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  1. The biggest weakness in the forumla is when a QB in college plays on a team that is playing against defenses in college that are more talented than this offensive players every week. Boston College didn't have hardly any skill position players on that team any good. Whereas a QB like Stafford or Palmer are throwing to guys at receiver that will be first and second round draft picks and are as good or better than the defensive players covering them.
  2. Be nice if he had some recievers that could create space and get some yards after the catch besides Roddy to help Matt out. Every throw he makes is into tight coverage, and the recievers rarely do much after they catch the ball. Hopefully some of this will work itself out during the regular season when they open the offense up. Start running more crossing routes instead of all the 5 yard curls during the preseason.
  3. Fact: After Mike Murlarkey was hired as the offensive coordinator, Mike Smith was being asked about the Falcons acquiring another tight end, and he said that the Falcons don't need a big time pass catching tight end in this system. I think they said this on more than one occasion. In this system that didn't utilize a big time pass catching tight end in his rookie year, Matt Ryan was one of the best QBs in the league in yards per attempt. The Falcons threw the ball down the field a lot, even though they didn't have a lot of deep threats. Ryan's yards per attempt was still one of the best in
  4. His arm strength and release this preseason looked improved from the previous two seasons.
  5. Our offense never puts playmakers in space. They always seem to catch the ball can immediately get tackled. I think part of it is that the wide reciever group is not that talented, and part of it is the offensive system. It seems our wide recievers just try to post the defensive guy up, catch the ball, and get tackled. The Falcons were in the bottom teams last year in yards after the catch (YAC), and the trend looks to continue this year. Matt Ryan is having to earn every yard he gets passing, because his receivers rarely do anything once they catch the ball. While all the good passing t
  6. http://profootballta...meier/#comments The writer pretty much slams the Falcons and Meier. Just report that he signed his contract, no need to bash the guy.
  7. The Hall of Fame has still not even voted in one single punter. How can you have a Hall of Fame when you have a position that is not even represented by one person? If the HOF players actually formed a team and played they would not even have a punter. As bad as Tommy Nobis is for Falcons fans, not having Ray Guy in the HOF is a disgrace to pro football. I believe he is the only player on the NFL's 75th Anniversary team not in the HOF. (He was also an All-American safety his senior year and early on played QB some for the Raiders (mainly served as an emergency QB)).
  8. TD is a talent evaluator. The poster here is not slamming the Falcons for their draft picks. This is a business/money related question. He is just wondering why in the uncapped year are the Falcons not trying to do more to set it self up for success (money and salary cap wise) in case the cap comes back in 2011. Reasonable question. TD has said in an interview that he drafted 2 offensive lineman because 3 of the starters were in their last year and 1 one, McClure, is close to retirement. In an uncapped year TD can resign these 3 lineman with a front loaded deal for 2010 and have very litt
  9. So this is the last mini camp before training camp? Looks that way. How often is training camp open to the public?
  10. I have found and posted one a few years ago, with complete dates on mini-camps, free agency deadline type things, training camps, etc. I haven't found so far with the information I would like to see. I would like to go to a mini-camp this year, but can't make the one in two weeks.
  11. When Sam Bradford plays terrible with the Rams this year, will the draft talking heads talk slam the Rams for not taking a QB in the 2011 draft to address their terrible QB situation? No, because he needs time to develop. However, they don't see the Falcons taking two DE's over the last two years in the middle rounds that FO is happy with, and want to give them another year to grow. Biermann made good progress from year 1 to year 2, and now we get to see how Sidbury improves (@ 260+ lbs, and running a 4.5 40 he has talent to be really good). If the DE's don't show progress this year, DE wi
  12. They kept 9 Olineman last year, and 6 LBs. He may take Adkins job then, or maybe Franks return skills makes Weems expendable at WR.
  13. How I see it (the #'s by position are really close to last years depth chart): QBs 1. Ryan 2. Redman 3. JPW RB/FB 4. Turner 5. Norwood 6. Snelling 7. Ovie WR 8. White 9. Jenkins 10. Douglas 11. Weems 12. Maier 13. Wolfe OLine 14. Baker 15. Clabo 16. Dahl 17. Blalock 18. Svitek 19. Reynolds 20. Johnson 21. McClure 22. Hawley TE 23. Gonzalez 24. Peelle 25. Peek DT 26. Jerry 27. Walker 28. Peters 29. Babineaux 30. Johnson DE 31. Sidbury 32. Abraham 33. Bierrman 34. Chauncey 35. Anderson LB 36. Lofton 37. Spoon 38. Nicholas 39. Wire 40. Peterson 41. Adkins CB 42. Dunta 43. Owens 44. Grimes 45. Fr
  14. +1 Even though Weems played okay on special teams, I think one of the main reasons Franks (Oklahoma CB) was drafted was because of his return ability. Douglas also returned punts in 2008.
  15. I don't care, just as long as somebody can come in a push Jenkins for the no. 2 job. I expect the Falcons base set this year to be a single back 3WR set. White_________________Baker_Blaylock_McClure_Dahl_Clabo_Gonzalez____________Jenkins _____________Douglas_________________Ryan ____________________________________Turner In this formation, Jenkins is the worst of the 11 starters. If one of the WRs can step up and take his job, the Falcons will be a lot better on offense.
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