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  1. Fascinating information. Crazy times we live in.
  2. This is why I have little to no interest in going to any HOFs and think they're over rated; not objective.
  3. '82 bourbon decanted in the previous (like you said up to '19) WTKS bottle. Old bourbon has a HUGE following.
  4. Have a decent bourbon collection that I'll post later for eye candy... Got this 1982 beauty today from a buddy. It's delicious.
  5. Wearing a mask does not prevent the risk of acquiring C19 but if everyone wore one it will greatly reduce that chance. The term is getting old, but it is about flattening the curve so hospital systems are not overwhelmed. I work with heart pumps at a major hospital and everyone that enters one of the buildings are required to wear a mask, along with a temp check and questionnaire. We have created 150 COVID specific beds. As of yesterday, 100 of those beds were occupied. It's to the point to where the children's hospital is admitting adults. When healthcare providers are acquire COVID, who will care for the patients? Be safe. Be smart.
  6. Didn't we sign Vic to a 10yr 100mil contract back in the day and the talk was about how much it was. PM is making 4X that!
  7. My grandfather was 1/2 Native American and loved the Braves. Instead, I think butthurt people should stop being opportunist to push their agenda. There is nothing insensitive or demeaning with the name Braves. Not arguing or debating on this forum either; I've shared my thoughts.
  8. Guess Terrell scoring poorly on the wonderlink means nothing now, huh? I mean, if the dude thinks it's suppose to snow in summer, I could care less. Just know your assignment and don't get burnt on the field my man! 😂
  9. With the downtime I've been knocking out projects around the house. Not pictured is repaint and fixture the bathroom. Also placed privacy film not the bathroom window. Been in this house for nearly 10 years where I had a blackout blind on the bathroom window. Should have done the film day one - so much more light and nice. #2 built a table for the Weber grill - Love it! #3 not done (need 1 more board and to stain) but built a small privacy wall from trash can.
  10. All I remember is Stone flopping as Center for us years back. Hen will be a good backup to learn under Mac and serve as a guard next year. I'm okay with the pick... we just need another starting caliber LB at some point
  11. CBS (for what it matters) gave him a good grade for us... Incredibly agile center with awesome balance. Anchor and overall strength need to get better. Falcons needed more youth on the interior of their offensive line. By his second or third season, Hennessy can be a star. (Chris Trapasso)
  12. I'm with you. Think WLB is the biggest need on this team right now.
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