literally thousands of flags being wave that say RISE UP!! The Jumbotron with messages from players saying Get Up and Rise Up, not Sit Down." I told them that they can stand like everyone else that it is a PLAYOFF game and I will be here again next week doing the same thing. Unbelievable. These same 2 are also season ticket holders and constantly gripe and call out the coaches and players after every negative play. Anyone else have any experiences like that this weekend? I love Sec. 124! 90% of the people there are hardcore Falcons. But I will say right now to everyone, this is the first HOME NFC Championship that we have ever had in Atlanta. I will be representing THE WHOLE GAME. If they want me to wave Garrison Hearst's broken leg (1998) to help the team then I will. Don't hate, Rise Up and celebrate!! Let's bring it ONE MORE TIME on Sunday, Atlanta!!!!
  7. Nearly 2,000 receiving yards is incredible. Rice was indeed the man, but not the whole offense like Calvin is to Detroit. We gave up a lot of yards but only 16 offensive points on the road. Great win for us, and no, we didn't win over anyone lol.
  8. Today was a good day to put some space between us and the #2 seed. Hopefully a win at Carolina while resting a few in rotation the next few games. Good things happen when you take care of your own business!
  9. Its the **** Falcons! We are learning as a franchise to win!! All you bandwagon people griping like we are a dynasty that should be above winning close games kill me. 9-1 with our best football yet to be played. I hope Spoon sits out 2 more games. Maybe Julio needs a mental break too. We have put ourselves in a position to do as we please.
  10. I'm laughing my way to the playoffs!! Who cares who takes us seriously. They better pay attention because we will sneak up and steal a game.
  11. Did anyone watch the Texans game? Jacksonville is the worst team the NFL has had in several years. Oh well, I cant wait to buy my playoff tickets. Hotel for playoff weekends has been booked.
  12. Roddy should be a 1st string Pro Bowler this season. He has stepped up his game mentally and physically since we drafted Julio. Megatron cant compete with Roddy this year.
  13. Atlanta needs a quality back up now! Davis looks to be a keeper, but the dropoff from Ryan to Redman is immense. JPW is a wasted roster spot at this point. A good vet would be nice. How Redman has hung around since Quitrino is beyond me.
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the hospitality of the school. The weather was about as good as you can get for a day in August. Best of luck to your program!
  15. Falcons say there was around 8,500 people in attendance. 75 to 80% Falcons fans! Red still runs deep in N. Ga, Alabama, Tenn, and much of the Carolina's. Remember, we were the ONLY NFL team in this region for many years.
  16. I learned today that Konz is a monster! HD doesn't need to return punts if he's gonna stay healthy. Defense was getting beat by slants across the middle, but swarmed on running plays. Dunta didn't practice and is listed as Samuel's back up in the program I got. WR's made some plays and didn't drop passes.
  17. My favorite Kenny Rogers song is "Islands in the PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL"
  18. Nice observation lol. I feel like I've been stood up on a big Friday night date that I planned all week without even an "I've got a headache"
  19. I got this mass message over FB earlier this week from The Birds touting the fact I could watch from home after a hard day at work. I shared the post with some happy Falcons family and planned to stay in Friday night and watch. Then no explanation from the Falcons as to why they pulled the plug. I heard there was one tweet from a social media member of the org earlier today so I guess its my bad for not keeping with the "tweeps". But at least I get to pay full price to see another practice game on Thursday lol. Don't understand the secrecy unless someone majorly screwed up. I'm just having Atlanta Falcons football withdrawals I guess!
  20. Jay Adams tweeted that it wont be streamed tonight. I guess ill be going out tonight after all. Online blackout lol.
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