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  1. Absolutely crazy - best receiver in the NFL signed for several years - no way you trade that for the maybe of draft picks
  2. No way we go into week 1 with only 2qbs in the building
  3. Fun read I was actually thinking the other day about the Falcon Nation Charity Organization (FNCO) that Rev Hal, me and several others got up and running way back when - started out of the call to,pay Smitty's fine for punching DAngelo Hall we did some good
  4. So first of all, I am not blaming this on the loss but does anyone else wonder about the condition of the field today? They missed two FGs, we missed a FG and an extra point, Bosher got hurt kicking off - lots of bare spots on the field and a lot of dust on kicks just seemed like a bad field to me
  5. been like this for several years now - cannot remember the last time we had a 2nd or 3rd preseason home game - but pretty sure its been over five years
  6. Is this based on the almost 30,000 commitments they have for season tickets more than a year before they play their first game? Or is it based on the fact they already have a supporters group with thousands of members also a year before they play their first game? Perhaps you are worried about the solid ownership and the support being offered to a start up by the AMB Group?
  7. guy was a great Falcon - should be nothing but respect for him and I agree that is all past tense, but nonetheless he was really good for us when healthy
  8. FBI has acknowledged a threat of an ISIS attack at the WWE event at Phillips Arena tomorrow at 8 pm - seems odd to me that they would choose a wrestling event with an NFL game next door Still going to go tomorrow, but I admit it has made me think - anyone going to take this seriously enough to not go?
  9. I have said it before and will say it again - we have tremendous talent on offense - when Matt Ryan is allowed to run the no huddle we excel - shannahan will not allow it because of his ego - instead we see all sorts of flaws - not enough runs with a fullback - goodness knows how many passes where we are running slants without ahead other way to attack the defense - plays that focus on one receiver because it's supposed to be a quick hitter Shannahan has to adapt or we will miss the playoffs
  10. Down a time out, less than three minutes remaining, on the 2 yard line It was a stupid mistake
  11. at least three big pass interference calls on the Falcons yesterday. At least two of them looked bogus to me in the stadium - the play where Trufant got hurt and the one in overtime looked bogus to me - but I admit the stadium is not always the best place to get a look at those calls where they legit calls?
  12. truly believe that the ego of our coaches, on both sides of the ball, are getting in the way. One of the red zone fumbles yesterday was Ryan running a read option with Freeman. Really? I love Matt Ryan, he brings a lot to the table, but a read option simply is not one of them. Why are we calling that play? the same reason we called a fullback dive on the one yard line when we have one of the hottest running backs in the league last week - Shannahan is so in love with his scheme that he is not playing to the players strength in key situations. Another example. Whens the last time we ran a no huddle? We were down by 17 in the second half and going in and out of a huddle. If Lovie Smith does not throw us the biggest bone ever, we never make it to half time. Why? Shannahan wants to run his system rather than let Ryan call plays from scrimmage. Defense is the same. Why do we consistently try to get pressure from a four man rush when we know by recurring evidence its not going to work with this group? Its the scheme and Quinn wont alter the scheme even if we dont have the players to run it. Chip Kelly is getting run out of town in Philly for believing the coaches and their scheme are more important than the players. Hope Quinn and Shannahan dont make the same mistake here
  13. Pass rush is the difference in this game - we have none to speak of, and they are showing up our o-line Difference in the game IMO We should be worried bout the lack of pass rush by our DL - I know it's early, but Beasley really not showing much
  14. Almost 20% of the season completed
  15. what were your comparables like that you did not care for?
  16. very much my worry - I am in row 4 - row 10 is not comparable at all
  17. Surprised more people are not noting that the Falcons are not even a party to the PSL agreement - it's a contract with the GWCCA, I.e. Your local governmental authority - those of you relying on the goodwill of the Falcons are relying on the wrong party It's actually a kind of interesting set up they have going on - how can the GWCCA guarantee you (or me) access to Falcon tickets? Must be in the underlying agreement? How can GWCCA enter into a contract with me the benefits of which go to the Falcons? Why is this not an individual tax? Is that legal? Law dork,in me coming out, but it is interesting
  18. Singular most interesting thing about the contract is that the Falcons are not parties to the contract - GWCCA is the entity selling you the PSL - it's actually a tax I actually wonder whether that is legal/constitutional
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