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  1. This thread needs to be pinned until MR7 retires... Years
  2. He looks like Norwood did here with that gait
  3. Wow!
  4. One of many reasons why I despise ESPN - Apples/Oranges. ESPN, LMK when Burrow is top 10 in NFL passing - all time.
  5. I'm ok with a Puig type, just not Puig. I think he would possibly be detrimental to the mental development of RA13 as he has "hustle" issues already. Think we'll have to trade for someone.
  6. For those who missed it Sunday.
  7. This team is bipolar as F
  8. Wonder it this could be as harsh as banning postseason play? The hammer will be deservingly harsh.
  9. Players like Quinn and he's not afraid to hire staff under him "that he dosen't know" if he thinks their good/great at their job (a lot of coaches hire people thy've worked with in the past, Quinn wants the best guy - like KS). I guess he's gotten better with game management, which is all I ask of a coach that players will go all in for - paired with good coaching. I think he deserves ONE more prove it year (with at least one playoff win). Turnover is way too quick in this league, he has gotten us to a SB. Who knows how much the next coach might suck (there are no givens). I'd pump the breaks on firing him if I'm AB but I'd set absolute expectations after the season.
  10. I HATE them. Down 3 scores and SP is trying to score to pad stats. F them!
  11. Just being real not "looking through rose colored glasses," saints will probably win the SB. But sure hope they have another post season choke
  12. Late to the party here, but why Luke, why??
  13. Worst game I've seen Matt have in awhile. I'll eat this W though!
  14. Man making millions and has a doublewide in the backdrop!! ROTFL Needs to at least build a porch and plant some sod.
  15. Great game by Folty and good calling/catching by Jackson.