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  1. Me too. Tried watching but literally 2 minutes later I turned the channel... Doesn't help that its Philly and Boston teams. If Jax or even Min I might would have more interest.
  2. Great idea. Think I'll pour some Eagle Rare 17year too
  3. What a prick.
  4. And another 15 yards on that clown! WOOOOHOOOO!
  5. Choke on that sean!!! INT DEBO
  6. I can't stand the clowns on tv so found an audio s+tram online. Heard Wes say that payton did a choke mock, with his hands, directed towards Freeman. **** I hate the swamp rats!
  7. I've never been a pessimist with this team until now. They stole my drive with the Super Bowl collapse and now this JUNK that they're doing this year... The Bills, DOLPHINS and now this?!? Sports in Atlanta is abysmal
  8. There's no 100% dominant team in the NFL right now
  9. I feel your pain... NO WAY am I rooting for them; or the bucks
  10. 1 defensive, 9 ST
  11. Given his lifestyle I can nearly assure you that his CTE was not 100% football related. It most likely began as a child in HIS case. Football did not help, but it is not fully responsible. The only reason why fingers are pointed at the NFL are because of $. Watching TNF football now, does Chris Collinsworth have CTE? He played in the NFL. John Lynch? He's a fully functional GM. If they do they have control over who they are and what they do. It Sucks for Hernandez' daughter but her father was a senseless prick.