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  1. Just stop playing chess... we're not very good at it... We're thinking too much... Football is a physical sport... Smashmouth!!! I miss Claybo and Dahl... I miss smashmouth football...
  2. Bottom line is this: It seems that every team out there can make adjustments on both sides of the ball during the game..Us, we game plan and never deviate away from it...LEARN TO ADJUST YOUR GAME PLAN!!!!!
  3. He would fit in perfectly there. Then they would have a reason for losing... Matt needs to call all the offensive plays... No hurry up because Koetter doesn't want Matt to show him up... We will continue to lose if Matt doesn't start calling the plays... Simply put, we were out coached this game...
  4. You need a haircut and shave!!! Get there very early or you'll be parking in a ditch...
  5. Sorry to hear about your operation. Hope you get well soon...LOL
  6. Do you think I want Abe back! Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The line has forgotten how to run block... Pass blocking only is no way to play against a pro deffense...
  8. I went back and watched the game and this is what I saw... An o-line that doesn't know how to move forward on a running play. They seem to me that they are pass blocking on every play. And on Turner, He doesn't have the vision to find the hole. He runs with his head down and has lost his desire to be elite! Time to put some of the blame on the coaches... If they don't fix this, it will only get worse... Just saying there's enough blame to go around... Coaches fix this!!!!!
  9. Doesn"t wash dude since Qwizz runs behind the same line as Triple "T" Tippy Toes Turner!!!What a difference in them two! So yes, you are missing something.....
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