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  1. I glad to see that there are still level headed fans out there. Every corner in the NFL gives up plays, and even touchdowns. What's important to remember is the good plays that you don't see because the opposing QB throws the ball somewhere else, out of bounds, or gets sacked because the corner is doing their job. Robinson makes the secondary better. Period. I don't care what he's paid because I don't sign his pay checks, and I don't count another man's money. He was paid what the market dictated and the Falcons are a better defense than they were last year because of it.
  2. Despite the conventional wisdom, the Offensive line is not very athletic. Sam Baker is playing out of position, and the line won't truly take a leap forward in pass protection until a true top tier LT is in place. The current line is decent at run blocking, but they can never become an elite pass blocking unit as currently constructed.
  3. Yeah, it's still not very user friendly. It's a hot mess.
  4. Past: Tuggle, Dunn Current: White, Jenkins
  5. I'll be at the Apple Bees at the intersection of Old Norcross -Tucker Rd and Lawrenceville Hwy. .99 cent drafts.
  6. That's exactly what the Vikings will be trying to do when they loose tomorrow. The whole of Purple fandom will be pulling for the Packers to beat the Bears on MNF so the Vikes can back into the division title.
  7. Law has lost a lot of range, but I love his leadership. I hope we can eventually find a good young fleet safety to beat him out. He started off the year playing like a pro bowler.
  8. Top 20? There are only 32 teams. Being top 20 isn't good enough to get a defense to the top 5. They need more than another DE and OLB. Malloy is savy, but his range is gone. We need a SS and another good DT too.
  9. I hate the other teams in our division, but I do find myself pulling for them when they're in the playoffs. I want the South to be the dominant division.
  10. I hate to agree, but we have to pull for the Panties over the Yucks.
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