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  1. Now they get 7. Thanks for being fair NFL!! *Tru can't catch
  2. So tiered of the Falcons getting the shaft on PI calls EVERY YEAR! No way was Alford impending the receiver in any way!!
  3. He just needs time. He only has, what, 4 plate appearances as a professional? /sarc
  4. First SB win for either team. It would be fun. Thinking of how I would host a party this time around - and a group that won't judge me, win or loss, when I cry. haha
  5. EXACTLY! And I'd love EVERY second of it.
  6. They'll get over it... I haven't watched those networks in years like I once did - "cowboys, lakers, north east teams", this and that - It's time for a change.
  7. OT but an ATL J'ville Super Bowl would be epic.
  8. thanks for sharing! excited now that 11 is there and Jake is locked. Hope the D line is stout this year as they should be.
  9. Nice job Wink! I want game 1
  10. Figured it would be hard to tell. Thanks for the splanin.
  11. Going to my first game at STP next Saturday against the O's! Who do you all think will take the mound for the Braves? Know its still out there...
  12. Coach Quinn. Is that you??
  13. Austin had a great day... 3 home runs - 8 RBI, 4-for-5 day.
  14. I can see it next year: "Ozzie removable cap/helmet bobblehead night!"
  15. Me too. Tried watching but literally 2 minutes later I turned the channel... Doesn't help that its Philly and Boston teams. If Jax or even Min I might would have more interest.