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  1. Absolutely crazy - best receiver in the NFL signed for several years - no way you trade that for the maybe of draft picks
  2. Surprised more people are not noting that the Falcons are not even a party to the PSL agreement - it's a contract with the GWCCA, I.e. Your local governmental authority - those of you relying on the goodwill of the Falcons are relying on the wrong party It's actually a kind of interesting set up they have going on - how can the GWCCA guarantee you (or me) access to Falcon tickets? Must be in the underlying agreement? How can GWCCA enter into a contract with me the benefits of which go to the Falcons? Why is this not an individual tax? Is that legal? Law dork,in me coming out, but it is interesting
  3. Nice quotes in the AJC doc
  4. Doc, I wanted to believe you - but in my mind you blew it here - you don't work for the Falcons, you work for the company the Falcons hired to sell the tix - this info is way too detailed and way too much more info than is in the public domain, and more information than anyone buying club seats would care to know about - I have had tix in the upper level for 15 years and I have no idea what this cave feel is - yet you want to represent that in selling you club seats in the mezzanine level someone took the time to explain to you the benefits of the new upper deck (which is apparently further feom the field than the dome)? I truly. Wanted to believe you, but you in sales man
  5. I went to most of the games, and have no doubt it's true
  6. How did it work with the seats? Maid they show you your assigned seats no say take it or leav it? Any idea how they came up with those seats?
  7. Can I still order that table???