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  1. Worst game I've seen Matt have in awhile. I'll eat this W though!
  2. Man making millions and has a doublewide in the backdrop!! ROTFL Needs to at least build a porch and plant some sod.
  3. Great game by Folty and good calling/catching by Jackson.
  4. One more strike!
  5. Yep, Pitching will improve when Dans gets back with his defensive strength. Was it here that I read a lot of people saying that Dansby was garbage? His absence shows how important he is to the Braves.
  6. 100% agree with this given that he is LOCKED for years now with the contract.
  7. Yep, I really like Soraka and Fried (haven't been a Folty fan - he dosent have the mentality to me), but think that Anderson will be the next great thing when he comes up. When Christian comes up, we can move Acuna to a corner where he belongs (athletic enough to play center but lacks the instinct)
  8. That is amazing to hear. To think, when he was in the draft a lot had him as a pitcher.
  9. Ian Anderson should anchor another spot in a year or so. He's been high on my list.
  10. Falcon's NEVER get the benefit of doubt compared to other teams - this, hopefully, bringing objectivity will help them.
  11. He recovered nicely. First MLB pitch was 98 in the dirt, 3 feet in front of home plate.
  12. Kakes is on a mission this year
  13. Kakes is rakin!
  14. That curve is nasty!