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  1. There's a FaceBook group that pushes the Braves games and I mirror to my TV - works great but cant record. Is there a similar FB group for the Falcon (and UGA)? Please DM if so. Thanks!
  2. That's what I was looking for. If true, couldn't be happier with this deal. Also, for all we know we were offered a first but we kicked him to the AFC. Really didn't want him in the NFC and REALLY didn't want him in the NFC South. Good situation for us and him. Now he just rides up the road a bit.
  3. I agree and think TF did a great job. Julio was/is a great player, the best WR the Falcons ever had, but w nagging injuries, age, not wanting to be pushed in practice, coming off the field after he makes a play and $$$ owed, time for him to go. This is a great get back for A and frees up a lot after this year. Best scenario for us to compete sooner. So far I'm beyond happy w this regime.
  4. So after signing the rooks, we're even on money. Was hoping we had more free but this works.
  5. Dallas never makes since. Could be wrong, just connecting the dots.
  6. My opinion, and may be mentioned above, the trade is already done with Dallas on paper. Will be official after/on 6/1.
  7. Prob just assessing value... TF = ninja
  8. Duron is a good speaker. Hope his game matches here.
  9. Glad you two enjoyed it. A few short years ago, vintage WT was affordable (when I got this bottle and a couple others not opened yet). Now, it goes for crazy $ on the secondary market. My palette's not super refined and I've been drinking bourbon for >10 years regularly (ha). I just know what I like and like WT bourbon. Cheers @Goober Pyleand @k-train
  10. No rush from me bud. Good luck with your wife. I'm in healthcare and had my second vaccination this past Friday - it's not so bad.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it @k-train. It's bourbon gold to me!
  12. Just added this to my que. Looks pretty good to me.
  13. Uzzutv is a great answer for me. Braves and Falcons from my research.
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