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  1. My two favorite teams are the Falcons and who ever's playing the Taints.
  2. I remember a certain statistic model in a certain game a couple years ago. Said the Falcons chance of winning was like 95%... anything can and probably will happen.
  3. $$
  4. I say we change out team name this year to the Atlanta Sean Weatherspoons. It's more fitting and sad given the year that MR2 is having so far.
  5. My problem is the horrible inconsistency with the NFL. Refs should be full time and GREAT at their craft, they are far from the latter. The variability from one official group to the other is almost unbelievable.
  6. With that last penalty I turned the channel... Ice skating on a channel somewhere? NFL is screwing up the league. Viewing will eventually reflect it
  7. I feel like every time we play an opponent they go playstation mode.
  8. Now they get 7. Thanks for being fair NFL!! *Tru can't catch
  9. So tiered of the Falcons getting the shaft on PI calls EVERY YEAR! No way was Alford impending the receiver in any way!!
  10. He just needs time. He only has, what, 4 plate appearances as a professional? /sarc
  11. First SB win for either team. It would be fun. Thinking of how I would host a party this time around - and a group that won't judge me, win or loss, when I cry. haha
  12. EXACTLY! And I'd love EVERY second of it.
  13. They'll get over it... I haven't watched those networks in years like I once did - "cowboys, lakers, north east teams", this and that - It's time for a change.
  14. OT but an ATL J'ville Super Bowl would be epic.
  15. thanks for sharing! excited now that 11 is there and Jake is locked. Hope the D line is stout this year as they should be.