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  1. Just a hunch. I feel like we will win in Philly then beat Carolina in Charlotte to return to the Super Bowl.
  2. They’ve both been excellent at one time. Now they both are awful. If the Falcons make the playoffs I hope we get the Eagles. We can win that game. Then who knows?
  3. Haha! Had the night to cool down. Def took that a smidge too far...
  4. I spoke with my brother during the 4th quarter. He’s a Saints fan (don’t ask why) and we both agreed the refs made a 10 point difference in this game. Hmmmm. What was the final score?
  5. would you give him a warm bottle of milk and go looking for the baby versions of today’s refs?
  6. Not comparable. Two weeks ago there were 3-4 bad calls. Today there were 10.
  7. She didn’t get you much. You’re from New Orleans. You probably got a bowl of rotten red beans and rice and a can of poverty.
  8. F it. This was so bad if Quinn had decked the ref and been suspended for the rest of the year and half of next I would have understood. I hope the ref’s plane crashes (assuming no other innocent people are on the plane). Ban me. It’s how I feel. If this is my last post I’m all good with it.
  9. This game was the most unevenly officiated game I’ve seen in my entire life of watching sports. The Falcons played very well yet had no chance of winning that game due to the refs. If that game was called the same way they could have played 1000 times and the Falcons could not have won once. If you didn’t watch the game, the Falcons had 23 penalties called against them and 10 were questionable. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Saints had 1 penalty called against them. They ended the game with 3. If the refs were Santa they would have put coal in all of the Falcon stockings. Only the Falcons weren’t bad kids... On another note, I can’t blame Quinn, but why was he so calm the entire game? He should of flipped out to the point of having to be removed from the field. Someone in the org needs to take a fine for cussing the refs out this week. ****, I’ll chip in to pay that fine.
  10. So did I! I lived on Carroll St. Not sure if it's still there but at the time I was right across the street from the Carroll St Bakery.
  11. Owen Daniels available. He's old but caught 46 balls last year in Denver.
  12. I think people would be happy with a 1st round defensive player turning out to be a decent pro.
  13. Read carefully. This is a yes or no question. Do you think Vic Beasley will be a bust? NOTE: the question is not whether or not he is a bust right now. YES or NO
  14. Let's not forget that after Burfict's INT he ran down the tunnel like the game was over. I knew he jinxed it at that moment.
  15. Hard to say it, but as crappy as our season ended, the Bengals just lost to their biggest rival on TWO personal fouls on the 2nd to last play. BRUTAL! I would break every last piece of furniture in my house if that happened to the Falcons.
  16. Having said that, Burfict still didn't LOSE the game. That was going to be a 47 yard field goal. I go back to Adam Jones. What was that?
  17. LOL, you learn something every day. Before you all freak out on me, at least I came back to admit I'm wrong.
  18. If you can quote in the rule book to prove me wrong, I'll gladly agree with you.
  19. Not true. Helmet to helmet is a foul. Shoulder to helmet is not.
  20. Why was it not clean? How was it not a clean hit?
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