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  1. I'm no QB whisperer, in fact, I wanted the Falcons to take Dorsey instead of Ryan way back when (No DT whisperer either as I was waayyy off on that).... but I don't see NFL translating skill from Lance when I watch film (not highlight reals). I won't be mad at the pick, I just don't see it.
  2. In 4 years y'all gonna wish the Falcons had taken Pitts. He's the cant miss player of this draft IMO.
  3. I hope they call him, ask, "how would you like to be an Atlanta Falcon?" and then hang up the phone on him.
  4. This has me thinking about MR and his career stats. Found this online. Ya'll boys who've had your heads in the sand need to realize that this man has been a great QB for the Falcons. And 10 years of >4K yards (that will likely cease next year)? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/pass_cmp_career.htm
  5. Meh, I love(d) both as they have had extraordinary careers, both being the absolute best to ever play their respective positions as Falcons, but it's a business. If at any point the/a regime thinks it's time for one or both to go, it's time to go. Can't be married to players in the NFL man, it could cripple the team's future. For what it's worth, I think Julio is about toast with all of his nagging injuries. Ryan can probably play another 5 years at a decently high level in the right system with good supporting cast.
  6. Agreed. I've bought some expensive stuff but wouldn't dare on the high end secondary stuff. Actually got the aforementioned ER17 for MSRP ($100). Have a couple others that I probably paid too much for (not yet opened as I enjoy collecting too) but all were at MSRP - I could easily make $$$ on them w secondary but I enjoy having them. Did relatively recently buy an '00 Rare Breed for $240 that is pure gold. Makes me wish I would have bought more of these back in the day. Enjoy your pours above!
  7. I just finally finished a bottle of '17 Eagle Rare 17 year. Opened it before I discovered the secondary market. Wish I had know about that before opening it a couple years back because I would have flipped it too. It was good, but not >1k good.
  8. Sounds like they loved V Beasley as much as the group here did too
  9. Wonder who will be the Falcons college scouting director - they NEED a strong draft this year for our sanity next season.
  10. Would love Zach at 4 but if not there, trade down if it means we can load on picks. Have a good bit of needs and not much cap room.
  11. Watching the game, I cant find myself pulling for either to win; even if it means getting our GM a week earlier...
  12. Whoa! This looks real, unless the old timer is super active on Twitter.
  13. Not for me to sound simple minded, but I like what I read here. Thanks for posting. Maybe I can get on the Smith Train.
  14. You're right. And this will be his second GM hire, so hopefully there are experiences and lessons he has learned in that. Especially given that TD was okay, not horrible, at his job.
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